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How to keep healthy boundaries in your relationships

Honesty is...

the best policy when getting a reading.... if you are dishonest with your reader ( remember a reading is an exchange of energy) then perhaps you are setting yourself up for a not so good quality reading..... you need to understand and take responsibility for that.

You also need to know that if you email and insult your reader after the reading with sentences such as *if you were a good reader you would.... fill in the blanks* and then expect them to do a free follow up email? A little sugar might go further....don't you think? Or simply because the timing that you (the reader)  in your reading explained may not be accurate did not manifest, and if you took actions that violated the persons boundaries, is it the readers fault? not all the time.....

If you stalk the object of your affection, call them, text them and not tell your reader even if she asks you if you have called or texted them then you must understand that the object of your affection may not call you because your intense energy is way too much for them to deal with... and why would they need to call you when you are always in their *space*

It is indeed a fine line we walk and while walking that line I do not intend to take abuse from unhappy clients who take their frustration and anger out on readers who give an honest reading..... I received a two letter email response today to many emails that I sent free from a client, that I did one short reading for three weeks ago, I took the time, effort and energy to respond to over twenty three emails asking for help since that one reading. I took the time to respond and I KNOW many other readers do not take that time.... The last email was a two letter response with the letters *df* which I googled and found out it meant Dumb F*** and I was horrified since I had tried to help and had genuine sympathy for the person's plight, she is not the only person who has waited for a call that did not come.... I would never willingly give false hope to anyone, I KNOW how damaging that can be and I would never do that to anyone unless I saw the contact, it was painful when I waited for the call that did not come until I gave UP the hope for it .....

Please understand that readings are not set in stone and we are self determined and not pre-determined......and do not abuse your reader just because you do not get what you want when you want it.... and remember the universe may not always give us what we want but it WILL give us what we NEED......... a little kindness from both sides all around goes a long way... I understand that it is easy to become hooked on readings, easy to spend WAY more than you intend and that can make a caller bitter and while I understand the why's it is hard to be on the receiving end of that. I really can see this issue from both sides...



Published Friday, August 31, 2007 10:06 PM by DruidsGlenTarot


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