A common theme amongst people who are suffering, is low self image.  I must be here because I did something or I am worth little. Sometimes this message is strong, and sometimes it is a small subtle thought.  It is there. Interestingly enough, at the end of the process people are engaged in, whether it is just surviving or even more positively thriving, they can acquire more strength and self confidence.

I attended this workshop once and they gave us this assignment, and I would like you to try it.  It is a real eye opener. Every change and every journey begins with knowing where the beginning is and this can be yours.  Just look, no judgement, just observance, honest observance.

Take a blank sheet of paper and in a few sentences write about "Who you think you are".

Define 4 or 5 characteristics that say who you are. Then look at it.  Most people would give answers like: I am a secretary, 31 married with a small boy. Or they might say, I am an attorney, play baseball and single. May be they would say I live in Baltimore and own a flower shop and have a boyfriend.

They are all variants of, what I do for a living, here's where I live, married, not married, children, no children etc...

All this answers have importance.  It is a lot of times how the world defines us.  If I were to help you to live the kind of live you dreamed of, I would sit beside you and ask for none of this.

I would tell you to care about work that drives you.  If it excites you and drives you, the energy will allow you to be a smashing success, something many of us were not taught early on.  So redo the list, this time forget about your job,(unless it meaningful to you), your family(even though you love them) your responsibilities, your education.

Now write what you love.  Write what you want to see in your life, and be as specific as you can be. Maybe at first you won't be able to do it.  Try, and keep trying.  it is the beginning of the goal.  Many small interim goals later and you are living the dream.

So what do you love?  Start with the easy.  Include all that you are passionate about. Do you love movies?  What kind? Do you love sports? Do you love travel?   What you love is your core.  It is you.  I own all nine seasons of the X-files, and it always speaks to me.  I write this because I have taken the journey once and now will take it again. So I will write more as I go along.  I got here today because of this process, sobriety, marriage, child, spiritual reader.  I am now ready to add to that dream.

The clues of your life path are not lost. They are still there and can be retrieved to give you the life you want.  So start today right now. For now just look at them.  Remember the swimming hole in The Smith River, or the beach at sunset.  This is your start, and beginning to reclaiming the dream.