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Day By Day Angels Arrive

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Hold on For the Full Moon
I know not everyone has had the best month and that things have been really crazy and I'm hoping you take it seriously to tell this full moon thanks for everything, and goodbye to all that stuff too. Full moons are not for manifesting they are for letting go and giving thanks. New moon's however are for manifesting and I suggest you start working on that list now, because it just so happens that the new moon this month lands on the 22nd.....which is a master number. The day is going to be a 3 day so it's a time for communication :) .  I'm very excited.

This full moon tonight just happens to land on a 7 day, which is very spiritual in nature and should be taken very seriously on all aspects. I wish the best for each and every one of you and hope and pray that you can change the energy (and go with the flow) once the change is in motion.

To life, love and peace..........my blessings!
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Published Thursday, March 08, 2012 3:25 PM by UtPsychicMediumAdvisor


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