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Whatever Happened to Psychic Miss Cleo?

    When some people think of Psychic Reading, the first thing they think of is the popular Psychic Friends Network commercials in the late 1990's and early 2000's featuring a woman with a Jamaican accent calling herself Miss Cleo saying, "call me now for your free reading!"  Many are aware that there was a Psychic Reading controversy that led to the Psychic Friends Network's bankruptcy, but few know of the details, assuming Miss Cleo was a fraud or that the network was somehow phony.

    Actually, "Miss Cleo" was a character played by an actress called Youree Harris.  Of course, she wasn't actually from Jamaica. She was a character in the advertising for Psychic Friends Network Psychic Reading in the same way that Count Chocula is a character for a cereal!  Though their advertising was called into question due to email SPAM practices and one customer pointing out that the free Psychic Reading wasn't actually a full free Psychic Reading, the Psychic Reading offered through the network was as genuine as any other network today.

    When a client called the Psychic Friends Network assuming that the Psychic Reading was totally free, only the first few minutes of the Psychic Reading were actually free. The contented client continued to talk for quite some time, satisfied with the reading. When shocked by the bill, the Psychic Friends Network was sued.  At one point, "Miss Cleo" was erroneously named because it seemed like she was the head of the company!  But she was no more the head of the company than Ronald McDonald is the head of McDonalds!  Thankfully, due to those bad business practices mentioned, the Psychic Friends Network did go bankrupt, and set an important example of themselves for other Psychic Reading networks not to follow!

    Youree Harris still works today for an entertainment company in Florida.  She is not disgraced from her years acting in Psychic Reading commercials for the Psychic Friends Network, as some might believe, and still busts out the beloved old role on occasion!  Psychic Reading networks and hot-lines still exist and flourish freely. You can even call one today!  Though, you should always be wary of those that claim that you can get a free Psychic Reading, whether on-line or by telephone!  "Miss Cleo" and various Psychic Reading networks and hot-lines all over the world are still alive and well at the time of this writing!
Published Thursday, April 15, 2010 11:31 AM by Earthshod


Thursday, April 15, 2010 11:57 AM by Moonstone01

# re: Whatever Happened to Psychic Miss Cleo?

I know of people on THIS very site who DID in fact work with/for that operation. Perhaps some will post their insights or experiences.

There's always the gypsy at the carnival with bandana on head, with crystal ball and those who are solid hard core good to the heart spiritual advisors. Problem is, like the herbal medicine industry, there's no regulator and the range between a 'minister' and entertainment is wide. Therefore, it really requires the consumer to study, think and shop wisely.

It can be and IS done every day. However, some might glean value for a course on using good sense and intuition when shopping for an online advisor.

Those who have been around a long time are a better bet than someone who has not demonstrated a valued and quality business.

Thanks for this and all your good posts!

moonstone...sending you calm energy
Thursday, April 15, 2010 12:21 PM by Danti OC

# re: Whatever Happened to Psychic Miss Cleo?

This is really interesting1 I remember this company. I thought the owners went out of business for tax evasion as well.

Thanks for the post! Of what NOT to do....
Love, Danti
Thursday, December 27, 2012 10:36 AM by brenda bell

# re: Whatever Happened to Psychic Miss Cleo?

I have not heard anything about her in years just want to know   her fate
Monday, March 11, 2013 8:28 AM by max

# re: Whatever Happened to Psychic Miss Cleo?

Lets not together the fools who beloved in such garbage who gave that fake company thier money . Its not right what that company did. If I was the ruling judge that fake company would've got what they got along with the fools not getting a dam thing back. Common sense should've been a factor. These fakes exist for demand
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