More than half my callers, call about employment. Some are not happy in their present position, some have no position at all. After the prayer circle on Sunday (3pm central for 2 minutes) we added 2 minutes to dedicate to employment. We pray for the fear to dissipate, so as not to manifest in their present and future. The universal energies have been tough the last few months and moving out. More positive energy coming in the next couple weeks. Let's utitlize the abundance coming in, collectively come together as a whole in prayer, to do what we can to lift others. I found this prayer for a new job and wanted to share. "Beloved Creator, You have guided me to find a new job, and I ask Your help in noticing the doors that You are opening for me now. I ask for very clear and evident signs to guide me to find a new job in which my talents and interests are used in meaningful ways. Please help me to know that I deserve a wonderful new job, and allay any nervousness during the interview process. I ask for extra angels to boost my confidence and courage, and to keep me centered in the sure knowledge that You are providing for me now. Amen"