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Ask A Witch: Chris in Harrisburg, PA

Dear Alexandra,

I want a spell for wealth, but I can't find one. Can you help me? I never did it before and I want something easy?

Chris in Harrisburg, PA



Dear Chris,

What exactly do you intend to have happen with your spell? If you've never done a spell before, it isn't going to be easy and effective. You may be better off praying and working towards your goal. If you'd like, you can add symbols to your life that best inspire in you the feeling that you want to create towards your desire. If you have experience working with energy, you can use that towards your intention. If you do end up working up a spell, I can even "proof read" it for you before it is cast, if you wish.



26 Dec 2003

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Published Tuesday, February 24, 2009 10:47 AM by Earthshod
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