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Many of us wonder why Life sometimes seem to take a unwanted curve on the road. We imagine that it is indeed our ill luck, or it is the devil playing his old dirty games, or we question why God allows such things to happen to us.

Many of these thoughts are indeed well founded. Even as spirit filled beings we have a side of us that is always tempted , That is dark. In all cases we chose which side we are on. The dark side or the light. and sometimes we just stick with the gray. Sometimes this is not a bad thing if we don't know what we are getting into :)

There are many reasons why bad thing's can happen to you. It could be just that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Life is not always governed by spiritual events. In other words there are random things that happen to all of us. Just cos the world goes round.

However there are also very bad things that happen to us humans. Floods, Fires, Hurting of the heart and pain of the spirit. The list can go on and on ....

As usual we ask why God let this happen. Well, God does not always interfere. He has given us the freedom to act and choose . What we do and what we say. This is the powerful thing. That we actually create energy by our voice thoughts and actions. You may not be saying anything bad, however if you have negative thoughts in your HEAD it can be as dangerous spiritually. For these thoughts create negative energy.

Now sometimes God does allow us to go through stuff. Remember we  were born to create experiences and to also experience functioning within the framework of the body. We also came to create heal and spread the love of God to those other spiritual beings who had not yet experienced the love of God. We are here to create Love. However to be deeper in the spirit and to have character to stand through the tough times of life we too have to go through some hard time. It is only then that we learn and understand the pain and the true value of hope love and joy.

Without spiritual understanding of what can truly destroy we will not only be empty if action but also unconnected to those we are helping on a daily basis.

And so we too have some trials laid on our path. Remember as God said. We will cry in the night but find true joy in the morning. Life will always hold the Good and the Bad in one breath, in one hand and yes sometimes we cannot control what crosses our paths but our journey of pain is shorter and wiser when we handle our hearts and minds with hope and love. Always asking the presence of God and his angels to help us and guide us in our daily life.

I chose to say. " why not me ? " when I see and feel trouble and then I try to handle it with the best forms of thought and deed. Now it is not easy and sometimes I do fall of that cliff and get a huge bump on me head. It happens, but such is life and I will say. "Why not me" Blessings to all and chocolates.

Greetings and Many Blessings to you all. I want to share a special note of thanks for my friends and clients who make me a part of their everyday life. I am grateful to all. Today I am posting a short little list of questions that may help you to plan and envision your new year. If any of you would care of a reading we can use some of these questions as a guideline to our session. If not, Please feel free to print it out and use it. Many of my writings and blogs are to help you and I hope in my own way that I shed some light along your wonderful path. May the universe bring you love peace and happiness this year. Joy and Peace to all. Dilani




Don’t be afraid to love today,
For Gods love is like a blanket they say,
warm and comforting
washing pain.
Finding Peace
Never ending Peace.

Don’t be afraid to Smile today
For God’s Joy will help you stay
Dancing with the stars
as they did sway
To the call of the angels
while we pray

peace will reign within your heart
and you will be blessed
with the blanket of rest
So you can face the year to come
healed and loved
in abundance

and may
Your heart be singing.
with Joy be ringing

as you dance , and dance and dance
your cares away.
and hold fast to your blanket of peace
of joy
of hope
of peace

Seasons Blessing
By Dilani Diva

Copyright © 2010 Dilani Diva. All Rights Reserved.

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains 

And we never even know we have the key.

Lyrics from Already Gone, performed by the Eagles for their 1974 On the Border album

Dilani Diva
Kind, Compassionate, authentic readings.
To Empower, Enhance and Enlighten You

God and his angels do want us to have a great life.
But all things are not revealed sometimes due to his will.
Whatever your higher spirits wants us to know
Together we will find out today.
Please have your questions ready, and be clear in your mind.

Life can be wonderful, if our choices were simple. However life today with all it’s wonderful proves has deemed to be quite complicated. Therefore we must indeed break it down -or we can get swallowed by the awesomeness of the whole......
I remember helping Mary our maid, in my mothers kitchen . This is where my culinary joys were born. It was quite the task, to wash the rice to make sure that there were no grains of sand in it. I enjoyed playing with water. So this was a “ yummy task for me.
Today I cook all the time. The rice is so easy; “plonk” into the rice cooker it goes. Happy as a clam, and bubbling into a lovely white glory.
Such are the joys of a great life. However I don’t forget the times when things were a little more complexed. and yet we found ways to integrate them into our lives.
There are many keys if we dare to look for them. Sometimes we are too busy or just not interested, or any of the million excuses we have. But if we pay attention to detail then we must surely learn that the keys to the kingdom are in our hands. Use it. Don’t leave them to dry and rust and then be forgotten.

It is always a joy to help my clients to find those keys. Of course I have a great helper my angel guide Liana. She is just amazing. What a kind and generous spirit she is. We are happy to help you to find your keys today. May be they are just hidden in the folds of your beautiful skirt or just under that fabulous tunic that you were. Where ever they are let’s find then now.

Dear God bring joy and balance and well being into our lives today. Let us search for the keys of your kingdom and give you thanks for your generous gift of love. We are grateful. Amen. 

I bid you a blessed day with hope and prosperity and love.

Your Personal Psychic and Spiritual Guru
Dilani Diva

As we cultivate peace and happiness in ourselves, we also nourish peace and happiness in those we love -
Thich Nhat Hanh

the time to take a peek into the universe to see why most of it was so.
It is apparent that every time a major political turn takes place the media plays it up ! All this negative thought and criticism of the current situation. Most of the news is filled with such dilemma.
Yes over the last 10 years this country has made some very foolish choices. Some of us agree. and like most other stages of recovery it will take time for these repercussions to be resolved.
Will it happen over night? Highly unlikely. The wealth of this nation has not gone, but still is within the walls of this nation. However it is held by a few. The Rich, have indeed become richer, Sad to say....
Now similar things have happened in the past. History shows us that there was a time when the wealthy ruled the nation. However the ordinary man rose from the sand and educated himself and then shared in some of this wealth. Today the ordinary man has indeed become rather extraordinary due to education. The past patterns therefore cannot remain the same for an extended period of time. The wealth will trickle down to the bottom rungs, in a shorter period of time.
Even though this pattern is still coming through. It is almost as if the nation will shake those who have more and then it will trickle down to the lesser affluent people. Thus it will be .....
Even though this will still take a little time I am quite ashamed and annoyed at the media and the politicians that are still trying to maintain this spirit of uncertainty. Taking a tone of creating fear and uncertainty. Shame on them. This nation has too many wealthy individuals, to see it fall. We are too interdependent , nation to nation to let the ship sink.
So let us focus on building this nation with it’s old values and endless dynamic visions. After all some of the worlds assets still lies within. Lets not forget all the wealth that God has given us. Remember that God will provide, as he did give us manna while we wondered through the desert.
The way of the spirit is powerful and will rule the way of the flesh.
So lets find ways in our own lives to help our selves and help those around us with kind words and wealthy spirit.
Lets break the habit of fear that reigned for over a decade ! Fear ONLY reaps fear ! It is not a constructive energy . It is a disruptive energy. used to control . Let your fear go and be strong for we are building a better tomorrow Today.
Don’t let the media control you. Find the truth for yourself.
Today. Amen.

For Kind Caring Compassionate Readings and Counseling
To empower, enlighten and enhance your life call now for a personal reading

Many Blessings

The Unbinding Love

Love is a very special feeling, act and deed that helps us grow and heal in the world. We are truly blessed with it. Even though at times this love can also tire us and bring pain into our lives there is always a ever growing feeling and learning that we share when we go through these wonderful experiences.
The best love is a love that is given and not sort. However in the rational world this is a hard thing to do. When we give of ourselves we form expectations.
That is a human way of thought.
However, unbinding love is a feeling of love that not only sets your lover free but also your heart free. That only accepts what is given and receives it with graciousness. This love we see constantly from God and our angels. Today I will focus on this love and for those who are with me lets all light a candle of peace in our hearts and embrace this unbinding love.


My Love will not bind you
It will set you free…
To fly with the wings of the eagle
To dance with the storms of the sea……..

To feel with the sun in the morning,
And smile with the dawn of the day,
To be touched with the hands of those dew drops
That caressed the world as it lay.

My love will be a  candle
That burns throughout each night,
To guide you through the turmoil
Through all what’s wrong and right.

My love will be a shelter,
That will hide your unborn fear,
To touch you as they haunt you,
And caress your face so dear.

My love will be your stronghold,
That stands with all its might,
Against those storms of unshed hurt,
It will turn the wrong to right.

My love will understand you,
With the dawn of each new day
For it will last forever
Along life’s endless way.

For if someday you’ll wonder,
Far away to lands so charmed,
My love will wait in silence
Just to hold you in my arms

And when this life is over
With all its deeds so true,
I will thank my Lord for you my love
And this love he gave for you.

My love, it will not bind you
My love will set you free,
To fly with the wings of the eagles,
To dance with the storms of the sea

written by
Dilani Diva
Dedicated to Brenton
22nd Feb ‘02

Beyound words
WORDS ! Such wonderful sounds that fills the air like the magic of the morning dew. Amazing these things called words that you and I so easily embrace. we sing we laugh we shout we cry ! How beautiful is the sound of , Love peace and forgiveness and yet how cruel are some words like, hate, kill and crucify.... even idiot.
How easily we can forget the power of our own words. The creating of the spirit as we speak. How easily are we all drawn to doing one better than the other.

Today let us feel, hear and speak the words that build nourish and nurture.
Sometimes we only hear what we think others are saying. Specially when it comes to our relationships. We often say “ what is the point, I am blue in the face for trying, he never listens to me”- hmmm and so may it be that it is so.
Words are tough things that we use to Conway our inner thoughts and feelings eloquently. However they are the instrument of peace power and love.

Let us not quit trying. Let us not throw in the towel, let us not walk away angry ( although COOL DOWN breaks, can be helpful )

Perhaps if we wait to listen, then we can hear beyond the language of the Words - To the language of the Heart.....

Silken Sounds.

by Dilani Diva

Melody, let my mind create and speak,
the wisdom of the kindly one’s
Gently resting kind intent on petals
Softly speaking like the little breeze
rustling now the trees.
Kindly let me embrace again the song of healing
Peace. Grace. Give . Love.
Not longing. Only being.
Simple. yet living and not dying...
For in my words will live the power to be
All loving through time
So sublime.
So grant me in thy wisdom or wise spirit
The humility to be
a smiling gentle word
on that lonely ear
as i fly from tree to tree.
and if you could mold my spirit.
You will surely set me free.

For a few weeks now I have been meaning to write about this factor of our lives.
We are faced with many choices each day. Our ability to make choices and turn our attention towards our dreams and goals visit us often.
There are some that say that a “ Non decision is a decision too” like one has chosen Not to decide. However that is not true.
When a person chooses or decides their energy and focus becomes very clear. There are very definitive goals in their path. There may be other matters that are surrounding him or her but they walk tall keeping their eyes on the goal. Their energy becomes more vibrant and clear. If I were to show this to you  in a spiritual way, their energy becomes like so.

here is nothing confusing about that is there? Such choices also help to eliminate any confusion. We chose not to let other things distract us and move vibrantly forward.

Lets now look at the second choice. The Indecision. Here the person has not yet chosen. Or is reluctant to chose. For whatever reason, spiritually their energy can look like so.

INTERESTING ! is it not ????

Now see for yourself. How long did you take looking at these two shapes. I bet the 2 nd one took a couple more seconds. That is the very point I am trying to make. The spirit that allows  more choices has a lot of fun ( hopefully ) but also takes a long time to element confusion and what it truly desires.

This again is entirely up each of us. We all go through these two periods, as we go through life. Being undecided is not a bad thing. But has to be in it’s own time and space.

We must take time to make our choices. waiting too long will sometimes make up miss that bus. But also remember that we must be sure to know if we want to be on the buss.  So take a little time to figure that out. But hey if you do miss it. Don’t sit there and groan. Stand up and get on the next one :)

It is good to have it all. The simple and the complexed. Getting the proper mix is the trick. Now if you would like some divine insight on your own choices I am here for you today. Liana my guide is always very helpful to me and I am happy to share her with you.


Hoping that you are having a wonderful day.
Many Many Blessings and Light.
Dilani Diva

Oh vibrant Spring...
You silly ol’ thing,
You prance round me like a fawn,
And play your gentle music
Embracing me at dawn.

Do you feel, I could lay in your deep shadows of resonance,
And laugh at the birds and the breeze,
as they make love;
Nestled deep in the grass and high in the trees.

Ah! dear spring your surely must be...
 a player, or a true lover,
For you have made a monkey of my heart,
And such a fool of me.
For as the winter of my soul gently ebbs away,
You fly right in like a dove,
     and sing with the morn, never fading like me pain,
For my one true love with winter has slowly gone,
   and you dear spring has danced right in with a happy little song.

So give me courage to face your vibrant hues
 and waken in my heart a song of love renewed,
As you feed us all with your gentle dew
Oh help me my dear one to be
Strong gentle and true,
A lover of  color and song
Just like you !

Original Poetry by Newage author- Dilani Diva

Emily Dickinson wrote these words.

“.... Captivity is consciousness - and so is Liberty” (From her Poem - No Rack can torture me)

I have been meditating on this line today. To be conscious, is to be aware. To be aware is to experience, to know, to even embrace. For the most part this is a wonderful thing. It is a growing thing. To be confined and yet have Liberty! Both of opposite meaning and yet both lying strongly nestled in awareness.

This above lies in the simple form of thought. How we handle our mindset and how we look at life itself. Consciousness is born of experience and of thoughts. Both these factors are closely related and interconnected. One generally follows the other.

So how does captivity and liberty evolve from the same place at the same time? It is purely created with the form or the type of thought that you generate.

It can be hard to think positively when life can be a little tough.

It is important for us to find a way through that tough time and move into the thought of freedom, of Joy and of liberty.

How to do so.
  • Always try to move to a place where you are not alone. You have personal support. A friend or a loved one, to talk to is a good thing.
  • Don’t stay alone in bed. Even though it is hard to do, step out into the yard.
  • If the burden is too much to bare and you don’t have a close friend then go to a place where you know someone will be happy to help you. A religious ordinance for example.
  • If you are still uncomfortable, and would like to solve this on your own. Play some peaceful music. Light some white candles and write down 3 good aspects that you can find in your life. and then focus on them.
  • Lastly and most importantly ( this is subjective ) Talk to God...
So there we have it. Just the way we think can bring us freedom, and help us have a abundant life. That is my wish for you my dear friends. To Live, To Laugh and to Learn. Much Love and Many Blessings your friend and adviser. Dilani Diva

For those who are weary of spirit here is a simple prayer for you. I always reach out to my personal prayer book when it comes to days that I am a little lonely . Words of comfort always help....

An offering. Dear God in my heart today give me courage and wisdom to seek truth and light. Give me patience to understand the deeper meaning of this day. Remembering that each day is a pearl in the everlasting chain of eternity. Let me harbor words of kindness in my spirit and feel your love in my soul. Let me share and give and learn, and through it all let me remain humble and true. For to be a child of God is a humbling experience. Thank you for this day. This hour, This moment. Amen.

Picture 2


The people of Israel were the chosen people of God. They received many a blessing. Today some of the sharpest minds come from this sacred land. and yet even today the sacred land is plagued by turmoil and unrest. It goes to shoe that even God's chosen people are not set apart from trials and tribulations.

It is easy for us to draw on this fact , and for those who are struggling during the season all this and more may have no meaning. I write this for those who feel a little emotionally abandoned during the season, and for those who have been hit by the ravages of the economic crisis. Some of us have lost everything or have been just getting by on unemployment. What ever the reason,you just don't feel like a smile. We understand. Life sometimes does not seem right. I agree.

You are in my prayers today. During these hard times. I raise you in my songs and praise so that the good Lord will bless you all and keep you safe with a warm fire and a roof over your tender head.

It is at times like these that we are asked to give thanks and praise. we are asked to be people of deeper faith. People who actively profess the power of the light and say that you are not going to be trodden under. From a physical stand point. That does not seem to make any sense. However from a spiritual stand point it absolutely does.

In order for us to receive our blessings we must be in alignment with our God energy. Or you could say be tapped into what is true and good within ourselves. this allows the power of God to manifest the miracle within us. It is like a jug of water . If you have wonderful clean water you can pour any color into it and the color would vibrate beautifully. This is like soul that gives thanks and praise no matter what it takes. The light of it's spirit is beautiful and so it can receive from the higher spirits that which is equally beautiful. Thus it can accept the Miracle. A Miracle without works is not as productive as a miracle with works. For we were born to perform good - no, Great works.

However if we feel downtrodden. abandoned and not treated fairly then there is sometimes a tendency to be a little depressed. we look within and we do not let in the light .Without the Light the God energy cannot shine through. We wallow in our own sadness and darkness. It is like the pitcher filled with dirty water. No matter what color we pour, it will become the same shade of gray. and such will be our life and the experiences we create thereof.

A way to evolve from this state is to find some thing that brings you joy. I love playing with color, Painting, singing or playing the piano. I always pick up some cool old hymns that I love to sing. and below away. ( since I have a trained solo voice and I am not at all shy :)

Thus I give thanks and praise.

Now I know getting there can be tough. It can take a little time. Specially since those who have let you down may be really close to you. Yes people do that some times. For many reasons. But beleive me the good book is the key. Let go Let God and give praise. For those who have hurt you will someday be made aware of it. We must not wish them ill. Just more awareness so that non other can be hurt by their selfish or foolish actions.

However take a jug that is filled with sadness and hopelessness. The water is dark and murky and no matter how much of color one could add to it the gray of the water takes over and turns even that purest color into the same. Dark and Murkey lot of hopelessness.

Yes The Power of light speaks to us even when we are down. God's hand tries to raise us from our depleted spirits. However we are in so much pain that we cannot see or even hear. Such is our plight. We end up "missing the miracle" and we are still in the same spot.

True, someone may have wronged you or treated you badly. This could be for many reasons. Sometimes yes they are selfish other times it is not even worth while trying to figure it out. So let go and Let God. Then you are truly free. that is the better way to be.

Our tool to our own salvation lies in bring in joy back into our live. In fact: we can create our joy. That is better than all things. And through this joy we once again tap into the God energy and all the miracles that we receive, through this.

Yes my friends . Do expect a miracle. For we are ALL choses. we are ALL special.

Keep the faith and keep the works going. For faith without works does not bare fruit. Let us all bare fruit today.

So Let us give thanks in all circumstances. For pain detaches us from gain. but Joy brings us to The GOD LIGHT again.

As we reflect on the season. Let us enjoy the presence and love of the eternal creator who is one for us all. Let the peace of the universe remain with you and don't forget to Give thanks and praise in ALL circumstances. Amen

Why Love can hurt - Sometimes.

About Love
Just as much as joy lies within the bounds of the heart,
There lies pain, So endless and sad and even sometimes awfully bad to a point that we must learn to love -again.

So let us now evolve from this place of unknown fear,
Of a hurting heart and be strong my dear,
For when in your spirit your choice is clear. Rise above the storms,
to live in joy. never fear for love never dies, it lies deep within the folds of our breast.
Just taking a little break. while your heart doth rest
Until you can once more take.
The throb of passion, and feels the joy of life away from strife.
Never fear for then , once again,
True love is here.

I counsel many each day. Some sad, some glad and some even quite angry and mad. They have the right to be. Sometimes even you and I can feel that life has not treated us well. Our lovers don’t seem to understand. ( or so it seems)
This simply happens when our lovers or companions are not in the same frame of mind and spirit with you. It is important to remember that it takes a while for energies to get meshed together. It’s like placing to molds of clay and needing them into place. You don't want them to mix too much for then they will loose their singular color They need to stay apart and yet be as one.
Much like people. You don’t want your love to be just like you. What fun would that be? You would like to be enjoyed loved and adored so you can be the same for them. Ahhh but sometimes that is not what they want. Is It?
Then there is too much of pain. We start to all them names “ Like immature’ or non evolved. ( a couple of the better one’s ) However that is being judgmental. and that is what hurts our spirit most. Yes it is important that our desires are met, however if you can step aside a bit from the emotional saga then it will be easier to see what they have to offer. Then decide if that is what we truly want.

It is like pressing your nose to a mirror all you will see are your big eyes. The whole of you is not seen.I would not like that at all. After all I need to put on my lovely pink lip stick. LOL. It is very important to remember that even though we are drawn to soul connections, and they make us yearn for love in each life time we have to re-learn the connection that is the key. and that needs a little space and time. And sometimes what we find may not be that great. But if you can keep a nice balance of body, mind and spirit you will get the best and give the best and you would have evolved you a higher place without even trying that hard. 

Most of the time this is hard to do. But if we can be aware and mindful of these facts it can be done. Alignment of two spirits need to be worked on . Constantly. For we are all changing. Weather that change is fun or no fun is dependent for a large part on attitude. We are only fooling ourselves when we try to change others. That does not happen . But we can change us.

Let us remember why we got involved in the first place. It was to find true love and joy. That we cannot achieve through constant pain. Pain drops our spirit to depression and anger. both of which is not the greatest state to be in. Specially if it becomes a constant.

Talking to the other person about where they are in their attitude towards the romance will help also  getting a spiritual guidance reading can at this point be invaluable. However one must then take this knowledge and apply it to life.

If they are not ready then give your self some time too. Just enjoy them. Just the time that you are together. That is the best way to know if you still want to be with them in the future. Sometimes it is nothing to do with love, but everything to do with the circumstances that makes relationships dissolve and not evolve.

 If we can understand this in a spiritual way then it will help us to grow within what ever your relationship is.

That is a point of faith and power and truth. So even in the hardest of times true wisdom and growth is absolutely possible. That is the true power of spiritual wisdom. May the wisdom of your spirit remain with you now and always. Take care till we chat again. Blessings D

Colors have many shades and hues. Many teachers cal it an Aura.Or spiritual color. The candle it self does not create the attraction but the thought process, the color, and the intent in which it is lit is very powerful.
You can Choose your candles to create and bring great energy to you. For the Power of Love Red, and Pink candles are most effective. They speak to us about Passion and the tenderness of love itself.
The Light of the candle is healing. For those who are non believers it may not be that effective. After all as we know it is the power of your faith that is the driving engine in all things.

During the season of color let us think of Love in a deeper way. Remember to feel is primal and to Think and create and be through it all is also important.
Let us handle our lives with a pink candle of Love and Live our life with the passion of Red.
For those who call me to day if you have questions on candles and how and what thought process you will need to have share with me your desire and we will ask our guides for a personal meditation.

Candles help our spirit to attract, detract and bring many thoughts and energies to us. To bring love to your experience light a pink candle today. Keep the surrounding open with gentle flowers surrounding the candle or incense. Keep your thoughts on Love, Visualize  what you would truly desire as if you were experiencing it now, always keeping the candle in focus. This will help to harness your thoughts. Breath deeply carefully and mindfully. This is a form of meditation. In your mind see your lover as a happy, vibrant spirit, Make him/her dance for you and laugh for you.Let your stress Go by rotating your shoulders. In your mind come together in love and then let the thought free. That is your intent sent out to the universe. Now let the candle burn for you.

Blessings D

Dearest Friends,

I hope today finds you well. I hope today the sun will give you some laughter. I know the rain will follow sometimes, Yes it does, for me at least. I live out in Oregon. where there is always some rain and some shine. But There is always a day that dawns with the sun peeking out, and I am grateful.

There are many of us that have our love, safely wrapped up in a little cocoon within our heart. Most of the time “ The feeling of Love” is connected Directly to a person. by being connected with this person we experience, (for ourselves ) this wonderful experience or feeling.

It is rather profound and makes our hearts sing. Like the little sun on a cloudy day. It reminds takes us to another realm of realization and  awareness. This feeling of love makes us want to do Good Things, not just for that person but also for ourselves. It makes us want to shop ( that’s me ) Eat cake ( that is me again ) take long walks ( may sometimes, that’s me ) and generally feel good about ourselves.

However just as love can bring joy it can also bring pain. The profound thing about feelings is that we each have our very own feelings. It is truly ours. It relates to all our past experiences and so echoes all our past sentiments. The Feeling of love too bears this sentiment. How wonderfully profound and evolved is that. Each new experience of love or the feeling of it adds to our bring energy and brings to our soul and spirit a new awareness . This new awareness is explored initially through the Heart organ and then the mind organ and then of course the ever evolving spirit.

Sub topic 1 How does this feeling of LOVE help us. ?

It evokes in us an extreme sense of well being that connects our inner spirit to our Bodies and fusses them as one. In one moment of time our soul and body fuses together to give us a brief feeling of what a part of heaven could be like.

The “feeling of love” or “being in love” also makes us closer to what God himself “ the supreme being” - we get a glimpse as to what all that is about .  It is true that each of us has a God Place. For the Spirit of God dwells within each of us and so it also reflects ( at times ) the characteristics of God . This is a wonderful thing, this awareness can surely make our spirits and soul rise above this earth and grow in a most profound way.

Sub Topic 2 - How To Truly love Each Other.

Sometimes we end up judging others and feeling a little more than frustrated with their actions. Most of the time it is because they don’t do the right thing or we are just not happy with the way they handled maters. In other words they are NOT in alinement , with us. This can be viewed in many ways.

Either they are just plain ol mean or having some underlying reason why they just cant be nice to us. It could be some control issues or they just don’t see it our way cos their experiences are just not what we have had. In each case it is what it is and to dwell on it for so long can only make you mad. There can be healthy variants of opinions and there can be unhealthy arguments over them. Getting in to a fighting match that will only exasperate and create issues. It is better sometimes to speak your truth as you see it and then leave it. If it has a sense of credibility to it or if it rings a true at a later date it will be thought of and accepted in the mind of the other individual, or you and I have to accept the fact that it is not in alignment with with them and be gracious enough to let it go.
Or they could just not be agreeing with you. Period. So you and I can say. We agree to disagree. Even though in your mind you feel that you are right. You may be so. However we don’t have the right to press that down another’s throat , they must realize this through their own experiences and understanding. And sometimes, just waiting around for them to do so is not a very practical thing to do, and It is better to move on . and realize that we are all very different. Find peace with that.
It is apparent that we seem to judge those that we love more than the stranger on the street. We build some expectancies around our friendships and loves and we get a little upset when they don’t comply  or see eye to eye with us.

Then we get a little negative, may be even a little irritated and say that they are just Not being who they should be.Or that they are joust not learning the truth.  Remember they will learn only if they chose to or They may never learn.Or they may never want to learn. Or they may just simply have another point of view .

All of this becomes more bearable and realistic when we realize that there is wonder and beauty in being deferent people. and may be that was one of the reasons why you liked this person or loved this person in the first place.

It is always healthy to have more than one point of veiw. Either way it is better to move way from this feeling of frustration and judgmental, for with it all we learn of feelings and desires directly apposed to the feelings of love and our friendships and ties die faster for it. In the end, it is you that is found standing on the curb feeling not so good, feeling rather left out and demoralized, even on  a sunny day.

So my friends just as the many teachers have said. Learn to love people for who they are and you and I will be much happier.

I will leave you with this quote by one of the great teachers.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

Mother Theresa

So just take the time to love, learn and grow ...... for today is yours and it is best spent with peace and joy and love.

It was wonderful being with you today. Until we meet a gain. May you have a wonderful day.

Blessed be.

Dilani Diva

A vessel of gold is my mind,

Holding the treasures of many  a time,

Reflections and shadows dwell,

and like the mighty sea does swell.

To greet the morn in radiance, and once more I say,

Keep your mind fresh like a new born babe,

For where you spirit doth gently lay,

There your mind.

Does humbly rest and stay.

The bus stops, A car door opens. A mother drops her child at school. The day dawns again. Fresh and new. Bathed with the morning dew. We each awaken, our bodies our souls and our minds to embrace a new beginning with the rising of the sun.

Yet how many of us make a definite decision to be mindful ,- of your mind? How many of us chatter away inside that wonderful place we call a brain. Constantly talking. Most of the talk is somewhat negative. Most times it is only when we are angry or look back at something that is bothering us that we go into this “ Monkey Chatter Mode” as I call it.

Now you get the good chatter. Which is an evolving of your thoughts in a good way. and you get the negative chatter. Just as I mentioned before. Mostly scolding someone in our head. Do you know that thought patterns like these can be very harmful to the mind and our own body. It generates a negative vibration that is the beginning and end of a rather dissatisfied day.

Why do we do that? Is it because we are not accepting of our selves. Or others. Or is it just because we don’t have our own way.

Well what ever the reasons are lets just get rid of that monkey . Throw him out. Tail and all. It is not worth you and I sweating over the small stuff. Instead realize that the mind is where your soul dwells. Why would you want to give your soul a bowl of goupe to live in. No make it a shiny castle of peace and good will. Every one has issues.It is a part of learning . How we handle our selves during these issues is what makes us spiritually and emotionally evolved.  All we have to do is to recognize our trends of thought and  change it.

Ahh so I see now a whole lot of monkeys running around on the street. They have all fallen out of our heads. it is a fun sight to see and with that Vision I will leave you today. It was as usual wonderful to visit with you, even for a little while.

Good bye and Good Luck with that little monkey. Don’t let it make a monkey of you