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Ask A Witch: Wondering in Philippines

Dear Alexandra,

I'm Jonas, from the Philippines. I'm just wondering if I'm a natural witch or not? My grandparents, both sides, are practicing the occult, as I remember it. Is it hard to practice Wiccan WitchCraft? Thanks a lot.

Wondering in Philippines



Dear Jonas,

Now we're getting into semantics! If your grandparents are still living, I suggest you ask them if they consider themselves fitting into any kind of label. In most forms of Wicca, it does not matter if your grandparents or any relatives practiced Wicca. I'm not sure that any religion can be described as "hard" or "easy." Wicca requires dedication and practice, and in some ways the Gods may challenge individuals, so that might be considered time-consuming and energetically draining.



10 Dec 2003

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