The title of my blog is a phrase I hear frequently.  Last year I lost about 40 pounds in 8 months.  I didn't diet, I was known to have Taco Bell and McDonalds several times a week and I really put in a limited effort.

Why can't you lose weight if you barely eat....well actually your answer is in barely eating.  Our bodies are designed to SURVIVE, so if you aren't eating much you body will store every possible ounce of fat it can find.  The less you eat the harder it's going to be to drop those unwanted pounds.

What I did change when I dropped the weight was I started EATING...several times a day as a matter of fact.  I am not one who can tolerate solid food in the morning but lets face it, if you start off your day with nothing more than a cup of coffee, your energy level will not survive the day.  I normally take a banana, some juice (pineapple being my favorite) and a scoop of french vanilla slim fast power (I do not use this for diet, read the label, it's PACKED full of vitamins) toss it in the blender with a few ice cubes and drink it.

From that point I nibble all this does not mean a bag of hersheys mini's or a bag of chips, those you can have a few if you choose, I know I did.  Fruit, nuts, cheese sticks such as the ones you grab at the gas station in the morning.  As for me, I could eat an entire container of cherry tomatoes in a sitting though I tend to break that up to about a container a day.  You can imagine what the recent tomato scare did to me!  JUST EAT.  I normally have a light meal at lunch time and a a full meal at supper time but I make a point of putting something in my body in between these meals.  Normally I am eating a little bit of sometime about 4 times outside of the morning smoothie, lunch and supper.  These are SNACKS in the clearer sense of the word, a handful of carrot sticks a 4-5 cherry tomatoes and yes occasionally I do have a candy bar instead of something healty.  I gained about 5 lbs over the winter from pure lack of exercise but even that has dropped off pretty fast the past couple of weeks now that I am active again.

I make a point of not eating all junk but I do enjoy my chips, chocolate, etc.... and normally have something that most diet experts would have a heart attack over at least once a day.  I love pizza, cheesecake and good old fashioned homemade french fries (chips to our friends in the UK).  There is no more perfect foo on this earth than good old sausage gravy in my world and I enjoy all of these things OFTEN, I just don't eat the entire bag of chocolates and I don't eat the entire pan of gravy in one sitting.

Feed your body if you have been starving it, get out and MOVE, even if it just starts out as a 5 minute walk, don't over do the exercise or you will be sore and give up, start slowly and work your way up.  Try this for two weeks and see what happens.