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Birth Chants - Chase the Baby Out!

     My mind is consumed with the mystery of birth, as I travel the labyrinth of pregnancy.  Now in my fifth month, my best friend is in the early stages of her own labour.  Her current telephone situation makes her hard to reach by incoming call, but I know she'll call me if and when she wants me there, so I take the broken phone right now as a sign that I should let her be unless she'd like to call me.  But, as I research chants and prayers, I'd like to share them here for other women, and welcome any other birth chants and prayers in the comments.

Prayer found written in Eggy1958's step-grandmother's prayer book

Love is a circle, without ending, never narrow, always bending.

From Singapore Church Ministry Society

God, stir the soil,
Run the ploughshare deep.
Cut the furrows, round and round,
Overturn the hard, dry ground,
Spare no strength nor toil,
Even though I weep.
In the loose, fresh mangled earth
Sow new seed.
Free of withered vine and weed
Bring fair flowers to birth.

A set of prayers by OakWyse that can be repeated separately depending on your preference, originally meant for prayer beads.

Ancestors, ancient ones, remember me as I remember you.
Old ones, hear my prayer, and accept my offering of love.

Fur and feather, leaf and stone, aid me as I aid you.
Earth spirits, hear my prayer, and accept my offering of love.

God and Goddess, shining ones, honour me as I honour you,
First-born of Earth, hear my prayer, and accept my offering of love.

Lady Maeve Moerae Coven
 Tiny bud, swelling nub, resting in the womb
Unleashing spark, in the dark, birthing to be soon
Healthy child, labor mild, mother safe and strong
Nature flow, now to grow a household before long

By Ed Fitch

Bless me Mother, for I am your child.
Blessed be my eyes, that I may see your path.
Blesssed be my nose, that I may breathe your essence.
Blessed be my mouth, that I may speak of you.
Blessed be my breast, that I may be faithful in my work.
Blessed be my loins, which bring forth the life of man and woman
As you have brought forth all creation.
Blessed be my feet that I may walk in your ways.

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