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  • About Me: I am a clairvoyant, empathic and an intuitive. I love animals and have two cats . Most of my clients know me to be very visual and descriptive of the people they are talking about. Its a way of tuning in so I can ensure I am connecting for you.

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A natural use of our resources to fight war... funny post

I have a big suggestion as far as biochemicals excetra that we do not always know long term affects that may ruin wonderful culture of peoples. Why are we not using natural resources we already have..that affect people in a negative way? In fact, people may lay down their weapons and enemies may come together to aid anybody within olfactory sensing of it!  They will happily carry out anyone who comes into contact with this substance, a commardity will occur...maybe peace is possible.

This is brilliant of course, hear me out! This came to me this morning as I got into my purse to pull out cards for paying bills! Yep he did it!  Our little baby of the family, 9 month old male cat, peed into my purse! It reeked!!! Tears came to my eyes as I slowly emptied it and my wonderful man sprayed with an odor changing spray and held open a plastic bag in which to place possible throw away items!  The cat showed up to check up on what we were doing as if satisfied that we acknowleged him once again. I said loudly.."ok thats it..nuetering time next week." My guy looked at his furry friend and said " well thats it buddy your going to get cut". We hardly ever argue.  In fact, I often think we are abnormal but this is one issue we have discussed. Me, wanting to nueter as to better health and better animal getting a long with others, plus I knew this period was coming...him no no do not cut the poor devil!

This stuff could be used to stop battles.  In fact, so could skunk oil. Why use invented chemical weapons. We have the answer right here!

Published Monday, May 26, 2008 4:04 PM by Lady Hope


# re: A natural use of our resources to fight war... funny post @ Monday, May 26, 2008 4:31 PM

I've got to agree with you. We should also include the contents of an infant's diaper. Or would that qualify as cruel and unusual punishment? :P LOL


# re: A natural use of our resources to fight war... funny post @ Monday, May 26, 2008 4:40 PM

hahahaha cydira...you have thought of another one!  Well we could really do some damage here. Drop used diapers!

Lady Hope

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