Prior to coming into this lifetime you made pacts and agreements with other spiritual beings.  So, if you are you searching for your soulmate; your soulmate is also searching for you.  When the time is right and the circumstances are favorable – your soulmate will arrive!    But, the real truth of the matter is it isn’t just the idyllic relationships that are ‘soulmate’ connections.  This may surprise you but the relationships that cause you the deepest hurts also involve a true soulmate connection. 


Let me explain.  In spirit there is only ‘good’.  There is no sin or negativity.  No spirit could ever dream up the hurts or lessons for us that you do for yourself.  Read that sentence again – it is imperative that you understand that you are a co-creator of your life.. and all the experiences you have had and will have are experiences that you have created for yourself to learn, grow and awaken.  Prior to coming into this lifetime you made ‘pacts’ with other spirit beings who agreed to be player(s) in your drama called 'life' and agreed to play out the scenarios that you chose for yourself to experience.  Listen carefully to what I am about to tell you.  ‘You are the writer, casting agent, director and producer of your own life’.  Your have COMPLETE control over your destiny.  As you progress through life you draw in various people who are there to 'assist' you in learning lessons you planned for yourself; ultimately leading to your re-awakening.   These are ‘agreements’ you made with other spiritual beings between lifetimes.  So, in reality, on a day-to-day basis you experience life ‘as you should’ in very much the way your are destined and desire.


So, why haven’t you had those idyllic relationships you desire with your true soulmate?   The answer is plain and simple – the time isn’t right yet.  You will create in your life experiences based on your beliefs and the energy frequency you are radiating.  As you go through life and begin to ‘re-awaken’ to the high spiritual being your are.. you peel away the layers of ‘baggage’ that you have accumulated through your lifetime(s).  As your work through these issues and resolve inner conflicts – you prepare yourself for your true soulmate connections.  Your soulmate is radiating at a high frequency – and as you ‘awaken’ to your true destiny.. you begin to draw in your true love and soulmate.


When I am asked in a psychic reading about someone’s ‘soulmate’ – I ‘find’ them using a visualization similar to the exercise below.  Here is a very powerful visualization exercise to help draw your soulmate to you.


Imagine you are looking down on the planet and imagine that you see each person living on earth as a ‘light’.. illuminating brightly.  As you look down on the planet.. you will see a light illuminating brighter than any others.  Just observe that light and allow yourself to feel it’s energy.. and when you do you will see that it is radiating harmoniously with your energy.  Begin to move towards that brightest light.. and as you do.. allow yourself to begin to feel the connection with that illuminating light that shines brighter than any other – just for you.  As you move closer – you begin to get drawn into the light and energy of your soulmate.. and the 'pull' on you is as strong as the magnetic pull of gravity on earth.  Just allow yourself to merge into the light and merge with the energy of your soulmate.. and as you do.. you are strengthening the connection and allowing a door to open to bring your soulmate into your life.  After doing this exercise.. just sit back and wait for the results!




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