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Ask A Witch: Tiger in Harrisburg, PA

Dear Alexandra,

I have been studying Wicca for some time now with the help of a lot of books and also some friends who are Wiccan. I am preparing to do a self-dedication ritual on the next full moon. As a part of my preparation I have been meditating every day. Usually I just finish by feeling energized and great, but last night I saw something strange. I saw a cat's eye right in my face, then it zoomed out, almost as a camera zooms out, and it was a tiger. He stepped away a few paces and then looked back as animals are sometimes wont to do as if he wanted me to follow him. I couldn't follow him, I haven't been able to go that deep yet. Was this my spirit guide? Is there something significant about the tiger that I should know? Thank you.

Tiger in Harrisburg, PA



Dear Tiger,

This tiger could very well be thought of as your spirit guide. The tiger as a totem animal can represent strength, valor, power and energy. However, just as you had to look within yourself to find the tiger, it may have different meaning within you. You don't have to rush the message, as it sounds like it is coming to you in your own time when you are ready. Good luck exploring the message this tiger has for you!



31 Mar 2003

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