To manifest something you need to imbed it in your subconscious mind. A lot of reason why we do not always get what we want is because we block it. Let’s look at money. Have you ever sat down to pay your bills and you get a sick feeling in the gut of your stomach because there just is not enough to go around. That sick feeling is telling your subconscious mind that money is bad. The same goes for love and feeling worthy of real lasting love. I am sure you can think back to your childhood when someone said you were not good enough or not pretty enough. Believe it or not even though that happened ages ago it sticks with us. The only way to get rid of the negative self sabotaging beliefs is to retrain our brain. Don’t stress yourself out over trying to figure out what was said to you, lets live in the now. What do you want right now? A Happy Home, Money, Love the sky is the limit. I believe God wants us to have all those things and some. All we need to do is “Ask and it shall be given”.


In order to retrain the brain our subconscious mind needs repetition. It is a known fact that if you say something seven times you are more likely to remember it, kind of like studying for an exam. Repetition makes it stick. Make a list of everything you want. Do not be shy about it if it is a million you want then write it down. If it is so and so to come back then write that to. Don’t just write a numbered list write with great detail. Write it down like you are living it. Before I started writing I introduced myself to people as a writer. I made a dream a reality. Fake it until you make it. Once again be very detailed about what you want and think of it as a contract with God, the Universe and all that is. Read it out loud. It is very important to ask. You need to read it at least three times a day. Carry your list around with you and change things when you think you want something else.


Miracles will begin to happen. Watch for the synchronicities. At my current day job they gave me a task that no one else wanted. It was taking meeting minutes for a meeting that was held daily. It was boring and I hated it. Once I sat and thought about it my writing skills were improving dramatically. It was the universe preparing me for what was to come. Needless to say once I learned what I needed to learn the meetings were cancelled. I kind of missed them in a weird way but no longer needed them. The universe was saying it is time to write my dear. I was given the tools needed to achieve greatness. What you are reading right now is part of a book that is already with a publisher so please do not copy it word for word. You can verbally give the advice to anyone. Don’t put off the list until the dishes are done or until the laundry is folded. Do it now!! You also want to create a reminder I call it a wish board. Take clippings out of a magazine and make a poster with everything you want on it. Hang it in a place were you will see it everyday. You must believe that all these things are coming and then say Thank you to the powers that be. Please keep me posted on how it all unfolds. Many Blessings and remember don’t be shy the sky is the limit.