You may be claircognizant or intuitive and have an inner knowing about things.  The information, idea, concept or thought "just comes to you" and has the feeling of "this is important".  The knowledge you receive often flashes suddenly into your mind seemingly "out of no where".  You may know who is on the phone before you answer it or know personal things about people you just met.  You just know something, although you may not know why or how you know it.
A friend of mine who owns a roofing company was busy laying some asphalt on a client's roof when a strange feeling came over him.  He said he suddenly felt rushed to complete what he was doing because there was such urgency, that he felt that whatever it was he would not be able to complete the task.  He said he kept hearing his sister's voice and he knew he was going to get a telephone call that was not good news. He said he rushed and finally completed the job when he received a telephone call from his sister informing him of the passing of his mother.  His mother was a healer when she was alive and beautiful woman.  Learn to recognize and trust those warning signs when you get them and learn to start honoring your gift.