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5 stars
(Ratings 2272)

SPECIALIZING IN:LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, ENERGY, LIFE QUES. It is not too late to have a life full of happiness. Will lead you in the right direction.You will be happy AGAIN.
Rate: $9.99/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 17553)

by SirCheo
You have questions.You need answers.Allow me to gaze through the window of your soul and give you a reading so accurate it will blow you away. Love, Money, Life. We will delve into all that is dear to your heart.
Rate: $6.99/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 1011)

How will the last half of the year end for you? Receive Divine Guidance in matters of love, romance, money, spirituality, and passion. You need to know the truth. CALL NOW!
Rate: $9.99/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 45840)

Intuitive readings!!! I have been doing reading's since the age of 13. I help in all areas love,career, finding the right path when you have no clue which way to turn.
Rate: $3.49/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 7660)

Tired of wasting valuable time on false predictions? Fearing you'll never reunite w/your loved one? Hear from Higher Spirit which reveals accurate detailed facts and Timeframes. Clairvoyant, accurate predictions!
Rate: $4.39/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 18431)

I can often contact your loved ones that have passed into the other relm. You can find closure and understanding for unresolved issues today. Know that they have found peace and that they still are with you in all ways.
Rate: $3.89/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 7167)

Certified / Professional/ Accurate/ Fast Clairvoyant, Empath, Reader and Advisor. I call my angels and guides and higher self to give you clairity and direction. We will bring in the other persons entity along with yours
Rate: $2.99/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 3544)

99% accurate reunite immediately- Reveal true soulmate feeling's thought's And intentions. most powerful and extremely accurate My remote viewing ability will shock you. call now// Timeframe in minutes--NO-free 3 min
Rate: $5.99/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 12635)

Best on Keen...Up to 99% accuracy. I will tell you what you need to know. I do not sugar coat and I won't always tell you what you want to hear just to get a 5 star but I will tell you the truth because its what you need!
Rate: $2.79/min
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5 stars
(Ratings 1610)

True Psychic Samuel is here to help you and answer all of life's questions. I know what he is thinking, feeling and planning on doing. Give me a call and you will be glad you did.
Rate: $3.88/min
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