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I am so happy to share with you everyday. I look forward to our times together.

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  • Name: Deborahmills
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  • About Me: I've been doing this work since I was very young. I learned from my dad how to read the spirits

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Continuing the Growing in Spirit series
Spirit is matter seen in a stronger light. Author: L. P. Jacks Source: None Even when we don't realize it,everything in the universe, in life,on our path, always leads back to the spiritual. We just don't recognize that Higher power has a plan before we are born, wants us to seek that plan, stay on it, that will GIVE US TRUE Happiness! Some talk of "free will", but spirit has shown me over my 56 years that I have choices I can make, but if I truly want happiness, my needs met,I need to mold my will to Higher power's will, Higher power's plan. This is why prophets, the gift of knowledge, of prophecy is taught in every religion known to man. So we can know the plan. We deter off, thinking "okay this promise is a lie, or this will never happen," but later we see that "Oh gosh, it did happen". Growing in spirit, not living in the past on the detours we have taken through our own choices,or perhaps choices that were made for us, or choices by Higher power to nudge us back on the right path, learning to listen to spirit without preconceived ideas, thinking we already know, don't have anything to learn is important for each, every one of us. This year I am sharing ways to grow spiritually as we walk through this life. "I lived in darkness for a while I didn't laugh, forgot to smile The path seemed overgrown,rocky with bumps I fell many times, took a few lumps But along the way, I kept feeling the hand The HIgher powers that had my plan Kept leading me back with that small light That shone through the darkness,through the night ANd I grew - " Deborah Mills - The Spirituality Series 2010 How to get a good reading: 1) Be open to hear. Sometimes spirit wants to talk about something different than what we want to hear.2) Meditate on the question we have. SPirit will pick it up 3) Try not to confuse, the spiritual leader we are consulting. Many times we feel ashamed to tell the truth so we don't let the advisor know he/she is picking up the right information. This is why this is confidential. 4) Believe our advisor has our best interests at heart. If we don't trust our advisor, our pastor, the spiritualist can feel that, puts negativity into the reading. 5) Yes in all walks of life,there are scammers. Know that these people are flyby nights. There one day, gone the next. Someone that hangs in there for years, still putting in the effort, still hanging on no matter how many problems, with pretty much great feedeback is not a scammer. Yesterday I had 5 clients who were not talking about me, but other advisors who got a bad feedback from 1 client. Sometimes these are other not very spiritual advisors trying to hurt them, other times it is very angry people who don't like what they hear, Sometimes it is people who just try to criticize no matter what. Give the advisor a chance. Realize that what is being said is being said for a reason. I am here only until 12:30 today. I have a doctor's visit this afternoon. Due to my insurance have to drive into Nashville. Talk to you soon. Love ya, Me, Bob, and Bets

Published Wednesday, January 27, 2010 10:37 AM by Deborahmills


# re: Continuing the Growing in Spirit series @ Wednesday, January 27, 2010 1:25 PM

Hi Deborah!

What you said, "Some talk of "free will", but spirit has shown me over my 56 years that I have choices I can make, but if I truly want happiness, my needs met,I need to mold my will to Higher power's will, Higher power's plan," is so TRUE!

I couldn't have said it better myself. :)


Danti OC

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