How Can I Tell If He Really Loves Me?

Overtime it gets hard to see the truth.  The truth gets blurred or confused.  You forget what to look for and you wonder if your seeing things clearly.  The angels say, you will recognize him by his love.  The one you are to marry.  The easy answer is …


He Tells You, He Loves You! He Shows You, He Loves You! You Feel, He loves you!

However, in real life, it can be a little more confusing than that.

For instance, you might get involved with a man who avoids saying “I love you” because he feels awkward, uncomfortable, or even scared at the thought of a serious commitment. Or a man who thinks he shows you he loves you by ... fixing your car!  Maybe he grew up in a family that discouraged direct expression of love. Or maybe in the past he declared his love to a woman, and she ended up rejecting him.  You know someone loves you by how they treat you.  Love is different with each individual!  Just because he can't say it, doesn't mean he doesn't feel it.

Even if he has trouble expressing himself, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love you.  It just means he's not good at communicating ... that is something that can improve over time.  We wonder, does he really love me or does he just want sex?  Is he the one or should I keep on looking?  What did he mean by that comment?  Is he being honest or just being nice?  Is he too good to be true?  You just want love! No games! No drama!

Then, of course, you might be tempted to love the guy all the more for the (real or imaginary) reason that he loves you. This can be risky and painful.  Loving him no matter what!  More than one woman who’s sympathized with a man -- because he’s tragically blocked from sharing the love -- has been stunned and dismayed when he turns around and openly shares the love with the next woman he meets ... for a one night stand ... a weekend ... a month.  Then why can't he love you?  Your beautiful, smart and kind.  Maybe that's the problem ... your too kind!  Love must be balanced with integrity, respect and effective communication.  Some men are confused about love and some think a pretty face and a pretty figure equal love.

That’s why I want you to consider this: A lot of men, whether their confused or misguided, with certain women, have NO problem declaring to her how they feel. They might not always use the words, "I love you," but they manage to get their point across!

So, when you fall hard for a man, and he does not end up using the L-word with you, it might just mean that he isn't see you for the queen that you truly are.  You may have to dress the part and seduce him into falling in love with you.  Men do get confused about love and sometimes need to be guided to love!  Once they taste real love, they know its special!

More importantly, if you fall hard for a man, and he doesn't really show you that he loves you, it might just mean that HE IS TRYING TO SEDUCE YOU! TRYING TO MANIPULATE YOU INTO AN AFFAIR!

What does it look like when a man isn't showing you the love? Here's a list of possibilities:

1.  He doesn't treat you like you're a top priority in his life!

2.  He's nice to you mainly when it's convenient for him (like right before sex)!

3.  He checks out on you emotionally for long periods of time, and acts like you're crazy and/or needy for wondering why!

4.  He's openly critical of fundamental things about you that you can't change! (This is to keep you humble and depending upon him).

5.  He seems to enjoy your company, but it's as though he hasn't decided that you're the special woman in his life!  Yet he keeps encouraging your being a part of his life.

6.  He shuts you out of big parts of his real world and inner life (family, friends, and his past life)!

7.  He keeps telling you that he's not good relationship material or he doesn't deserve you but he doesn't discourage you from sleeping with him!

8.  He takes no emotional risks for you, but doesn't object when you take emotional risks for him! (Unfair, unbalanced relationship).

9.  He gets irritated with the vulnerability you feel in the relationship!  He doesn't want to think about your feelings.  He keeps turning the subject towards a romantic affair.

10.  He rewards you for being "strong" and/or "understanding" when he does things that he knows hurt you!  If he loved you, he wouldn't hurt you.


11.  He keeps sleeping with other women.  He's not ready for a one on one relationship but he still wants those hot romantic nights with you!

A man who has his emotional act together and is truly in love with you WILL WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. It will bring him pleasure. Just as hurting you will make him feel like he hurts himself and he'll try to figure out how to stop doing it!   He'll also want you to feel as special and valued as you make him feel.  He'll be willing to take risks for your love. He'll want to share himself and his life with you.  He'll let the world know that you are his.


Many couples live together for a while and the woman wants a ring and the man is happy with things as they are.  After a certain amount of time passes, the woman gives an ultimatum ... let's get engaged and set a wedding date!  The man is in shock and awe!  He wants to keep things the way they are ... don't go changing!  So, she gives him the final ultimatum ... after a getting to know you stage ...  either we get engaged and set a wedding date ... or I'm leaving and I wish you the best!  Often when they break up ... the man is devastated ... he knows they're love was good ... the woman feels burned ... giving him some of the best years of her life ... she should be glad she moved on before wasting all of her youthful years ... she reminds herself!  Being strong enough to walk away often have men and women reconnecting later on.

The man realizes life was so much better with her in it.  He calls.  They talk ... they set an engagement and wedding date!  Love is what makes life divine.  When a man loves you like this, you feel it.  When he really loves you ... you know it.  His actions always speaks louder than his words.

If you feel uncomfortable, a sense of dread or doom in your life, whether it comes from a relationship, a work situation, or any area of your life.  You can change your mind and change your destiny, choose a direction that feels right.  Doing what you feel you should be doing!  Trusting your intuition is key to your trusting yourself.
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Have faith and hope, because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can't yet see.

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