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Ask A Witch: Persecuted in London, UK

Dear Alexandra,

    Since my neighbours and other tenants found out that I am a Witch, I have received nothing but sheer harassment.One neighbour in particular disturbs my peace daily and nightly by playing extremely loud music and calls me a devil worshiper.I am no such thing and have been a practicing Witch since I was 6.  I get no sleep at night which affects my day time as I am unable to practice my craft or meditate or further study. I live in between a Christian and Roman Catholic church and the building I live in is a Christian Housing Association.I have been spat at in the past as well as been called some rather nasty names.I have had crosses pinned to my door and Bibles put through my letter box. I have no one to turn to for help and am desperate for this torment to end.  I have never hurt anyone with my beliefs and it is mainly down to ignorance that these people act the way they do.I do not feel safe in my own home and cannot practice my beliefs in peace.Please help me as It is not only me who is suffering my 10 year old Son has been brought up the Pagan way and also lives in fear.

Persecuted in London, UK


Dear Persecuted,

    Though those who give you Bibles and crosses may mean well, if anyone is spitting on you and verbally abusing you, don't talk to them directly anymore.  Your landlord or apartment supervisor may be able to stop the loud music, but if not, you should call the police. Since spitting on people is considered assault in many places, report each and every incident to the police and find out if you can press charges. You should not have to live in fear. I'm sorry for your situation, and hope that you find peace.


10 Mar 2004
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Published Thursday, May 20, 2010 10:31 AM by Earthshod
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Friday, May 21, 2010 9:34 AM by Dianna Spencer

# re: Ask A Witch: Persecuted in London, UK

Dear Earthshod,

To me, this is one of those learning moments, and the very reason why I tell NO ONE in my local community, except my close circle of friends, what I do.  It is not their business. Most of my clients are out-of-state based.   Sometimes, in the past, I have 'outed' myself and I realize now, this was for shock value, mostly.  Now that my ego has taken a vacation and left, I am just the nice person who lives -- there..  The only thing you can do is perhaps move, and, as you would not meet someone and say, 'I am a Catholic -- hello,'; say, 'Hi, I like to garden....', because it is no ones business of your personal beliefs.

I love your posts.  The point I am trying to make here is, people are afraid of the old religion and do not understand it, even though our Christian and Catholic faiths are engrained in Pagan culture and copied - time-wise and event-wise. I have found, it is best to not rub their noses in my beliefs.  You will be happier, as I am.  Even now, when someone knows me for a LONG-g-g-g period of time and I tell them I am a reader/astrologer, they do the back-up dance.... oh-o-o-o..still.

Stay safe.  Be well, friend...  ~ Dianna
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