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So, as I was getting dressed this morning, I felt led to write an article about drug use & psychic abilities.

I have certainly met my share of artists/intuitives who advocate the use of illegal & prescription drugs/alcohol in order to open their creative channels and draw in psychic information.

When I spoke with my guides they mentioned that the drugs incite a chemcial reaction that can be seductive & exhilirating, but not exactly healthy. 

While on drugs defenses are down & this opens us up to dimensions that far exceed the five senses. It also weakens the aura (the energy field surrounding the physical body) and jams up the chakras (energy points on the body).

This happens because psychic channels are forced open before we are ready to fully experience them & incorporate them in our daily lives.

As a result, low level entities (disembodied wandering spirits) on the astral plane attach themselves to our auric field and literally drain our energy.

These wandering spirits often had drug/alcohol addictions while in a human body, and did not want to give them up. So, once they passed on and changed form they searched for people to attach themselves to.

Often times, they may push people to continue using drugs & alcohol in order to zap the person's life force energy & experience the sensation of getting high. 
When they drain a person with natural psychic/mediumistic abilities they may also will give the person psychic information about impending events, relationships, etc in order to win their trust.

As the events come to pass, the person begins to believe that they need the drug in order to enhance their natural abilities. So, they continue to use.

At this point, the entities no longer need to tell the truth and may even begin to give false psychic information.   

It can lead to a great deal of sadness, confusion, and even the deterioation of mental/physical health.

I don't write this to scare you.

I write it to empower you.

Understand that you do not need anything outside of yourself in order to access God. You are God, and the same energy that flows through the prime creator flows through you and me.

If you really want to awaken your psychic abilities begin with meditation. Meditation is just clearning the mind & slowing down thoughts.

Five good minutes in the morning and at night is all you need to start!

Here's how:

1. Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down (which ever you prefer)
2. Close your eyes & surround yourself with the white light of the holy spirit.
3. Affirm that this meditation is going to be a cleansing/healing process for you.
4. Breath in through the nose & out through the mouth very gently.
5. As thoughts float into your mind, let them be. Don't examine or judge them, just let them do as they please.
6. Repeat for five minutes.
7. Thank God for the day/night & affirm that it's gonna be a great one.

Published Sunday, May 12, 2013 12:39 AM by Intuitive Soul Sessions


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