I am away till the 15th of January. I am in South Africa, and I will be doing a road trip from east to west ( from Mozambique to Botswana ).  I need to manage my off work time as working 30 days a month under a type of self imposed house arrest is not always productive so this this is my 'long weekend'.. This wholly is my (neurosis?) but I care so much about my clients,  thus I am always there for you.

And now I am not!

I have spoken to many readers who like myself, spend 7 days a week, 12 hours a day logged in, at home, because that is the nature of a home based business. So really this is about me taking the time out, from worrying about you. :) I feel your pain, so I need to feel my own pain and laughter, so I can be a better counselor for you.

It's about me getting closure from my home, Africa. I need to visit my father, and friends I may never see again. This is about my mental preparation for the book I am publishing next year. And it's also about my needing to gain positive experiences to share with you, through my happy life experiences. I cannot do this realistically by working constantly - so here I am - in the south - preparing for our upcoming year.

Please forgive me, for absconding, if you needed me. I will still offer email readings, if you really need me. Please let me know before next Friday, so I can help you. I will be then be GONE for 3 weeks, on a cross africa trip, and you can imagine, it's taking it's toll on me, worrying about you guys. Please send me email to let me know you are ok, or to update me, you know I love and need to hear you are OK.

You are my life - my passion - my soul. I will be back with so much more clarity, consciousness, and a vision of hope. I have been meeting old friends ( and lovers ) and this brings me back to me true self and I have seen, that through all of our lives - through moving - through loss - through abandonment and fear - through breakups, death....through all the pain we traverse we all still will always come back to the source. Ourselves. And that we really are loved when we are ourselves. 

 Beyond that, I am seeing again, that any relationships that have problems - will and do often withstand the test of time. That is what love does. I am bringing back hope to you all. And that is my Holiday gift to you all :)

I am known as a more cynical ( realistic ) reader and I know this vacation is vital in closure, and clarity for me - and thus for you. Give me a month to put a different spin on things for you. I promise it will pay off.

Many happy days for 2007 for you - and may 2008 be ' the one'.


Carmen Miro, Johannesburg, South Africa - waaaaay south, about 10 hours ahead of you.

Copyright Carmen Miro 2007