Manifesting Miracles How to use energy to get what you want!

I have spoken too many of my clients recently regarding manifesting and getting what they want. This is a skill that can be mastered if the time and energy is put into it. You can have the things your heart desires love, money, the perfect job and so on. The sky really is the limit. There are many who have used this concept (the law of attraction) for centuries. Who are we to argue with Einstein who proved that everything on this planet is energy? A word on energy all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Your beliefs, feelings and your thoughts determine what frequency your vibration level is. Is it negative due to negative thoughts and feelings? Or is it positive because you believe strongly in what you want and that you will get it. Remember we are what we think.

Have you ever met someone new and felt an instant connection? That is because your frequencies match. Now let’s flip the coin you met someone and this person is just rubbing you the wrong way, that is because they are on a different frequency as you. Think of it as a record album spinning and your album is spinning at the same level as the person you feel connected with. .

The first place to start is to pay close attention to your vibration and your thoughts. Of course we are going to think a negative thought that is human nature. The sooner we acknowledge this negative thought we can change it. Some tricks on changing your thought pattern is to refocus on the goal at hand realizing you will not meet that special someone or land the great job if you are sending out a negative vibe. Others pick up on it immediately and like I mentioned earlier one will feel there is just something about you that is not connecting with them no matter how attractive you are or how great your resume is. .

To change that negative vibration think of yourself as a magnet and like attracts like. If you’re in a happy upbeat mood and run into someone who is nagging about only the negative going on in their life you will no doubt feel turned off and that is your energy pulling away. On an opposite note someone upbeat and positive, smiling and pleasant to be around will attract your energy.

The place to start is gratitude. Be grateful what you have now and the universe will be pleased to give you more. If you are complaining about your living conditions or the way your car runs you will get more of those negative feelings remember like attracts like. Being happy, fun to be around is contagious. The people around you can feel your positive energy and you make them feel good just by being in your presence. Of course like I said we are human and will find ourselves in a bad mood at times. At those times it is important to be conscious of your feelings and once again see yourself as a magnet. Being sad and miserable will no doubt attract those who are sad, negative and miserable and it becomes a vicious cycle. Gratitude is the highest frequency of all. As you get in your car that you are lucky may get you around the block be grateful for it and it will no doubt respond because your car too is energy. It is impossible to bring positive people and circumstances in your life if you are feeling ungrateful for what is in your life now. If you are grateful for the car that gets you from A to B even though it is not yet your dream car you are opening up the vibrations for more positive to come into your life. By having gratitude saying thank you often you are lifting your vibration to that of happiness and love. Make it a habit of saying thank you for what is in your life now on a daily basis.

Now it is time to manifest the finer things in life. Being grateful for what we already have opens the doorway, now is the time to ask for what you want and deserve. If you feel you don’t deserve it trust me (you are a magnet) you will not get it. When it comes to love if you believe this person is too good to be true and would never possibly give you a second look they will not. Put yourself on a pedestal. Trust me if you do not no one else will. Be truly grateful for whom you are and this person of your interest will be lucky to have you. Trust me they will feel your confident attitude and not only does that make you intriguing but someone interesting and remember like attracts like. See yourself as the perfect mate and not only attract that person but being the best you can be will bring in the person that at times you do not feel worthy of. When that thought crosses your mind dismiss it immediately and realize you are not only good enough but this person would be lucky to have you in their life. Now keep in mind we cannot manifest Brad Pit (even though I am sure Angelina did) there needs to be a genuine interest on the other side as well. The way to insure that genuine interest is to basically be the person you would like to be with. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!!! You need to love you before anyone else could love you. Get a notebook and write down what you want very specifically. Write down all the traits and the key is to make it very real. When you write it down, write it as it has been already been given. I am so grateful that so and so is in my life right now and everything is not only easier but we are so happy and in love I could not be happier. Remember what you wrote you can go back and adjust things as you see fit until you feel as though it is perfect. Let your guard down and let love in. I have told many clients recently when you see a happy couple send them your blessings. By doing so you are opening yourself up to love and relationships. The main person to love first is yourself, in that same notebook write down all the positive reasons for someone to be with you. If you are coming up with a loss for words (fake it until you make it) write down all the things you want to be in the present sense. Begin to start being and embodying that person. You are the commander of your ship and this is your story to write. Don’t be shy the sky is the limit.

If it is material things you want write down in great detail in the present tense as if you have it already. Smell the leather of the new Mercedes, see the house and literally walk through the rooms in your new home. Draw pictures or cut out pictures from a magazine and create a wish board but the trick is to believe you already have it. At first this may be difficult but over time the more you look at it and take visual tours of the home it becomes yours more and more. Yes be grateful for the shelter you have but believe very strongly that you are not only worthy of more but are certain you will receive more. What we believe we achieve!

If it is a job you are looking for write down the perfect scenario. What you love to do and you doing just that. There is no reason to work harder when we can work smarter be very detailed about what you want and write about it starting from the interview right down to the offer. This can also be used for money. Take a dollar bill and put it in your bag or wallet and take it out when you make a purchase and then put it back in and do not spend it. It is significant of an overabundance of money. Imagine you are spending this bill over and over again. This is to put in your mind and thoughts in an overabundance of money so you will have spent that bill many, many times over. Envision that you have an overabundance of money and it never runs out. At times take the bill out and put it in a place very visible and imagine all the times you have spent it. Literally see a flow of money coming to you like through a tube and take a moment to daydream on all the material things you will spend it on. If there is a specific amount of money you need write it down, put it on your wish board and the key once again is believe it is already yours. WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS WHAT YOU ACHIEVE!!!

I have mentioned what we achieve is what we believe many times through this document. Believing is the key to remember here. There are many great athletes of our time who literally use coaches to help them visualize what they want before they achieve it. They see themselves sinking that ball in a basket, crossing the finish line first and it also has become a very big deal in the area I live in with wrestlers trying to get in certain colleges. They visualize bringing down their opponent and literally pay big money to see coaches specializing in this area. Psychologists have finally caught on to what we have known in metaphysics for years now.

The keys to remember here are being grateful for what we already have. Sending out love and loving ourselves 1st before anyone else, settling for nothing but the best. Once we are grateful we need to pay attention to our minds and consider ourselves a big magnet. Try it for yourself go sit at a coffee shop or bar and close yourself off from everyone else. Dwell on the negative and you will not be approached, now try the same when you’re in a good mood open and receptive to love and people will talk with you and interestingly enough these people will have a lot in common with you.

An extra word on love because love does not only make the world go around but we all strive for the perfect love. We cannot manifest love from a specific person who has no interest. Who knows they may have hang ups regarding love. But if this person is someone who has a genuine interest in you trust me they will be open and receptive to this new person in you that is not sending out a desperate I need you vibes but you are lucky to have me energy. I can tell you this if there is feelings on both sides this person will feel a difference from you even if it is from a distance. Remember we are working with vibes and energy so pulling back your energy from a distance will be felt. It is very easy to leave someone on the back burner if you know they will be their when you are good and ready. As cruel as it may sound it is human nature.

A lovely psychic gave me this small prayer to say that has come from Joe Vitale (one of the speakers in the secret) I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you. Send that cleansing prayer to your higher power and watch the miracles unfold you will be amazed. I personally use it all the time. Now realizing the power we have through our personal energy can make a drastic difference in our life and empower you to take control of your life and repeat after me “I will not leave my life in the hands of fate, my life is mine to recreate.” Working with any religious belief works, energy is universal. I am a Christian and the bible states the power we have in Mark 11:23 “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go throw yourself into the sea, ‘ and does believes what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand in prayer, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

I would love to hear from you that is why I chose to post this in this forum. Please feel free to share your questions comments and stories in hopes of inspiring others to take control of their lives as well.

There is so much I needed to share that I had to condense this article and rush a bit because a group is waiting for it. There will be more to come in regards to things you can do to remain positive as well as personal stories and those from others. I look forward to reading your comments. This article is part of a book and cannot be reproduced without permission. I hope to hear from you soon.