6 months after I started expressing Thanks to Universe on a daily basis, these are the wonderful ways my life has changed:


I have moved from a nice house to a beautiful home by the water.  At lunch instead of throwing something in the microwave and heading back to my desk, I picnic on the beach. Instead of a backyard that is small and cramped, I have one that is large, and full of flowers, and sometimes deer.  There is more music in my life. There are more loving people, more understanding people, more kindhearted people in my life.  I have a happy love life instead of a sad one. I paint more. I smile a lot more. I am more relaxed and less worried.

Even my health is better.


Most of the Blessings I have received been truly amazing, all were great surprises. And most astoundingly, each blessing seems to be uniquely tailored for me.

What I love, what I enjoy, what I value….it is as if Universe put a big magnifying glass over each one and made it bigger, brighter, and more beautiful. In other words, given me more of what I love…

And what I love, I enjoy, I value… those were the things that I have been giving thanks for.


I am going to call this one a success. Thank you, Universe.