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Taurus Monthly Horoscope for October 2012

Venus will enter your 5th house of love and relationships on October 3rd. The next four weeks will bring a time for you to find love, fall in love and spend time with children. It will also be a time for you to focus on artistic and creative projects. You may decide to pursue acting, dancing, music and even drawing and painting. It will be a wonderful time for you to pursue someone new or to enjoy a nice date with someone special. You may find yourself surrounded in bars and clubs because you want to go out and socialize. Children will also be a priority for you the next four weeks and you may find yourself spending time with a child or a group of children. It will be a great time for you to create and craft a musical or artistic project.

October 2nd will be a positive career financial date for you. You will work hard for the money but you may easily make more money to. You seem to have a time and patience to take care of any work projects. It will also be a positive day for you to easily lose weight.

You are focus on tedious task and projects on October 5th. You seem to have the patience and care to take care of any work projects and obligations. You will also find yourself going over the smallest details of a project or for the day. I feel that this would be a great day for you to balance the checkbook and catch up on any chores and tasks.

October 8th and 10th will be a positive financial day for you. You may make more money or receive a job offer or opportunity. It could also be that you begin a business venture but I suggest be cautious as you may indulge lavishly and impulsively in this venture.

Saturn will enter your partnership house on October 6th. Saturn will last two years in this house. The next two years may be very positive or negative for you. On the positive side it can bring a committed partnership or relationship. You will not settle for anything less than a serious commitment. It also tells me that anyone new that comes into your life will not waste your time because you want to settle down. If they do not have the same frame of mind as you then you will not waste time with them and will move on to someone new or even per for to be alone. I feel that as you open the door to meet someone special in your life you will have a more serious frame of mind about love and relationships. You will seek someone who is committed or marriage minded. If they do not have the same type of beliefs as you being you won’t spend time with them. It does not have to be a religious belief it can be the belief of them also wanting to commit and settle down. The partnership can also be building a stronger partnership with of business partner, friend, coworker or employee. You may also work closely with someone who can help you achieve your future career goals. It may include a financial advisor, lawyer, accountant, therapists or even a doctor. Anyone that can help you further your career or your financial success will be considered a partner to you.

There will be a positive love a relationship date for you on October 9th. You may find love, fall in love or go at on a date. You may feel a karmic connection to this individual. If you are in a relationship then you will have a wonderful day of love and affection with this person.

October 10th the greatest day that you could ask for from your partnership house and from your house of friendships will come today. You may form a partnership or relationship with a friend or an organization that will be with you for many years. It could be a personal relationship that turns into a marriage. It could be a business associate that turns into a business connection or partnership. It will be a very significant day for you that will last many years in the future. You may have noticed the energy of this day beginning 10 days ago and will continue on for another 10 to 14 days. It’s quite a significant time for you to build long-term security and stability with someone. You may work along with someone else including a friend for business, finances or for personal reasons.

It’s a very positive career financial date for you on October 1th. It can bring positive results with money especially if you’re running a business venture. If you are working a regular job that it will be a very busy day for you and may even see a great deal of sales on this day. It could help you build a bigger bonus or commission.

On the negative side having Saturn in your partnership house can bring the ending of a relationship or marriage. It can bring a separation or divorce. I have also seen many times where a marriage a relationship has is problems and issues and will go through a time of difficulties. It will be up to the two individuals involved in this partnership to work out the issues and problems to build a stronger relationship or partnership. I always lecture to everyone that open communication will build a long lasting relationship. It could be that your relationship is being tested at this time and you will either want to fix the issues and build a stronger relationship or you can expect for this relationship or partnership to fall apart. I put it out there as a warning that you have the next couple years to fix the issues or out in the next couple years a breakup or ending will occur. Saturn does not sugarcoat anything in your partnership. It will be harsh and tough one you. If you can manage it being you will survive Saturn and your partnership house for the next two years.

Mercury will enter your partnership house on October 5th. The next three weeks will bring a time for you to communicate openly with the partner. If there are any issues or problems than the next few weeks will be a great time to resolve any issues or problems.

The Sun will enter your partnership house on October 23rd. The next four weeks will bring a time for you to connect well with partners. The partner may be a spouse, lover, business partner, friend, coworker or employee. You may form a partnership or work closely with others to further your career and financial security and stability.


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Mars will enter your eighth house of joint resources, taxes, credit and loans on October 7th. The next seven weeks will bring a time for you to take care of financial obligations and duties connected to taxes, credit cards, child support, alimony, joint assets and capital, court settlement, bonuses and commissions. There may be disagreements and arguments with any of these issues. If you’re in the middle of a divorce then you might have disagreements on how to divide assets and money. It may bring problems with the partner or lover in connection to finances, joint resources and material possessions. Financial obligations connected to taxes, credit cards and loans may bring problems and court battles. I would suggest for you to check your credit report as you may find errors on it. You may have to pay a hefty debt or bill. It could be that you are racking up the credit cards for a lavish or impulsive purchase. If you can find ways to cut back and budget and save then you can help yourself in the future to not rack up any debts or bills.

Mercury will enter your eighth house of joint resources, taxes, credit and loans on October 29th. The next three weeks will bring a time for you to budget and save for the future and to take care of any financial obligations to others. You also focus or concern on retirement and savings account. It would also be a great opportunity for you to read study and learn new ways to save for the future.

Venus will enter your 6th house of work, service and health on October 29th giving you four weeks to work hard for the money and enjoy your work environment. You will connect well with female coworkers, clients and customers. I would suggest for you to be careful during the next four weeks as you will find yourself indulging and fatty foods and sweets.

The new Moon on October 15th will fall in your 6th house of work, service and health. The next couple weeks will bring a time for you to work hard for the money and complete tasks and projects. You will be busy but you may also be working with others in order to complete these projects. It is a time for you to make more money and build greater financial security as Jupiter will support the new Moon. I feel that this would be a great time for you to receive a new job offer or opportunity. You may advance in your career or receive a promotion. You will work hard for the money but you seem to have great drive and dedication to succeed in your career. I feel that you will do well in advance seen in your finances and building greater financial security. There is great confidence for you to make bonuses and commissions or gain other types of sources and profits. The new Moon will bring you the opportunity to make more money in a business venture.

It will not be a great day to focus on finances and career as you are have difficulties trying to take care of projects and tasks on October 28th. If you are investing in a business venture then today will not be a great day to move forward with any plans as you would be disorganized and unfocused. Your priorities are not straight and you will feel confused on how to approach a project or complete any task. If you can wait out a couple days to move forward with any duties and obligations than you will do much better in a few days your focus will be more direct and you can easily complete projects.

The full Moon on October 29th will fall in your own sign. The next two weeks will be all about you. You may change your appearance by purchasing new clothes. It could be that you decide to get a new haircut or hairstyle. Pluto will support the new Moon from your ninth house of long-distance trips, foreign people and places. You may decide to enter college or University. It could be that you want to learn a new topic of interest or you begin to take classes regarding a topic of interest including cooking, sewing, knitting, baking or even artistic ventures like music and art. Neptune and Mercury square off during this full Moon which tells me that you may not see everything in a realistic way. It could be that you are entering college to try and complete a degree but never complete the classes. You may also delude yourself that you can accomplish some great task or goal but never achieve it. I will just warn that even though it is all about you may disappoint yourself in some way. You want to move forward in life so you can accomplish a great big task or goal. I will recommend to carefully go over all the details this for making any kind of decision. It could be made impulsively but it will only lead to a disappointment. I hope you take the time to gather your thoughts and see if this is the right fit for you.

October 30th will be a serious conversation or discussion about love and relationships or finances seems to come on this day. I feel that it would be a great day for you to open up about any issues or concerns that might be worrying you with others.


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Published Saturday, September 29, 2012 12:00 AM by the psychic one


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