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  • Though anyone riding in a car with you might not notice your frustration abating, you'll find this week that your commute problems may ease a little more than they have in past weeks.


  • Mercury aids alertness, especially for flying travelers. If you're a special fan of aircraft, this week's Renton Transportation Meeting is focusing on aviation.


  • Mercury having gone direct is a relief for your travels as well as any communications you need to make by phone or text-message while you're traveling. Rest assured your message should arrive.


  • Traveling in comfort and style is not always easy, but speedy travel is possible. Your commute this week is quick if planned well, so enjoy the ride.


  • Make sure you're the one in the driver's seat whenever possible, as your Mars makes you more likely to take necessary action and leave instead of dawdling when the time is right.


  • Connections are lining up this week more easily than they have been, so feel free to complicate things if you have to by adding additional appointments or stops along the way.


  • Communications when you're on the road can often be complicated and not work out as planned. You will find that you are much better able to get your point across and sooth feelings, if needed.


  • Traveling safely has a good potential this week. Your alertness has been heightened, so take advantage of it by making sure that everything necessary is double-checked.


  • Having to take the indirect way to places and goals can frustrate you, and certainly there have been obstacles. But you'll find some of these barriers can be overcome or transcended.


  • The waning crescent moon is trine your Pluto at 9:15am this morning, which suggests you avoid stress by leaving early. The same can be said about leaving work a little early if possible.


  • Whenever you can, trust someone else to be in the driver's seat and find yourself some time to relax and even perhaps read a book. You've had to work too hard.


  • Now that Mercury has gone direct, making last-minute changes isn't going to mess up all of your plans, so feel free to take some initiative, even if your travels include others.

Published Wednesday, May 12, 2010 2:53 PM by Earthshod
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