While I was doing Prince William and Kate Middletons Numerology I realised that there are 12 points out of 20 for the 10 main areas of a numerology blueprint that match my own relationship. This got me to thinking I wonder who out there has the same numbers as Wills and Kate.
The 10 things I will look at is your sun and moon sign birth date, which shows Life Path...Your full name at Birth which will show destiny and soul urge as well as personal year, attitude numbers and challenge numbers. The couple that come the closest to Wills and Kate will receive a Couples Soul email reading worth $195 for free. Is this Couple you and your loved one...or a friend...Help me find who this is....Email both you and your partners names at birth and date of birth and I will calculate your numbers for you and let you know your score
Email Me Now...and Good Luck