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New Moon December 11, 2015

The new moon on December 11th will fall in the sign of Sagittarius. The sign of Sagittarius is a very adventurous sign and unlike the out doors. If the time to explore and to broaden your horizons to something new. It can bring great opportunities for the future and you will even make greater plans for the future. It's a time for you to be open to new possibilities and even to learn something new. You will find yourself being more active and adventurous. Exciting opportunities may come to you through unexpected sources or connections. You may also receive some wonderful news and this can be a time for you to the open to new opportunities, connections and even financial opportunities for the future. You can expect connections are news to come through sources including the Internet, emails and even friends. Jupiter squares the new moon so this could bring a little indulgence and laughter. I feel that the next two weeks will be a wonderful time for you to open the door to the future and even make more greater plans for the future. The energy of the new moon will last two weeks to you have the next couple weeks to be open to new possibilities and receive some interesting and exciting news for the future. Venus and Neptune support the new moon so this can increase your artistic and creative side but it can also increase your softer romantic side. You may enjoy love, music, movies or the love of music and movies. It will be a time to connect with those you love.

It may be time to set a path or direction in life especially with your career, finances and relationships.

The energy of the new moon will affect everyone from every zodiac sign but especially people born from the 8th through 15th of any month more so because the degrees of this new moon will affect closely those people born during those days. Everyone will feel the effects of the new moon so everyone will get a chance to enjoy the great energy with this new moon brings to you. Also, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius and Leo's will especially enjoy this new moon because it will affect you and personnel way. Make sure to read your weekly horoscope and monthly horoscopes find out where this new moon will affect do you in your own sign. If you know your rising sign make sure to read that horoscope too. Click the link below to read your horoscope to find out where the new moon affects you.




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Published Thursday, December 10, 2015 12:00 PM by the psychic one


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