Amitiel is the Angel of Truth. Getting in touch with our highest truth can be a very difficult process, since it often means confronting painful emotions that have been pushed into dark corners so we don’t have to confront them. These are the areas of denied feelings that are often masked by drinking, smoking, drug taking or putting on a falsely cheerful or calm persona. But when we hide an inner truth in a dark place it means that the healing light of love cannot shine on it.


By reclaiming these lost parts of ourselves we remove their power to harm our present relationships and behaviour. Ask Amitiel to stand by you as you reach inside to access these dark feelings and bring them out into the light. As they are dealt with, one by one, you will feel renewed energy and self esteem. You will no longer be wasting life energy suppressing them and hiding them inside. Decisions will come easier since you have an inner truth to measure them against as you become more congruent.