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Ask A Witch: Bad Student in Plymouth, MA

Dear Alexandra,

    I have just turned 18, but haven't moved out of my house.  My parents have gone insane!  About three months ago, I met the love of my life, Jessica.  And though this may seem too soon to say that I love her, I know I do.  My parents don't like her one bit just because she has blue hair and piercings all over. They don't even know her for who she is, and it's sad. So, they slowly stopped letting me see her.  Then I was caught sneaking out of the house and they flipped because I was with her. Then, right after that I got a horrible report card and that was it for them. They denied me to speak to or see Jess. That killed me. Though Jess and I talked and we found ways around it, it wasn't enough. So, then I promised my parents that I would get much better grades and that way they would be happy and maybe lighten up. But, I just got my new report card today and I tried my best to get better grades but I didn't have the time, and I got horrible grades. I haven't even told her yet. And I just need some advice and maybe a prayer to help me get through this.

Bad Student in Plymouth, MA


Dear BS,

    Sounds like you learned the hard way that betraying your parents is the wrong way to get them to respect you! When you're an adult, you have the right to leave your house whenever you want, but understand that not abiding by any rules of their household may jeopardize your ability to stay there. If the rules don't agree with you, it may be time to move out.  You have started on a hopeful path though, since you are trying to get better grades! Keep trying for that, and find more time for school! Since Jess is so important to you, certainly you can find time to secure your future with her? I'll be praying for you!


10 Mar 2004
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Published Wednesday, May 26, 2010 2:04 PM by Earthshod
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