This is one of my favorite ways to get direction from Great Spirit and the Angels.

Anyone can do it.
It is your divine right. We are all part of, and connected to, the divine.

When you have a situation you do not know the solution too, or are not sure which path to take, just ask for a sign.

I use prayer to ask for my signs, just because prayer is what works best for me. You can ask in anyway that is comfortable for you. You can ask for a sign out loud, whisper your request, or state it firmly in your mind.

Your angels will hear you.

I do have to warn you, you may not like the answer you get. Please be sure you are ready to know the answer before you ask.

The Angels will do their best to help you in anyway they can. If you ask for something will bring it too you. Please be open to the answer they bring, their only desire is to help you.

Most of my signs come to me from the animal world. A feather in in the road means I am on the right path. An unexpected visit from squirrel means I need to start saving my nuts (money) for a rainy day. Flies around me mean there is someone suspicious near me. Crows, mean change. The more crows, the bigger the change. My angels give me signs from the animal kingdom, because they know that is where I keep my lookout for signs.

Your Angels know you just as well, and will use means in your daily life to bring you a sign. A name on a license plate, phone call out of the blue with some helpful advice (Spirit often works though people). An overheard conversation by two strangers.

You really never know.
But, if you ask, the sign will come.

The hard part is being open to the answers. If you have a block here, the key is to have an open mind. Also, remember that all Angel messages come from a place of love.

The more you ask, the more signs you will receive from your Angels. Once they know you are listening, they will try to communicate with you more.

Oh, and do not forget to say thank you for your signs when you receive them. Doing so strengthens your rapport with your angels.

There is a great book on the subject by Denise Linn called The Secret Language of Signs.