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More Predictions about Obamas First 100 Days in Office

One of my previous predictions already came true, so the company that solicited my services is asking for more, despite my general ignorance of political affairs as a handicap! A selection of additional predictions is below. I didn't just want to add to the old post, since it is better for me to keep track of them as I made them instead of mixing up predictive time-lines. So, I guess you might be seeing a lot of these from me until the end of April! I am thinking that I'll limit these posts to once a week, if there's even interest.

February 9th.

  • The initial jobless claims number reported on 2/12 will be between 600K-650K (3, 6, 2 in the crystal ball)
  • Barack Obama will send 2 more brigades to Afghanistan during his first 100 days. (Ace of Cups)

February 6th

  • 11-15 Fortune 500 companies will file for bankruptcy in the first 100 days of the Obama administration. (5, 1 seen in the crystal ball)
  • There will be an assassination attempt on Barack Obama within his first 100 days. (Inverted 8 of Wands.)



Published Friday, February 13, 2009 11:23 AM by Earthshod


Friday, February 13, 2009 2:45 PM by Lady Hope

# re: More Predictions about Obamas First 100 Days in Office

I think not knowing the political side of things would be to your advantage. That way you can state that you were not swayed by any of your knowlege in that area! Also it may offer you a better picture of events to unfold.

Do you see when the jobless numbers will start to go down? I have seen a month and am curious what you might get. I do not usually pick up general populace things like that so I am curious.
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