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Ask A Witch: Pen Shoppe 386 in Pen City, Australia

Dear Alexandra

Hi there! It was Valentine's Day yesterday and my ex boyfriend and I talked about the things we should have talked about a while ago! He is the one I gave up for this guy who left me for the other girl... It was really hard for me to recover! My ex and I talked last night and nothing happened! Should I return to him or just remain friends with him?

Pen Shoppe 386 in Pen City, Australia



Dear PS,

Getting back together with an ex can be tricky business, and may lead to good times or disaster. I suggest that you wait for now and just try to be friends with him. Make sure that your ideas about wanting to be back with him are not just a passing feeling induced by the holiday! And try friendship to see if there is still baggage or other issues getting in the way.



17 Dec 2002

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