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Ask A Witch: Inquisitive in England

Dear Alexandra

I am twenty years old and have been practicing witchcraft for around six months, so I'm still a bit of a pup! I have many books, mostly by the acclaimed writer Silver Ravenwolf. I have researched and practiced witchcraft with the information and guidelines that she has helped to give. I have worked and researched with different kinds of magick; elemental, angelic etcetera. I am now studying crystals, however there is one query that is bothering me that, as far as I can see, Silver Ravenwolf doesn't seem to mention in her books. Basically, can I cleanse,consecrate, and empower and charge all my crystals in one ritual or do I have to perform a ritual for each individual crystal? With my time constraints, I fear that if I can't do the latter then I cannot possibly be giving my studies the attention they deserve. Thanks for your time! Also, I'm wondering if you were ever going to release a book, because if you do I would definitely purchase it!


Inquisitive in England



Dear Inquisitive,

In general, you can cleanse, consecrate and empower quite a few crystals all in one ritual. Your only consideration might be whether they are all being charged for the same purpose. For example, if you had a lot of different crystals that you were planning to use for protection rituals, you could prepare all of them in one ritual because the energy you raise in that ritual will be attuned to the powers of protection, and so the date and time correspondences for your ritual would align. But if you try to prepare crystals for all sorts of purposes, your energies may or may not be scattered, correspondences may not be ideal, and you may not be able to give the best possible focus to all of your crystals. I hope that helps! It had never really crossed my mind to write a book about some aspect of WitchCraft, but after your statement I would certainly consider it for some day in the future! 



31 Mar 2003

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