Sekhmet (Sagittarius November 27-December 26)

Sekhmet is fiery, intense, passionate and hard to control! She challenges us to alter our course when we least expect.  She is very loving yet demanding, she can not stand by to watch us fall, with out the will to change! Sekhmet  is the Goddess of change, she is the force that is within us when action is needed. Do not fear her, embrace her!

Sekhmet is one of the oldest Lioness goddess in the Egyptian pantheon. She is most often portrayed as women with the head of a lioness. Her name means "POWER", or "FEMALE Powerful one". Her breath was said to cause the desert winds; flames would spew from her mouth. She was the Goddess those feared and appeased. She was known to transform into a lion and wreak vengeance for Ra when his children displeased him.

Sekhmet lost her control on her rage and began to see red, she eventually lost herself in her own lust for blood. When Ra realized this he commanded bear to be made and dyed red, then he spread it throughout the lands. Sekhmet thought it was blood and drank it, she became very drunk and disoriented allowing herself to be carried away so humanity would be spared.

Their is another Aspect of her, she was known as a fierce loving MOTHER. Her protections and blessing were often called upon.  The duality in the nature of Sekhmet is that she is both fiercely protective and yet an adoring mother. The association of the sign Sagittarius comes from the fact that we are getting the bigger picture, we are learning our place in the world. Sagittarius is the ruler of politics, law, religion , and philosophical concepts. Sagittarians are passionate, larger then life people, and portray themselves as fiercely protective. They are ruled by Jupiter, the one who helps expand everything. Jupiter is ruled by Horus the protector of the sky's.  It was only fitting that Sekhmet would be the Goddess of the winter months, she carries all the aspects of Sagittarians, Jupiter and Horus.

She protects, loves, fights, and expands your souls purpose when we are heading in the wrong direction!

Glorious Sekhmet, The Almighty Goddess, with your flying golden mane and flashing green eyes; your fiery countenance causes all who meet you to lower their eyes and bow their head. Fierce compassion lives deep within your big lioness heart as you demand the truth from all those who dare to meet your gaze. Your great power and energy catalyzes the fires of transformation within the hearts of all who call out your name. You come when we are ready, and you come when we are not-but, in the truth, you always come when the time is right for change! No one is ever the same having felt your hot breath upon their face and received your mercy and love. Where will you lead us now? Warriors of love, and what new adventure will  bring us? Great Lady, will you help us quiet the fearful voices of doubt. while cooling the reckless passion of impulsive? We humbly ask that you reconcile the duality within us, merging the opposing forces into the grounded wisdom. Show us how to stand in the fire of our own soul's truth!

Ritual to call in and honor Sekhmet.

Safely, create a fire. It may be in a fire place or a pit, smudge bowl or cauldron. If it isn’t possible to build a fire, light some candles and sit near them. Sit close enough to the fire so that you can safely feel its heat.

Stare into the flames. Breathe deeply, center, and connect with your heart. Read the invocation to Sekhmet. Imagine that the great lioness is with you, breathing her hot breath upon you. She is looking at you intently, inviting and expecting you to make the change you know you must do. Reflect on what the change is-make a phone call, write and email, gather your things together or leave that job, relationship or area. Whatever it is, allow yourself to feel the heat pressing upon you---Over coming your fears, insisting that you take the first step toward change. Write a prayer of supplication to Sekhmet asking for her assistance. As her to bestow upon you fierce compassion so you can do what needs to be done. Convince her of your willingness. End your prayer by sating. “I will do thy will”. Say your prayer out loud and burn it in the fire. Journal about your experience------and most importantly, ACT ON IT!

Gods/Goddesses- Hera, Apollo, Zeus, Juno, Vesta, Jupiter, Isis, Neith, Osiris, Thoth, Inanna, Lugh, Apollo, Helios, Hyperion, Phoebus, Apollo, Sol, Horus, Ra, Inti, Tezcatlipoca, Tonatiuh, Bel, the Dagda, Lugh, Bran the Blessed, Nuada, Horus, Khepera, Menthu, Osiris, Ra, Bast, Sekhmet, Huitzilopochtli, Apu Ponchau, Inti, Manco Capac

Color- Gold or Pale Yellow

Incense/Oil- Camommile, Marigold, Mistletoe, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Bay

Animals- Snake-Lion

Spirits- Phoenix, Cats

Stones- Topaz, Yellow Diamond, Yellow Jacinth, Chrysolite, Goldstone, Zircon, Pyrite

Metal- Gold

Plants- Laurel, Vine, Ash, Camomile, Centaury, Marigold, Rue, Mistletoe, St.Johnswort

Wood- Laurel

Planet- Sun

Tarot Cards- Four Knights, Four Sixes

Magickal Tools- Wands

Direction- East

"Rituals- Honor, Power, Life, Growth, Money, Healing, Understanding the Deep Mysteries, Intuition, Energy, Favor, Promotion, Success, Friendship, Hope, Prosperity, Confidence, Fulfillment

Strengths: witty and highly adjustable in hard times.

Weaknesses: impatient, impetuous and quarrelsome.

Jobs assumed: teachers, lecturers, writers, announcers, investors.

Aspect: Crone

Other: Blood, menstruation or menopause, red wines, the sun, wilderness, the desert, snake, lion, heat, red clothing, sexual passion, healing, trance and altered states, solar plexus chakra, willpower