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Saron's Pendulum Chronicles

I use a Pendulum in helping you find the path to follow in the Road of Life.

Twas the Season for Spoiled Surprises

It's that season again for presents and surprises! Also it is time that people that want to know what thoses presents and surprises are, well sorry to say this but I don't spoil those things. Think about it if you need that you were getting and found out that you didn't get, what a let down. So who will get the blame? ME! So I won't answer that question. 

The things that you could do is remeber the people that don't have anything and those people aren't home with their famlies but they at War.

This holiday I will be able to answer your questions but No Spoiled Surprises.

Published Sunday, December 16, 2007 1:06 PM by Saron18


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