To Attract a Love one…

You will need a photograph of your love one.

Pure Honey 100% from the bees.

A Red Piece of Clothe

A clear cup with a lid

A Red Pen. This need to be done in a Tuesday or Friday…

Now the Day that your ready to cast this spell I need you to grab his or her photograph and concentrate on him coming back to you.

Open the cup, write his or her complete name with the red pen on back of his photograph.

Merge his image on the cup and pour honey on top.

Cover it completely. Now put the lit and cover the cup with the red cloth.

Put it on a corner where no one can see it, preferably in the closet, visualizing that his coming back into your life.

Wait 9 days. On the 9th day grab it open it and say.

Just like I consume this honey you will consume of love for me. Zip a little bit of the honey….

And say all the things that you want him to feel for you.

You will be thinking only about me, you wont be able to be happy unless your with me, you love me so much that you can’t wait to come back to me. Remember everything that you want, as if his right there and your talking to him. Don’t think anything negative be very positive at all times while doing this, cover and put it back where you had it. You will see how strong it’s this and sometimes you can see the results as fast as the next day.

When the love it’s secure you can simply undue it.