"When Men and Women Fall in Love"

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This is a guideline for dating with specific details, and information on what makes men and women fall in love. The article has been categorized into sections.
Quote: “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr. Seuss 
Men fall in love through their eyes. Women fall in love through their ears.
Make a person fall in love with you using as many senses as possible. People fall in love through all of their senses. We all fall in love through our minds. However, some people need extra sensory nudges such as smell, and touch.

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 law of dating

Men fall in love with you because of what they initially see. But it can be destroyed through a sour attitude. When men discover, or experience negative aspects to a woman's personality he will begin to add disfigurements to her looks, real or imagined. When that happens all of a sudden the man will see a big fuzzy mole on her forehead, or a big invisible pimple on the tip of her nose.

Women spend a lot of time and effort to be visually appealing to men. Therefore, men should spend a lot of time to be attractive through words. Be bold show her in person that you have friends, you are a leader, you take care of those you love, you are intelligent, you are talented, and funny. When you know she is starting to get interested in you send her gifts of poetry, a love song, a romantic late night text message. Be courageous with your actions and words she must feel special to you.

A Woman that wants a man for a boyfriend, will choose a man that makes her feel special. The way you treat her is important.

She will choose you if you back her up with might.
  • Respect her by the words you say. Respect her with the promises you make and keep, the leadership you show, and the admiration you give.
Men girls pay attention to what you say. Your words will keep her, and tell her that you have strength of character.
  • They like to hear your words telling her that she is special, the she is the only one for you.
  • Your words will make her feel special.
  • Use words that have the ability to make her feel protected, and adored.
  • She must also feel your strength, psychically and emotionally.
Yes, she will test your character, and question your loyalty, only because she wants to know if you are true. She wants your virtue to match the words you speak. She must feel special.


 law of dating
Woman take a lot of time to invest in their looks. They do not do this for other woman. They do it for men.
  • Women paint their faces
  • Wear pretty under garments
  • Buy expensive skin products
  • Research hair care
  • Continuously update their wardrobes to the most stylish clothes.
They do this because we know that men fall in love through their eyes.

Women, your looks will get a man but your personality will keep him. You do not need to be a social butterfly, or have any astounding special characteristic. All you need to do is make him feel better than any woman has made him feel before.

The key is in the way you make him feel.

Even if you turn into an ugly toad, you can still keep him, if you make him feel better than he has ever felt before, emotionally, and physically.

By the way, here's a little note to the men.  A love poem to a girl to whom you have never spoken to before is not "hot".


Love is the substance of creation.  We search for love because we long for the remembering of what true love really feels like.  Our soul has had the experience of true love.  This love experience first came from the creator of all things.  This Great Creative Substance has embedded the desire, and need for itself, within us.  It is the Great Creative Substance that we truly desire when we long for true love, for it is where true love came from. 


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