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The importance of AIR in a natal chart

 Air is one of the four elements in an astrology chart which are: fire, air, earth and water. Ideally, a chart will have all of these elements in perfect balance. However, this rarely happens. Usually one or two elements are the most prominent.

Fire gives a person independence and enthusiasm, Earth gives practicality and dependability, water gives sensitivity and compassion while air gives intellectual and social skills.

Astrologers use a point system to measure elements in a natal chart. Good astrology software will show a graph with bars providing a quick reference so the astrologer can see at a glance what the elemental balance is in a chart.

An overemphasis or a complete lack of any of the elements is noteworthy. A native may respond in two different ways when he has no planets or points in an element: He may overcompensate by strongly expressing the element in life or he may not incorporate it in his life at all. Often times he may seek out a partner who has a preponderance of the element he lacks.

Why would the air element in a chart be most important? A few reasons. One was that a person who lacks air, doesn't enjoy learning and may also have difficulties in relationships. (By the way, a lack of air can be compensated with Mercury in the 1st house or aspecting many planets/points.)

If a person doesn't enjoy any intellectual (air) pursuits, then he can easily become stuck in a rut. With so many new ideas and information popping up constantly, the latest news stories, events, new technology, books, music, scientific discoveries, etc. it is crucial in modern times to keep up with latest information.

Not having air in a chart does not mean that the person has a low IQ, it just means that he doesnt feel compelled to seek out or analyze information. Also, he may have problems being objective and unbiased when relating to others. This can cause serious problems.

Having air allows a person to step back and think, "How should I interpret this new information and/or situation?" It allows a mental processing of experiences, events, and information in order to decide what the logical next step should be. If a person lacks air, he may not understand why someone else has done something or treated him in a certain way or he may respond to events in an irrational manner. He may take things too personally or disregard others thoughts and feelings.

Of course, too much air can also cause some problems. A person with too much air can get caught up in his thoughts and not feel enough or not know which emotions to express in a given situation. He may talk too much and annoy others or appear insensitive. He may live in his mind and have difficulties achieving practical results. He may have difficulties taking a stand as he may prefer to view the world around thim in a detached manner. A person with more air in their charts may interpret others as being too moody (water), boring (earth) or bossy (fire). While other elements may view air as too chatty and insensitive.

When dealing with a person who lacks air, it is best not to bombard him with information. Texting or emailing often may bother him as he simply doesn't enjoy it as much as airy people. Being aware of an individual's elemental balance helps to figure out the best way to relate to him on his terms. If water, express emotions more, tell him how you feel. Appreciate his compassion and sensitivity towards others. If earth, discuss practical matters and give him nice gifts on the appropriate occasions. Building something together and giving real life examples of why one way may be better than another. Lastly fire, support his enthusiasm, give him his independence and let him shine. Explain to him that there is this thing called "fear" that others feel sometimes and can cause them to do inexplicable things.

Problems in relationships and hurt feelings can often be based on the differences of elemental balance in people's astrology charts, especially the lack of air. Success of failure of relationships rely heavily or entirely on air or communication. Words are powerful. The pen is mightier than the sword. Taking the time to understand how different people experience life through the four elements can make or break relationships, business and personal. As a result, the success or failure of a person may be predicted through the abundance or lack of air.

Keen is a heavily air endeavor.  Readers communicate with their clients via phone, email or chat.  Clients with a lot of air in their chart will start talking immediately and offer a detailed description of what they are calling about.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get a word in edgewise.  These clients usually appreciate the reasoning and logic presented through astrology.  Some clients have a heavy water emphasis and they tend to say very little, it is more difficult for them to talk, almost as if they have to push the words out.  These clients will call and simply say, "Tell me about Tom and Jerry."    They expect the reader to receive their energy relay back what feelings and insights the reader receives.  These types of clients prefer psychic readings usually.  Next are the earthy clients who are all business, they want the best bang for their buck.  They may call up and say, "You have 2 minutes to tell me all that you can about my situation."  If the earthy client doesn't feel that they are getting their money's worth, they will shut down and end the call.  Last, but certainly not least, are the fire clients.  They know what they want in the future and fully expect to get their expectations. These clients tend to only want to hear good news or they want their beliefs confirmed.  Of course these are generalizations and everyone has all four elements in their charts in varying degrees.  Some people may be air-water, fire-earth, water-earth, and air-fire so these descriptions will be intermixed in various degrees.

Published Tuesday, May 21, 2013 11:43 AM by astrologernyc


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Friday, May 17, 2013 6:34 PM

HA! I absolutely LOVED this article!!
You got me marinating on this lack of Air = lack of learning / stuck in a rut thingy.  

Okay, just so you understand, here's me: 1 lil old Air sign (Merc in Libra) who gets beat up by my 7 Fires & 3  
Now that you are pre-warned about what's wrong with me, I'll say:
I absolutely LOVE learning!  I will be a student of the world until the day I draw my last breath.  I am also one of the least judgmental and most objective people I know.  In fact, of all of the people I know, I'M the one who always points out the flip side of the coin to those who may only be looking at things from their personal views/experiences.

However...I WILL concede that I do NOT see a reason to learn things that do not apply to me UNTIL those things apply to me, lol.
To my way of thinking, why learn about an iPhone when a simple cell does the same job?? I'm the same way with all technology and current events/News.  I mean, why do I want to know about who's nuking who?  If one hits us, I'll know when it gets here.  
And your assessment is probably right about relationships (for me, at least).  I'm the forever-and-ever-amen type of friend until someone I trust displays disloyalty.  Then?  I have this weird ability to cut that person out of my life as if they never existed (so is that what you're talking about w/respect to relationships??).  
Now, even w/o a lot of Air, I DO do a lot of analyzing--I am constantly "reflecting" on why 'person A' would do a, b, or c.  But I have to analyze it--the understanding doesn't come naturally to me until I analyze the person and the whole picture.  But, I am Virgo-Sun, so this may contribute to my analytical mind.  

One thing you wrote that TRULY resonated w/me was, "Lastly, Fire...explain to him that there is this thing called "fear" that others feel sometimes..." That had me LMAO!  B/c a running theme-word in my life that people use to describe me is "fearless."  (I don't look at my actions as fearless, but others do).  

And WITH all that Fire and Earth, I've never been called boring but I HAVE been called "bossy" a time or fifty million.  
But, really, am I being bossy if I just know a better way of doing things?

Awesome article!


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Friday, May 17, 2013 7:47 PM

so true about the clients-good observation

Astrology readings Leslie Hale

# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Friday, May 17, 2013 7:50 PM

Thank you for the reply Sol!  My article is only scratching the surface of all of the complexities and combinations in the chart and it is always interesting to read others experiences with their elements. Having Mercury in an air sign makes you very airy compared to others, especially if your Mercury aspects important planets and points in your chart.  Relationships get very complicated so I won't try to generalize about that, just that different elements experience things differently.  Thanks for visiting and leaving a very interesting comment!  


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Friday, May 17, 2013 7:53 PM

Thanks Leslie.  I am generalizing but you get the idea with the different elements and how they can cross each other.  Different elements can clash which can turn into a bash! ha ha


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Friday, May 17, 2013 8:26 PM

Great article! I am a triple Libra (sun, moon, asc) so I don't have the problem with not enough air .. .my issue is not enough fire! Uranus in Leo is my only fire aspect!


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Saturday, May 18, 2013 6:37 AM

Thank you penney!  Fire can be compensated for by a well-placed Sun!  


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Tuesday, May 21, 2013 9:46 AM

Like Sol, I am full of earth and fire 5 in both elements and only one lowly little air which is my Mars in Gemini, I was really hoping it was in Mercury, but it's not.  Although I do have a lot of elements in Merc.  I'm hoping my 2 in water will save me :))

Liz Andrews James

# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Tuesday, May 21, 2013 10:19 AM

A well-placed Mercury,  in an angular house, aspecting the Asc, Sun, Moon etc can greatly increase your "airiness"  Mars in Gemini is very powerful and makes great debaters and defenders.  It gives you tons of energy to communicate and it gives an active mind.


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Tuesday, May 21, 2013 12:04 PM

Okay, good-naturedly laughing out loud at the comment you made to poor Liz about "Mars is Gem is very powerful..."  I read that and thought, "HA! With all her Fire & Earth, I bet she scares the living CRAP outta people & they just give in to any debate out of sheer intimidation!" lololol...

Liz, sister, I feel for ya!  But at least you got 5 & 5!  Out of curiosity, with the people in your personal life, do you find yourself thinking, "okay, that person is acting offended.  They act like I hurt their feelings.  What are they going ON about?!  Why can't they just suck it up & stop being a baby! Geesh!"  And do you find you have trouble "babying" people?  Cause, me?  I can play the nurse role for a bit, but, I have a breaking point that leads to, "suck it UP! Man UP! Stop milking this for all it's worth, dang it!"  (Me?  I'm surrounded by water-filled people in my blood family & I swear to GOD someone Upstairs did that too me to test the limits of human patience!!!  The whole lot of 'em are just so darned EMO!).

NYC: Um, my poor Air is in the 3rd & poorly aspected (opp Moon & opp Sat).  It's okay if you need to say I'm screwed, i'm okay with that, lol).  
And two questions for you:
1.  I have a Stellium in my 2nd (Sun, Plu, Ur).  Do you have any articles that talk about this?
2.  My chart is...lopsided?  I have everything in houses 1-4 and then in 9.  Nothing to be seen anywhere else.  It bothers me.  Immensely. lol @ myself.  Do you have any articles that talk about lopsided charts?

Sry about the long comment.  I'm really trying to figure out a way to shorten everything I write but it's not working out for me.


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Tuesday, May 21, 2013 12:33 PM

Hi Sol,
Thanks for the feedback!  Your comments are most welcome and funny.  I do not have articles on what you mentioned but I will keep it in mind for the future.  Your 2nd question falls under "chart patterns" which I teach a whole class about.  But rest assured there is no "lopsided" pattern.  Perhaps you may be see-saw.  :)


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Tuesday, May 21, 2013 6:31 PM

ps.  I wouldn't assume that Liz scares people based on elements and mars.  The whole chart needs to be taken into consideration.  I know some very spiritual people with mars in gemini and they like to make a lot of video blogs as they enjoy talking, they are also excellent in arguments with skeptics.


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Thursday, May 23, 2013 7:15 AM

OOPS!  Liz I think I accidentally deleted your comment while I was clearing out the spam.  My apologies!  Please leave it again if you see this!


# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Thursday, May 23, 2013 10:09 AM

Well I do see this however, I cannot remember all that I said, other than it's taken me years to finally temper my severity with mercy.  Now I operate on a much higher frequency and work through kindness instead of being brusque.  I  now look at my own numerous screw ups and try very hard not to call em as I see em.  I now think about what I say and how I say it, so not easy for my Sun/Moon Taurus and my Leo Asc.

I raised a Libra and Sol was right, her feelings did get hurt a lot, but we got through it all and now she is my best friend and right arm.  We both let each other know when we are being bitches :))

I take the nature vs. nurture approach.  Although my chart may indicate all of what Sol has said, I work through it because I really don't want to be a giant A-hole:))  I have a very tough exterior but I can cry at the drop of a hat.

Liz Andrews James

# re: The importance of AIR in a natal chart @ Thursday, May 23, 2013 3:17 PM

Hello Liz,
Thank you for re-posting. Again my apologies. The spam hit me multiple times on many posts so deleting it got messy.
Thank you for sharing your experiences and it does sound like you are aware of them which astrology helps people with.  Had you had a water sign rising, it would have been a different story with the Sun/Moon in Taurus.  Then you would probably have been more easy going and sensitive in interacting with others. Every chart is unique so thanks again for re-posting and sharing!


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