1. If you are having sex with someone on a regular bases then they are your lover not your friend.. 2. we can have Lovers that are not boyfriends.. 3. Friends do not have sex.. Lovers do.. 4.Good boyfriends are always lovers. and Great boyfriends are great lovers ... 5. fiances' are not married to other people and they always come with rings... 6. Husbands dont always come with rings but they do help pay the bills... in one form or the other.. 7. Husbands get on your nerves.. and we are not afraid tell them so.. 8.Lovers dont get on your nerves and we are not afraid to telll them.. 9. Boyfriends, we are afraid to tell them that they are getting on our nerves because we are afraid they will leave us.. 10. STOP LIVING IN FEAR... and realize if they want to be our boyfriends, then we have to tell them so.. LOVE TO EVERYONE.. MSCHERRYTWO