Welcome to my blog, The Celestial Sphere where I will be discussing which Archangels, Angels, Saints and Spirit Guides to contact for specific situations. Also, discussions on the Laws of the Universe will also be addressed here as well.

Many years ago, I lived in Hollywood Beach, FL. I had the good fortune to wander into a Feng Shui store in Dania Beach and sit in on a seminar given by a woman who explained how communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides could help us get what we desire. Angels and Guides are all around us and all we have to do is talk to them to help us get what we desire. If we don't ask for what we wish, then they can't help us because
they can't interfere with our free will, so in essence, they are just patiently waiting on the sidelines waiting for us to give them a job to do. I put my angels to work every day by asking where my keys are, (I'm always misplacing them LOL), where I should live, help me help my clients, give me signs, and I even asked them which of the Angels should be the first I talk about today.

As some of you know, I rarely use the word "want" because that puts us in a position of lack and wanting. Therefore, depending on the context, I will always use the words "wish" and "desire" in future writings.

Since I started keen, I had planned on writing a blog. During this economic crisis, I am compelled to start writing and introduce you to the first Archangel to help us find strength during these dire times - Archangel Barakiel.

Archangel Barakiel is the Angel of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Abundance. His name means "Lightning of God" or "God's Blessing". You may see his name also written as Babiel, Barbuel and Baruel. He is considered to be one of God's mightiest angels. He will help you create abundance, have a positive attitude and succeed when it seems like a long shot (my type of angel).

Barakiel is the Angel that rules over the sun sign Pisces and he rules over the month of February. He helps us open our selves to more things that are good. This angel also gives us sensitivity, inspiration, discernment, thoughtfulness, and creative imaginations. Barakiel is one of the Earth's 12 governing Angels in the gnostic Christian Pantheon.

Barakiel is one of the 7 archangels, one of the 4 ruling seraphim, and prince of the 2nd Heaven as well as of the order of confessors. Barakiel is invoked to bring success in games of chance. Gamblers, lottery and/or bingo players who really want to win would do well to ask Barakiel for his assistance.

To connect with Archangel Barakiel, use the below affirmation/prayer or invocation.

AFFIRMATION: I now call into my life, Good Fortune, Prosperity and Abundance in all Good forms.

PRAYER: Angel of Fortune, I ask for your assistance to open the gates of prosperity into my life with "lightening" speed. My confidence in your assistance is built on my Faith in God's mission for you.

Invocation - Barakiel loves the forest, so if you want his aid, light pine, cedar, or sandalwood incense, or place some leaves from your favorite tree around the room. Focus on your request, think clearly about what you desire, and then simply ask Barakiel to help you create it.