For over eight years, Michelle has been my trusted advisor and confidant. Spiritually and psychically, she has helped me to understand and navigate various life situations with a wealth of knowledge of insight that is simply unmatched by others in this realm. Leaving no stone unturned, she attempts to clarify the feelings and thoughts of each person presented in a situation.  Recently, I had a life occurrence that has shaken my family and myself to the core.  I expressed a lot of uncertainty and worry about some of what I am experiencing, especially the potential outcomes for my family unit.  When forwarding pictures of the two under individuals involved in the situation, Michelle "cracked the case wide open."  It seemed like she was able to look directly into their souls and with astute accuracy, give me information about their motives, thoughts, and intentions in the situation (which were all not good, I should add).  After "hitting the nail on the head" and helping me to understand them, I felt an enormous wave of peace wash over me, and I know things are going to get better from here.  I felt as if I had an arsenal of new knowledge that both comforted and empowered me.  Michelle has always been a superior psychic.....her ability to read individuals in photographs just bumped the whole experience up another great notch.  Thank you, thank you!