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Ask A Witch: Confused in Madison, WI

Dear Alexandra,

Where can I get beginner spells? Other sites tell me I have to make my own?

Confused in Madison, WI



Dear Confused,

Telling you to make your own spells is a good way for anyone to point out that you have to know how they work before you can perform them. Otherwise, the person talking with you, like me, would need to know how familiar you are with practicing magic. We want to know if you know how to Ground, raise energy, and charge objects with visualization. I suggest reading a book called, "The Spiral Dance" by Starhawk. The author has some great exercises to get you working on the nuts and bolts of magic. After that, you can begin choosing symbols to put in your spells and working with correspondences. At that time you can contact me and we can brainstorm. If you write a spell yourself, I'll gladly "proof read" it and give suggestions before you perform it.



27 Feb 2003

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