Since Virgo is the sixth sign and Taurus second one on the zodiac wheel, their collaboration will result in a happy and successful relationship. Even though many of their traits are completely opposite, their match will last much longer than what others would expect from their relation. The Virgo man is a very passionate guy and is a romantic at heart. Being a romantic and having a charming personality, he knows exactly how to charm women around him. He understands the expectations of women and does everything in his capability to fulfill those expectations. The reason for Virgo men having successful relationship is because they are extremely loving and caring and they shower their partner with all their affection. A match between Virgo man and Taurus woman might not create sparks initially since Virgo men are extremely shy and reserved. Once he opens up with a Taurus woman, he will impress her with his charm and intellectual wit. Unless like a Virgo man, a Taurus woman has a powerful personality and is very dominating. Though such a personality is not appreciated by all, a Virgo man will respect her nature and power. A Taurus woman has very clear goals in life and is very focused in achieving them. She does not allow any obstacles to come in her way of achieving her goals. A Taurus woman is a silent but stubborn kind of person. She expects her partner to understand her need for privacy and space and hence expects him to treat her accordingly. Jealousy is a strong emotion in Taurus woman and a Virgo man needs to handle her aggression in proper manner, if not handled well, she may distance herself from her partner. Being extremely loyal, a Taurus woman expects the same loyalty from her Virgo man. When a Virgo man dates a Taurus woman, both need to be very careful about each other’s tempers. It is advisable for a Taurus woman to never to lie to her Virgo man while dating as a Virgo man has a very sharp memory along with an analytical mind. A Taurus woman should also not get over possessive of her Virgo man as he will get bored soon which could result in ending of the relationship. The stability of the relationship could falter. If handled properly, marriage between a Virgo man and Taurus woman could be long-lasting filled with love and affection.