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Dwelling, The Lochness Monster and Other Hard-to-Conquer Life Delimmas

Dwelling is something many of my clients have discussed with me either because they brought it up to me: "Why am I DWELLING so much on him/her/the outcome of things" or because I asked them to stop doing it: "You must not dwell on what the expected outcome of your situation might be". Have you ever heard me say just that to you? Stop dwelling? How do we actually do that and what is the simple explanation of dwelling, anyway?

Dwell (dwĕl)

intr.v. dwelt (dwĕlt) or dwelled, dwell·ing, dwells

1. To live as a resident; reside.

2. To exist in a given place or state: dwell in joy.

3. To fasten one's attention: kept dwelling on what went wrong.

When your spiritual coach or advisor tells you not to "dwell", chances are that she means not to do number three (3). Do not keep dwelling on either the present, the past or the future. Why shouldn't we, you ask? Here are the reasons why:

1) What is dwelling actually doing to keep you actively involved in manifesting an outcome and on relying in your higher power to help you stay in the spiritual guidelines involved in receiving your outcome?

Most of you believe in taking power back in your lives to learn how you can manifest positive future outcomes of your preference. Most of you who do not believe in manifestation via the Law of Attraction (read the book The Secret, if you've never heard of this) strictly believe either in staying within the will of your Higher Power or you may believe in a bit of both. You may believe that the Law of Attraction isn't all there is to it, but neither is pure and simple religious principles/letting God handle things, therefore you do both. Some of you are atheists and probably don't really give a hoot (carry on).

Those of you who have read the book or watched the movie, "The Secret" may have been incredibly disappointed when you realized that getting what you want in your life isn't as clear cut as pasting cut outs from a magazine on a cardboard box and then VOILA, your man is back (or a new man has arrived)! The Law of Attraction is much more complicated from a spiritual advisor's standpoint because we understand that it's just not that simple of a thing to do: there is Divine Will, Free Will and Life Lessons (Karma). It is a combination of all three things that create our future. What the Law of Attraction fails to show most of us is that it only works if what we want in our free will is within the will of the DIVINE (your Higher Power) and if we have also learned the KARMA attached to the outcome.

Therefore, the reason dwelling is not helping you at all in manifesting your desired outcome nor in utilizing the Law of Attraction skillfully and appropriately is because you are ONLY using one part of the law of attraction: your free will. You, within your own mind, have decided for yourself that you deserve, want, desire and more importantly, NEED who/what you want right "now". Many of my clients call me in despondent tears over this part. Then the justifications roll in: "But I can't find anyone else and I can't stop thinking about him. I deserve love and he/she does as well." Those are but a few of what I hear from my clients daily. It's the final breaking point in your will. You're hanging on but realize that you hanging on is not truly working, but you keep doing the only thing you know how: dwelling.

That's not how things work, unfortunately. There is a reason that person, job, new car, etc., is not in your life. The reason could be that you or he/she is not ready for it, it could also be that maybe you have a specific karmic lesson to learn first (one common lesson I see occurring is when one is meant to let another person go before they can have him/her back, hence moving past co-dependence and learning to love oneself). Another stumbling block I see in karma is that one or both people are married or in the divorce process. There are many important reasons that your Higher Power may wish for you to stop what you are doing/feeling long enough to hear what needs to be heard from the Divine side of things, and then to allow your actions to follow via learning, before outcomes can be attained. The hardest stumbling block I see quite often is when your "soulmate" simply isn't the one for you. That's a hard one, right?

Before you continue to dwell, stop one moment. Ask yourself could it just possibly be that you're dwelling because you are GRIEVING?That last part of your ego is holding on because you want a relationship with specific someone who is not in a relationship with you SO BADLY. You want it so much that you are willing to hold onto the final thing you have left, being that the person truly isn't communicating much, if at all, there are no visits, there is nothing left but memories, emotions and what many clients like to call "signs". Signs, by the way, do not mean you are meant to be with someone, the majority of the time (although sometimes it is the case). A sign, is nothing but a reflection of how you are feeling. The Universe is reflecting back to you what you want in your reality because in that other person's reality, they cannot be with you or will not be with you. Signs are comforting, but they are for YOU only. They often do not reflect much about the soulmate in question. Could it be, that you are dwelling because that is all you have left of the soulmate?

2. Another important reason you should not dwell is because not only is it not effective in manifesting what you want, it prevents you from grieving. You may say to me, "But I don't want to grieve someone that is coming back!" The fact that your soulmate is not around right now, or the fact that you lost your job that you had put several years into, is actually a loss. Losses require grieving.There are stages to grief. Allow me to outline them for you:

a. Shock and Denial: You are in shock that you were hurt by someone, that you were fired/laid off, that a friend betrayed you, etc. You don't know how to process this shock from pain from someone/something that was SUPPOSED to be. Human beings are conditioned upon awareness of their comfort zones- this makes us feel SAFE. It is quite shocking to have the rug pulled out from underneath us, so we then go into DENIAL.Dwelling can actually be a part of this denial. Why? Because it is easier to dwell and deny the possible truth that someone/something is not meant to be in our path or is temporary, than to face the pain that follows the shock. In other words, dwelling feels better than what comes thereafter, which is immense pain.

b.Pain and/or Guilt>/b>. You begin to hurt so badly that you feel your heart will internally combust. There is no physical pain worse (except perhaps labor, and not so much because we know labor ENDS). Out of desperation to alleviate ourselves from this stage of grief, the pain, we do what? Once again, we dwell. It is safer. It is more comfortable because it gives us a possibly false sense of security. Maybe the person/job/friend is coming back. Maybe this is all a horrible dream. Maybe he or she is thinking of me as much as I am thinking of him/her. Maybe these "signs" are here to show me what will happen and are telling me to be patient and wait on a more positive future. Are you seeing a pattern here?

c. Anger and Bargaining. After a certain amount of logical time, we begin to realize that there is a distinct possibility that we have been hurt and this hurt could be permanent. He or she may not be coming back. We then become angry. We think about all of the time we invested in this person or situation/job. We may feel hurt or used, or even betrayed. However, after this, we STILL would rather not accept the possible truth that the pain is permanent and that this shocking event did indeed occur. So what do we do? We bargain. We pray and plead with our Higher Power. We will do ANYTHING to get that person/job back. We go to therapy, we buy self help books, we plead with our spiritual advisors or life coaches for ways to find peace or closure but secretly, what do we want? Nothing but the safety and security of the love, friendship, etc. that we had before. Therefore, the anger and the bargaining aren't helping (or so we think in the moment), so what do we again do? We dwell. Once again, we return to the safety blanket and suck our thumbs stagnantly in the corner while we remember good memories and smile while we wonder if it could possibly be that all is not lost.

d.Depression, reflection, loneliness. Nothing has helped. The praying, the pleading, the dwelling. We then begin to compare our lives to the lives of others. Why do they have their soulmates? Why are THEY happily married but we got left/hurt? Why do they have a good job? Why are their kids still alive? The list goes on and on and it's easy to do. The reflection on the good times are sometimes still there, but mostly we are now reflecting on what we did wrong in our lives to deserve this agony. We begin to think this is indeed a permanent loss. The loneliness sets in because everyone else seems happy. No one is going through what we are going through. No one could possibly understand. But still, in times that we don't tell our friends, therapists, church clergy or spiritual advisors/coaches, what are we still doing? We are indeed dwelling. Not on the possible outcome so much anymore, but now on our pain. On the sadness.

e. What are the final stages of grief? That my friends, is up to you. Some say it's an "upward turn". Something specific happens that redirects your attention to healthier endeavors. Perhaps a new soulmate arrives who treats you well and is promising, or a new job randomly appears out of the blue, a new friend comes into your life that is funny and uplifting. I would be entirely dishonest with you, however, if I told you that happened as the happy ending in the majority of clients with whom I work. The harder truth is that it is often NOT an upward turn of events that pull people out of the final stages of grief. It is, instead, an upward turn of the HEART. An upwards turn of the THOUGHTS in one's mind, and hence, the energy of this person that is projected back into the Universe. The person begins to understand and accept that the pain that occurred happened for reasons and they begin to seek out those reasons. They seek answers, and they receive those answers. And then, they do not dwell, but they accept those answers.

Now that we have a more clear understand of what dwelling is and why we shouldn't do it, let's talk about how we can find ways to not dwell:

1. Texting/calling/emailing/voicemailing: Just don't. If the dwelling is regarding a breakup of a friendship or romantic partner,it is important to take the person who broke up with you at face value. Why? To do anything but this would be to disrespect who they are as a human being. If you told someone once that you didn't want the relationship anymore, wouldn't you want them to believe that you meant it? Wouldn't you want people to give you the space, time and trust to believe you meant it? Even if you didn't mean it permanently and you just need some space, wouldn't you expect that person to give you that space by not texting, calling or emailing?

Even if your partner or friend just dropped off the face of the planet, don't try to justify your texts, emails and calls to them by saying, "But they owe me an explanation.They could be dead, sick or dying!" While it is respectful of them to give you an explanation, it would be a gift, not a requirement. Sadly enough, some people aren't emotionally mature enough to know how to ask for space or breakup with you. Therefore, do not do the work for them. Give them that space and time, whether it ends up being temporary space or permanent. Give YOURSELF the gift of closure by allowing your heart to move on. In other words, if they didn't tell you whether it's permanent, pretend like it is. Why? Because no one deserve the pain and agony of living in limbo.

Many of you might respond, "But if I let go of him/her, then I will never give him/her another chance if he/she returns. I know this". Do you? Do you know how your Higher Power will impress upon your heart in the future? In other words, are you omniscient like God is? Be willing to let go and let God.

A new client of mine recently told me, "This may sound crazy, but to curb the impulse to reach out, I actually put a tiny post it on my phone that says 'DO NOT TEXT!' It works!"

2. Be innovative and creative. Use this time to find YOU. Do all of those things you wanted to do but didn't have time when raising your children, or while in college. Here are some golden words from the same beautiful client I mentioned above. "Pursue goals, be creative. At 52, I am finally going to record one of my songs. And I am taking a Japanese course to further my skills. Taking the focus off him and putting it on me is actually key." Court yourself. Sounds corny, right? However, how can either your current or a new soulmate love you if you've lost yourself? Use this time to take YOURSELF out to eat at a fancy restaurant or see the latest movie you're curious about.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. The strange truth that I've learned via helping you fabulous ladies and gentlemen these past 13 years is that there are REASONS why your relationships aren't working. Reflection via prayer, meditation, self exploration, etc. is important. However, the statement from Susan Powter, the spikey-haired exercise lady who made us all stop and wonder, has a ring of truth to it. If something isn't working in our lives, why are we doing it over and over again? That's insane! If you keep going back to exes, stop. If you are stuck on the same soulmate and he is not with you, stop. Reflect upon what isn't working, and change it. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to stop the insanity. Get on a dating site, or join a meet and greet type of group. Go to dance classes. Run a marathon. Take a martial arts class. You'd be surprised what wonderful things happen when you stop saying, "I can't do that. That's not the way I operate". Because ladies, unless the pizza man or the UPS man becomes the way you "operate" you won't meet any men by going to work and then coming home to sulk.

4. Get your brain wrapped around new ideas. Here is another quote from my client, C: "I am not ready to date yet, but just introducing the idea to my brain has worked wonders on helping me to disconnect from my soulmate. Anyone can set up a profile on match.com and "search for free" without actually subscribing. I have already chosen four "Favorites" - a couple of whom I may actually pursue on the near future, which even entertaining the notion of is a HUGE step in progress for me." She has a good point. Before you actually say, "Ok I'm ready to date", try just praying or meditating about it. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE is not just a biblical concept. It is the law of energy that makes this world go round. Try asking your Higher Power/The Universe for love in your life/a new job with better hours or more pay/better friends. If you ask, generally, you are not attaching a NAME to your question to God. You are thereby showing a huge amount of trust in your Higher Power to give you the love, the friend or the job that is actually right for YOU, instead of choosing it yourself. Do you realizing how FREEING this feels when you do it? I urge you to give it a try today. Getting on a dating site, joining a meetup group, applying for new jobs, going to a mommy playgroup to find a new friend, etc-- all of that is affirming the prayer you just prayed. It is a way of showing action, as well. "Faith without works is dead". This is a Universal concept, not just a biblical one. Give it a try!

5.Creative visualization is a wonderful technique to try.Your emotions become your thoughts. Your thoughts end up causing emotions that are reflected back at you from the Universe. Try to visualize what you want in your life. Practice this in meditation as often as possible. Shakti Gawain wrote a very powerful guide in her book, "Creative Visualization". Here are more thoughts from my client C about this: "Okay, this one might be a little too woo-woo/out there for most of your clientele, but it was amazingly effective for me! Sometimes things come to me visually, and as I was lying in the bathtub with my eyes closed, asking for help with my "separation" process, I vividly envisioned my heart, with two openings. One for receiving, the other for giving. I saw my giving side, and I pictured all of the light, love, support, time, energy and attention I have given this man without reciprocity - literally golden, radiant light streaming from this opening towards him - and I then saw the clear image of a plug, like a round, rubber sink drain stopper - and in my mind's eye I placed it over this opening, and I actually felt the flow of all those wonderful aforementioned things ceasing to reach him, and flowing back into my own being, for myself. It was an instantaneous change and has lasted!"

6. The tried and true "benefits vs. detriments" list.Once you see in writing the truth of how your life has been and what/who you are dwelling over and WHY, it's an instant reality check. It won't be easy to do while being absolutely honest with yourself. Don't put things under the benefits column, for example, that don't belong there anymore if you're currently not speaking or if you are broken up. Don't put "possible growth opportunity" under the benefits options in your stressful, brain-sucking job if you truly don't know whether or not there will indeed be an opportunity. This list is an option only once you are ready for balls to the wall, no holds barred honesty with yourself. Here is how it worked out for my client C: "Sometimes seeing things in writing really clarifies things. I made two columns, and listed the benefits vs. the detriments of having had this man in my life. Quite eye-opening to see which side accrues more!"

Dwelling is not an easy habit to stop. But once you recognize it for the habit it is, how time consuming and emotionally draining it is, you will be happy you stopped. I'm here as your advisor to help you stop. No lectures. Just love oriented, honest help. One final thought is to consider the first part of the definition of "dwelling", listed above. It says that dwelling is "to live as a resident". Therefore, the actual truth of what you are doing is that you are living a resident inside of your own emotion. Dwelling. You are a prisoner to it. Break free!


Closure, the Ever-Elusive Snitch

My title may have been less revealing for those of you who aren't Harry Potter fans. In the game "quiddich", in the Harry Potty books and movies, the "snitch" is the ever so lively, elusive, animated ball that the characters chase around. It has wings and flies around in attempts to avoid being captured by the team players in the game. Sometimes, even when it is caught for a few seconds, it can wiggle its way out of a player's hands and end up on the fly, again.

If you've ever seen even just one Harry Potter movie, by the time they caught that tiny, annoying thing you wanted to squash it into a zillion pieces, right? Many of you remember the popular theme to quiddich, "Get the snitch or die trying!" That's how closure feels- as if you don't find it, you will most certainly die (or perhaps your heart will) in the long, drawn out, ridiculously painful attempt thereof.

After 13 years of observing clients who are chasing after that elusive monster, "closure", I'd like to share my take on why I think you don't have closure (yet), followed by some suggestions on how to find the Loch Ness Monster:

You do not have closure because (and this is the biggest reason) because you still consider him/her an option. I am here as your coach/advisor, every step of the way to help you in your journey to find your own closure. However, if you're still allowing your heart to control your mind, body and future, because you choose to continue to wait, to continue to have hopes, to continue to be in love with him/her, then closure becomes even more elusive. Why? Because you don't want it. Here are some ways to help yourself with closure:

1) Stop the excuses. Which means first and foremost, to identify that the phrases of comfort you have been using to pacify yourself (and in some cases to stay more sane) are actually just that- excuses to prevent your closure. Here are a few of the most common excuses I hear daily:

"I can't make myself stop loving him/her." That would be dishonest and untrue to myself. (REALLY, because staying in love with a person who has given you no option but to fall OUT of love with said person is healthy and true to yourself?) Crack isn't healthy. As a matter of fact, once you've tried it, you're so addicted to it, that it's hard to stop using it. When you say this to me, you may as well have said to me, "I'm smoking the soulmate crack pipe" because you're not only still loving someone who cannot be with you, you're also addicted.

Married loved ones, loved ones pursuing another person, whether it be casually or seriously, are giving you a sign. A big, flashing, neon sign that says, "I cannot be with you". It is important to identify the reasons you feel they cannot be with you and to either take it personally or not. Some loved ones cannot be with you because they can't be with anyone seriously. One of my dear clients recently exclaimed to me, "Well that just can't be so, because he was in a relationship for 13 years prior to me!" Exactly! He was in an unhealthy relationship for 13 years and now that he's out, he's ready to hit the road to becoming a player- perhaps for good!

Perhaps he won't be a player permanently. But in his mind, he feels he feels he deserves to play the field, date casually, or even to not date at all. He feels he is owed this no matter his feelings for you and the depth of those feelings. You could have come along at a time when he felt that way and perhaps for a moment in time that was brief, he began to feel as if he could or should change his goals and commit. Perhaps you began to feel as if you could change a man who was initially only a casual interest (and believe me he made that point clear, whether you saw/heard it or not, either in his words or actions), which leads me to my second point:

"But he has such good potential/my love can heal him/I was put in his life to help him grow/change/heal." STOP TRYING TO HEAL, CHANGE or BETTER HIS LIFE with your love. Yes, your love is amazing. Yes, you deserve love. Yes, he deserves love. Yes, he has a good heart and good "potential". But this situation has little to do with whether or not he is a "soulmate", whether or not you think you can help him/heal him/or be healed by him, etc.

It is not HIS responsibility to want to grow, change, heal or be healed, or to live up to his or your potential. Do not assume that people share the same responsibilities or goals that you have in your own life. The plain and unfortunately very hurtful fact of the matter is that you have been hurt by this person, probably more than once, by his actions. His actions are showing you loud and clear that he does not want any of these things. He does not want to be healed, to help you heal, to "see where it goes", or to meet his potential.

"But his energy is still around me. It won't let me go. He needs to control his energy!" Pull yourself back into the day to day world for a moment, the world you lived in before you even knew what energy was and listen to me for a moment, with your logical ears, not your intuitive ones-- DO YOU REALIZE HOW CRAZY that sounds? Ok, now we talk. I need to tell you something that will be even harder to hear than that, but from a spiritual standpoint.

Having been able to see energy/auras since age five, (and I really hate to tell you this) about 80 percent of my clients who tell me this have my heart in such a massive way. My hugs go out to you. Why? Because among 80 percent of you who say this, it isn't HIS energy that is crying to you. It's yours. All of that depression, all of that heartbreak, all of those dreams, all of that "soulmatey feeling"? It's coming from you.

Stop right where you are. Feel it. Let it sink in. Cry. Scream into your pillow (or from your porch if it suits you). But know it's truth. YOUR soul is crying to YOU. It is crying to YOU to wake up. It is telling you that you are mourning that person's characteristics because you saw something in him/her that you want in a person. It is telling you to get over this person so that you don't spend the next several years getting over him/her, thereby blocking your energy for the entrance of new soulmates into your lives.

80 percent of those long, sleepless nights your spent crying over him and assuming he was doing the same for you? He wasn't. He may have regretted hurting you, but also felt a sense of relief letting you go- knowing he wasn't right for you and knowing you weren't right for him. Knowing you are a good person but that he simply doesn't want a relationship in general at this time. I know this one is hitting you hard. Feel free to close my blog now, block me, leave me bad feedback on my website, etc.

7 years later when he's still not back and you are ready for truth, unblock me, pull this blog back up, ask for some free minutes towards a session, and let's get your life started again- with eyes wide open.

"But he has to be the one, because I've tried dating and I'm attracted to NO ONE ELSE. NO ONE compares to him!" This is going to feel about as good as ripping off a bandage that has been attached for 7 long years. But the truth of the matter is, from what I've observed in 13 years of intuitive coaching is that others have probably come to you that are as good as, if not better for you, than Mr. Wonderful. The problem is, you've been stuck on Mr. Wonderful-Who-Isn't-With-You-Anymore for so darned long, that the only energetic print you KNOW is his.

In other words, you wouldn't know love if it walked right up to you, say "Hello!" and smiled at you the way the way Jack from Titanic looked at Kate. She just knew. Why did she (and the heroine from The Notebook) know? Because their hearts were ready. They were open to love and ready. They weren't pinning away for some other soulmate who was married, was "casually" dating other, who were "just friends" with them and didn't want more, who once loved them and broke up with them, or whatever the circumstances happen to be that apply to you.

Also, even if you think you're ready, being in love with someone else while looking for new love is kinda like walking into a dating group with a red, neon sign attached to your forehead that has your heartbreak's name on it. Guys see you, but they do not think you're available. It's just a vibe or feeling that you give off to them as either uninterested, bored or taken.

"I've been wanting closure but it has not been given to me! It has to come from him/her and that meanie won't give it to me (how unfair)!" Closure is normally not a gift that is given from another person, but a gift that YOU love yourself enough to give to YOU. I repeat, it rarely will come from your soulmate. Do you really think that if you had the chance to talk to him/her- to sit down and ask him why he hurt you, that he/she would be fluent, willing or even emotionally capable to give it to you in a way that made sense?

Most of the time, the reasons for the issues are emotional immaturity, lack of communication or problems too deep for either of you to understand about yourselves or each other (the type of problems that require psychiatry). Do you think having a sit down about it, would reveal anything? He/she would hem and haw, probably tell you they don't know, or they would give you the surface reason that they believe is the problem, but that both of you know (or at least feel) is not the deeper issue.

Do you think that you finding out that he/she fell out of love with you, loved someone else more, or felt that your butt was too big, would really help you get closure? You are going to say in response to him/her, "Why? Why did you fall out of love with me? Why did you love someone else more? Why was I not good enough? My butt is a size 6, why is that not good enough?" (or whatever the case is). Then your soulmate is gonna reply, "I don't know." Would that give you closure?

Take responsibility for yourself. Do the emotional work needed and required and give that closure to yourself.

"I can't move on because no one else is coming into my life. I know so many other people who got out of relationships and are now happily with someone, and I am not. If someone would just come and make me happy, I would get closure and move on!"

Ok- once again, step outside of the spiritual realm for a moment. Come down from the clouds and take a peek at yourself from the logical standpoint. You have MORE POWER than this. The Universe, the angels, Heavenly Father/Mother or whoever you believe has give you, their precious child, much more power than this. Do you not believe that you cannot be happy without a man or woman in your life? You can! There are many single moms and dads, single people who are happy and empowered and not even looking for a soulmate, out there today.

They are either choosing this lifestyle choice or they are learning to be happy without a man or woman to fulfill their lives, before they begin their search. A partner/spouse is an addition to your life. He or she is not given to you to complete your world. I often get the statement, "But I shouldn't have to be single!" in response to me asking clients to become empowered alone. If you carry that statement over into your lives to the extent which you never become happy alone, the only people you will attract are people who are broken, unhealed and possibly will hurt you, or you will remain alone. What/who you are is what/who you attract.

Also, you are not omniscient. You do not have an insider's view into other people's lives, especially not into married or committed people's lives. What you see on the surface is not always what is behind the curtains. It's very hard to carry over bricks from a house you built with an ex and build a new house with a new spouse. You carry over all of the problems you didn't take care of and the lessons you didn't take the time to learn, and it could quite possible deter your progress with the new partner. Emotional baggage could, quite possibly RUIN a new relationship, especially without the help of prayers and meditations and the help of your Higher Power, The Universe, Heavenly Father/Mother.

"I want closure, but I can't have it because he/she owes me money and/or we have legal/financial ties." It's just money. Repeat after me, "IT IS JUST PAPER". Do you not have enough faith in yourself, your Higher Power, et al to help you emotionally and financially to be ok? One of my clients recently responded, "But it is ruining my credit and that is not fair!" My response is, "You're right, it's not fair. Now...how long are you going to pout about it, before you let it go?" If it is your credit you're worried about, take responsibility and hire an attorney to recover your credit report. It will take time, but you must take responsibility for this instead of wasting years of your life in hopes of getting blood from a turnip. Chances are the soulmate who owes you money/ruined your credit report, stole from you, etc. is never going to repay you. EVER. I know. Let it sink in. Take a moment to breathe.

If you've come back down to reality, now hear me out. Do your research. There are many ways to reclaim your own power in this, and there are also many ways after you've done so to hand over this problem to your Higher Power/The Universe/Heavenly Father or Mother. Hire a law group to reconcile your debts by helping fix your credit report. Set up payments with whoever you owe and responsibly pay for it, even if it means getting two jobs or working extra hours. It is but for a time.

That time will be such a short amount of time compared to the amount of blood, sweat, tears and YEARS it would take to get that blood from your turnip (the ex-soulmate). If you own property together, get an attorney. Sort it out. If it cannot be sorted out, let it go! I repeat, LET...IT...GO. No amount of property or money is worth your heartache because you can't take it with you, folks. No matter your beliefs on what happens in the after world, we all know that you cannot take it with you.

2) Another helpful way to receive closure is to practically free yourself from your soulmate. What I mean by this is to cut all logical ties. If you are married or separated, for goodness sake, GET A DIVORCE. No excuses. Because again, how can new love find you if you're logically and perhaps morally still bound to someone else? If you broke up with your ex or if you were broke up with, and their "stuff" is still at your home, contact them. Give your ex an ethical and reasonable amount of time to come get their things. Let them know what your plans will be if they do not do so. Those plans could include but aren't limited to, dropping their stuff off at a friend's house, at their mom's house, mailing it to them, or in a worst case scenario, putting it out for trash pickup or sent to Good Will.

The reason for this is because anytime you see their things lying around, their pictures on the wall, the bed the two of you used to sleep in, all it does is emotionally tie your heart into knots. Don't do that to yourself. This suggestion is not contingent upon how you feel, if you think he/she will return, etc. If there has been a practically reasonable amount of time since your ex has been in your life, please dump his belongings, give them to Good Will, his family/friends, etc. If you lived together and owned things together as a couple, some of those things will need to go, depending upon how they affect you emotionally.

Here are but a few of the things that may need to be tossed if you lived together as a couple: pictures of the two of you (even if you just get them out of sight and off the walls, off the bedside table, this would help), personal items you shared (clothes, favorite cds), your joint facebook (at least label yourself as SINGLE and change the name on it to ONLY your name please), "the" bed (as in, you know, the one you used "together") and cell phone, internet or other abstract "plans". Get your own cell phone plans, insurance plans, health insurance, etc.

This will not only make you more independent, but it sends a message loud and clear to The Universe/Higher Power/Heavenly Father and Mother that you are ok with having the right soulmate come your way. You are now open to it. Even if you're not "ok" with it, you're now "open" to at least considering love that doesn't come with his/her name attached. It means you are now ready to consider that he/she may not be your soulmate anymore and that you're open to other forms of love that might be better for you; it also means you are ready to heal and to be happy!

Many people hold onto these tangible or abstract items because they are not ready to admit that he/she is not coming back, they might not be ready for new love, or they could even have a fear of the public knowing that they're going through a breakup. If it's the latter, have no fear. You will be supported through your pain the moment you show to your Higher Power that you are indeed hurting and that you are willing to accept support.

3) Stop all addictions. It's not healthy. Pss..your soulmate is one of your addictions. When I ask you to stop all addictions, I mean all of them. If you smoke you're probably lighting up more than Cheech and Chong right now. If you like to eat your feelings, you're probably feeling like one stuffed turkey.

Heaven help you if the addiction is pills, crack or alcohol because at this point, you're going to need rehab therapy and a significant amount thereof, not a 72 hour hold and then 3 days to sober up. Find an addiction center who specializes in longer term rehabilitation and schedule yourself a spot. If you have children, have your relatives watch them while you do this- it's important!

Finally, please realize that you have become addicted to your soulmate. If you consult with life coaches or intuitives, our help can becomes a crutch and an addiction to you as well. Therefore, limit your time that you speak to us to a very small amount that fits into your financial budget. I suggest once a week, and if you find yourself absolutely feeling the NEED to talk to us, cut back to even lesser of a time.

You must realize that your soulmate has become unhealthy for you and that you are addicted to the "outcome" of the situation and addicted to the need to KNOW what will happen and how YOU can control this outcome. Give up this need for control to your Higher Power. Do your spiritual work in this. Pray and follow suggestions you trust (not just the ones here) for your journey towards closure.

4) Except responsibility for your own emotions. Do not continue believing that you are somehow spiritually picking up on your ex's emotions because you are/were soulmates. Even if this is the case (and especially if it isn't), you aren't doing yourself any favors here. If you are "picking up on a soulmate's energy/thoughts" of you and if it is hindering you, you must clip the cord, fast!

The way to do this is to get into some therapy, get into Church in the religion you believe in, get into a support group online or offline, open up the problem to your web of support. If you do not have a web of support, create one. This web normally includes, family, friends, support groups online and off, a therapist, a psychiatrist, a clergy member or bishop, other church members or perhaps an online venting group (yes, there are such things!).

Another way to find support is to create a blog so that you can write. The blog could be private or open to public comments. If it's more public, you can accept and receive support from viewers and commenters.

Don't fall into the belief system that (if you believe a soulmate's energy is hindering yours) that you must perform energy work or prayers for them in order for YOU to be released. While this helps, what helps even more is when you follow the above mentioned advice. Closure is an arduous process.

It's work. It's months to years of work. There is no magic wand. When you pray or meditate, and before you bring these prayers to your Higher Power, make sure you are aware that in every belief system, "faith without works is dead". This means that you will not receive assistance from The Divine without doing your part.

Why was my reading inaccurate?

But let's discuss this for a moment. Here are some ways that readings can be inaccurate:

1) Testing the psychic. Many clients aren't aware of this but when you ask questions to which you already know the answers, you shut down a large portion of your energy. This blocks me from reading you at all. Therefore I'm left grasping at straws. Not only this, but it insults me and pisses me right off, which blocks more energy from coming in. I'm a professional psychic, not a circus animal. I'm not here to jump through hoops simply because you don't believe in psychics.

2) Distractions (on your end). I rarely get distracted on my end, but if you are calling while you have children in the background that are actually speaking with you, I pick up on that. I pick up on the energy of whoever is around me and whoever is around you, especially if they interrupt our conversations by speaking with you. With this in mind, I'd like to let it be known that I don't mind children "in the background". Mine sometimes are as well (quietly). I can tune that out. What concerns me is when your children or spouse interrupt by asking you a question.

3) Free Will. Every prediction has a certain percentage of free will, Divine will and karma. Depending on the amount of free will you or another person has on the path, inaccuracies may occur. The things that cause inaccuracies are generally when there are a variety of choices involved and I'm asked to choose which choice the person will make. I'm also inaccurate sometimes with predicting the sex of babies, lottery numbers and other related questions. My strengths include health, personalities, general yes or no predictions, love and relationship predictions, job interview decisions and much more.

4) Not reading my profile. If you're one of those "call before you click" clients, you're in for a surprise. It's ALWAYS a good idea to read a psychic's profile or website BEFORE contacting for a variety of reasons. Psychic gifts aren't generic. They are specific and the talents of psychics vary. If you notice on my website, I don't like to give time frames. I do it anyway for clients with whom I've developed a strong connection, but I'm still only accurate about 75 percent of the time with time frames. Many psychics on keen, if honest with you, will admit their weaknesses.

5) Calling when you're too upset. Because aura reading is a clairvoyant AND empathic gift, this means I connect with your FEELINGS and the feelings of those around you. If you call me when you're angry, you project that anger onto ME. It distracts me from picking up on the feelings of your significant other, and sometimes, it's downright scary (when you call me cursing, yelling and generally acting like a menopausal psychopath).

6) Not telling me the truth. If you embellish ANYTHING about the information or questions you give to me, this throws me off majorly. Especially if you lie about your name or the name of the person involved. Not only will you not get accuracy, but I can tell I'm being lied to and this causes me to feel insulted and frustrated, which puts further blocks into the reading.

7) Sometimes, just because the path changed. I'm human. Not perfect. Sometimes, for reasons that are unexplained, the path simply changes.

8) When you project or force answers upon me. If you refuse to hear anything that may be possibly negative, and you're focusing on a positive outcome only, you may be setting yourself up for failure. You must be open to all outcomes that psychics give you and at least listen to what Spirit has to say. Sometimes, a soul mate, friend, boss or job simply isn't right for you and you have to trust the logical ACTIONS that are being shown (or in most cases, are not being shown). If you project your own emotions into your intuition, it will sway your path for sure!

9) Head games. Riling up the psychic by playing emotional games or head games with her is like riling up a toddler right before bedtime. If you want good results, ya don't do it! Those of you who do this with psychics know what I mean. I have a regular client who plays head games with me regularly. She'll call and say, "You predicted he would call me last month on this date and it didn't happen", knowing good and well I did not make such a prediction. Don't do that, folks, it wastes your time and money because then in my head, I'll sit there and go back in my mind to see if I said that and when I realize I didn't, I'll be angry that you lied and then confused that you lied and in the back of my head during the reading, I'll be thinking, "Why is she lying to me and playing games?" instead of focusing on your questions. Don't set yourself up for failure.

10) Arguing with the psychic. I'm not going to change my prediction because you disagree with it or think you know it's not true based upon your emotions. However, if you presents FACTS to show me I'm wrong, I'll review the question and sense into it a second time. If you think a psychic is inaccurate or not connecting, don't waste your time. Hang up!


DivineDimension 1-800-ASK-KEEN ext. AURA

Do Psychics Take Notes?

Confession- Do Psychics Take Notes?

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Confessions, Ethics of Psychics

This question has been asked many times over: “Do you guys take notes about our readings so that you can remember what you predicted?” Some clients view this as an obvious thing for us to do as we have so many clients. Others view this is an ethics issue, because if we referred to our notes of what we said to them during prior readings, we’d be more apt to stick to what we originally stated insofar as predictions, as to not look the fool if we forget what we predicted.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Most of us DO actually take notes to a small degree. The things we take notes on are actually not what we predicted but the statistics of your lives. For example, the first names of you and your loved ones or anyone mentioned in readings, when you got married, when you divorced, and when major milestones in your lives occurred. The reason we do this is because we speak to anywhere from ten through hundreds of existing and new clients a month. We’re bound to forget simple things along the way.

The reason why we do NOT take notes on predictions is for one simple reason: it blocks the flow. If every time you called, we referred back to our notes and noticed what we predicted the last time you had a reading with us, there would be an issue. The issue with this would be that we’d be too busy logically focusing on what we said before that we’d be energetically blocked to any potential changes in your path.

There…now you know!

Interpreting Your Psychic Reading

Have you ever found yourself confused during or after a psychic reading? Figuring out what your psychic advisor means should not be like trying to unravel the DaVinci Code. I’ve created a simple guide to ease the frustration and help with interpreting your psychic reading.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Psychic Reading Interpretation

1. When your psychic says, “Here is your timeframe on this prediction.”

DO interpret this to mean that the numbers provided are merely a window of opportunity for when it is POSSIBLE for your prediction to occur.

DO NOT think that said numerical timeframe is set in stone. No psychic can be 100 percent accurate with timeframes. Even those who specialize in timeframes don’t get it right all of the time, if they’re being honest with themselves and you.

2. When your psychic says, “Hmmm things aren’t looking good..”

DO interpret this to mean that your psychic is showing you a glimpse of your future based upon your path at the present moment. In other words this is her gentle warning that if something doesn’t change soon, you’re not going to like the outcome of the future regarding the question you asked. Hint: this is your cue to ask the psychic if there is anything you can do to change what she is predicting.

DO NOT interpret this to mean your psychic is trying to bring you down, be unhelpful or simply is a negative person and therefore projecting a negative outcome. Do not assume that the psychic is trying to be disagreeable, either.

We want nothing more as advisors than to help you in the most positive way possible, so that you can be happy not only with our readings but in your life. There is nothing worse than knowing we need to share negative information with you and hoping you won’t become upset by this. We spend hours of training learning how to spread bad news without breaking your heart.

Being psychic is not only about giving you insight into your future, but also about being diplomatic and compassionate. If an advisor you have hired ever makes you feel badly about yourself intentionally, you need to find another advisor, pronto!

3. When your psychic says, “That’s not really relative at this point” in regards to a question you ask about the present or future.

DO ask the psychic why she feels that the answer to the question is not relative. Normally when a psychic says this, she has intuitively come to the conclusion that you are not emotionally prepared to hear a difficult outcome in relation to something you have asked about in your life. IF you are ready, go ahead and ask her why she has intuited this response. But normally it means, “I don’t think you’re ready to hear that something isn’t going to end up well, so I’m letting you come to the conclusion yourself and in your own timing for the sake of your emotional well being”.

DO NOT assume that the psychic is withholding information out of spite or for any negative reason. It’s always because either your guides or her empathic/clairvoyant reasoning has led her to this place. Remember, we’re on YOUR TEAM. Other than answering questions about “who’s the daddy” there is no other more difficult or frustrating part of our jobs.

4. When your psychic says, “He/she is not coming back.”

DO take this to mean, “He/she is never coming back.” At this point, it doesn’t matter if the person you asked about has convinced you they will come back, if YOU are convinced they are coming back, or if you had a vision from Jesus himself. The psychic is convinced it won’t happen. If you disagree, take the information with a grain of salt. However, keep in mind that you paid someone to tell you the truth. Don’t shoot the messenger. Take some time to pray or meditate and then listen to your own voice of REASON. In other words, if you haven’t talked to the person in a long time, if he or she is dating another person, etc, listen to your logic.

DO NOT take this to mean your psychic is trying to hurt your feelings in any way, shape or form. Do not take this to mean that the psychic is “inaccurate” if you disagree. Be open minded. Ask yourself if anything else the psychic said to you was accurate (and not just in your opinion or hers but via the facts). There are many of my clients who aren’t told what they wish to hear. However, the truth prevails in the end. If your psychic is honest with you, you will keep that in mind in the future if the difficult thing she said turned out to be true.

5. When your psychic says, “The answer is up to you”.

DO interpret this to mean that the answer to that question depends upon many factors that are contingent upon your own actions. If you want to, ask the psychic to elaborate and she will lay out a clear picture of the many ways the path could go, and her vision of the outcome.

DO NOT assume the psychic is being vague intentionally. It’s a very difficult thing for us to explain when we are seeing many forks in the path of your life but that it is changeable depending on what you do or say. Interject. Be a participating party in the reading that you paid for. Ask the psychic what the outcome would be in each set of circumstances involving your projected path. The power to manifest your own future is a very empowering tool.

6. When your psychic says, “His hair is brown” or “his eyes are blue” or some other very definitive and clear statement.

DO interpret this to mean exactly as it sounds. She saw a vision of someone with brown hair and blue eyes. There are simply no other reasonable explanations, and anyone who tells you that is a metaphor is full of crap.

DO NOT listen to any other explanation of a very clear prediction. If the prediction changes significantly later and the psychic says something very different and then backs up her story, you can consider yourself scammed. It’s one thing to have a different outcome happen based upon some other reason or the psychic had an off day (yes we all have them). But it’s quite another thing for the psychic to change her story to back up her failed prediction, aka “I meant that the man had hazel eyes or maybe it was green, I didn’t get a clear view.” If a Psychic makes a clear prediction and then changes the very clear details thereof, it means they suck. No questions asked.

7. When your psychic says, “You need to stop calling so many psychics!”

DO try to understand that we have your best interests at heart. As with anything else in life, calling psychics should be done in moderation if you have certain circumstances (poor financial situations, an obsession with someone who isn’t currently in your life or if you’re addicted to calling psychics because you’re afraid of making your own decisions). The psychic could be sensing your financial problems and wanting to help you by saving your pocketbook. The psychic could also know that calling so often about subjects that don’t help you emotionally could be bad for your mental mindset. Also, calling too often to calling too many psychics energetically puts you in a bad position. You open up a large portion of the electromagnetic energy field surrounding your body each and every time you engage in any energy exchanges with people, but especially during a psychic reading. If you do this constantly, yet you’re not cleansing your aura/energy field often, you are putting yourself in a very mentally and physically draining position.

DO NOT assume we’re getting into your business? Why? Because we’re already in it, and chances are that even if you haven’t told us, we already know. Also, we don’t like being responsible for your finances when that’s your job. We answer calls from clients all day who are in foreclosure, in bankruptcy and who are even homeless. We have families to support just like you, so we do understand financial concerns. However, if you refuse to stop calling when we’ve let you know that we’re concerned about your financial future, we don’t like to be held responsible for doing our jobs, which is ultimately to make money by providing spiritual help to you.

8. When your psychic says, “Don’t put words into my mouth.”

DO interpret this as your psychic’s kind way of saying, “Let me do the predicting. Whatever you just stated was not what I was saying or sensing at all, and was very far from it”. This is normally the case when the news we’ve just delivered, while not easy to hear, isn’t the “end of the world” either. In can happen in the opposite scenario as well, when we’ve predicted something more tolerable but that the outcome has challenges that are not to be ignored either.

There is no reason why any reading should leave you confused, and if it does, all you have to do is ask for an elaboration from your psychic. And keep in mind, unless you’re a exhibitionist nude sky diver who is asking when his mail order bride is due for arrival, we’ve heard it all before!– Pamela Aaralyn *DivineDimension* 1-800-ASK-KEEN ext. AURA

Periwinkle- Your Eyes Dance, My Heart Smiles

Periwinkle: Periwinkles are some of the most truthful, down to earth, strong, respectable, courteous and kind members of the aura spectrum.

In relationships, periwinkles have the absolute MOST staying power. This can be both to their benefit and to their detriment, as they are the color most likely to attract the wrong soul mate connections in the aura color family. Periwinkles are profoundly grounded in their ways and strongly against change. However, being that they are the most likely to attract the wrong soul mates in their lives, they do often end up finding that change is highly necessary for emotional survival. But they only change when their backs are up against the wall.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of these rare breeds in person this morning, strangely enough, after having read for a client whose soul mate is a periwinkle. He was hard not to notice, not because he wore anything flamboyant that stood out (periwinkles NEVER do this), and no because his voice was booming or annoying (periwinkles never do this, either), but because of his very soft, strong, grateful-for-life, gentle energy. He glanced down at my curious, grinning four year old, who noticed him right away, and returned his smile with such a sweet and adoring smile that even my child couldn't resist him as he dove in for a surprise hug while wrapping his tiny arms around the stranger's leg. Now....most people would jump or recoil at a strange lil' preschooler jumping on their leg, but this kind soul just laughed heartily and hugged him right back.

And this is the epitome of a periwinkle's soul: loving life down to the very second. Another example would be my gardener. He barely speaks English, but we speak in smiles, pointing, gestures and the occasional hug. That's all we need. I don't have to ask him to please pull the weeds in the garden. He does it weekly. He doesn't have to ask me to pay for it, I do it without prompting. He didn't have to ask me if it was ok to move the wilted, dying bush to a different area of the garden; periwinkles have a knowingness about them. They are self starters who often pave their own way through life without many words because they are people of action. Victor also knew without me telling him that although the tiny, freshly sprouted acorn squash plant had weeds around it, it was NOT a weed. How many gardeners do YOU know that can identify a sprouting acorn squash plant? Periwinkles KNOW their field and they are expert in their lines of work.

Individuals with clear shades of periwinkle can often be seen working as accountants, gardeners, horticulturists, park rangers, fishermen, personal assistants, sports team managers, agents, writers, pastors, counselors or any self employed lines of work. Periwinkles were self starters from the time they were children. Normally, periwinkles come from two walks of life: a) small families wherein they had no siblings or maybe one who lived outside of the home, and they were raised by a single or widowed parent; or 2) larger families wherein they were either the middle child or youngest child and felt a little ignored by at least one parent. In other words, periwinkles had no choice in childhood but to fend for themselves, and they aren't bitter for it, nor have they ever carried a grudge. If anyone asked them about their parents they will say, "Mom did everything she could with what she had". Periwinkles do not complain-- they do. In other words, if something needs changed, they change it. If their loved one is angry, they call. If someone needs forgiveness, they don't tell the person that they did wrong and now the periwinkle will forgive them. Nope...they naturally forgive and the person who did the wrong can feel the love in the tone of their voice. Something in their voice is very inviting to other people who love them; the under tones of their voice say, "You're loved", "It's ok", "You're safe with me", "I will be honest with you", and "You can trust me".

To you who are periwinkle, helping others feel healed and safe is your greatest gift. People gravitate towards you because you won't judge them, so they can finally be free to be who they are around you. And it feels like coming home after a fifteen year long road trip. But, think about yourself for a moment. Don't YOU deserve to feel safe? You're so busy making sure that everyone else feels good. It normally takes you well into your 40's because you begin to learn how to let others know what you want, what you can and cannot do, etc.

You were busy your entire life making sure your siblings were clothes, fed, loved, had fun, had normal childhoods, could afford their senior yearbook and got the chance to go the every prom, etc. But where were you every night? Normally, you were playing parent at home, packing up their lunches in their backpacks, cleaning up dishes from dinner and finishing that last load of laundry because your Mom worked two jobs and was on her second shift job. Your childhood pulled a virtual Houdini act before you even noticed it was gone.

Don't get me wrong, you're not crying about this. I bet you even feel uncomfortable drawing this much attention to yourself to even be able to discuss this with anyone. But there is a playful part of your soul that we all notice. Your smile looks like you have a little toddler inside that wants to jump out and stomp through mud puddles while giggling joyfully. You're gentle, your eyes dance, your heart smiles, and even when you don't want to be notice, trust me, the whole world will notice you, periwinkle. And many of them will love you. For the very few you allow into your heart, their worlds will be changed instantly.

It's a good thing that you don't let love go. No matter what problems you are experiencing when you meet a soul mate (you often meet your soul mates during very bad timing), you always hold onto the HOPE that you can make a relationship happen and you do not let go until it can-- even if it takes your entire lifetime! Now that, my friends, is patience.

What is your weak suit, you ask? Your stubbornness. You are the absolute luckiest people because you attract soul mates, friends, business opportunities, etc., like bees to honey. Yet, you will not proceed forward to take these VERY wonderful opportunities the universe has bestowed upon you because it "isn't the right timing". Well dear, if we all had our way, we'd attract everything in perfect timing, but life just isn't like that and sometimes you have to take a chance and tell yourself, "You know what? This is really crappy timing, but I'm going to go with my gut and take a chance!" You're lucky, so lucky, that these chances that come your way are often attached to people who think you're the best thing since sliced bread, and will wait on you.

What you provide in any relationship: You have the capability of making your partner feel immensely loved and cherished, even. They feel lucky to be in your presence because it brings out gratitude in them and causes utter joy and happiness to be alive. You make each day worth living, and those who love you are aware that they are very blessed. In friendships, you are loyal to a fault. You don't always pick the finest choices in friends, but you stick by their sides to the bitter end, often times even when they mistreat you. Your biggest fault in relationships is that even when one is over, you will allow the person to stick around as a friend until THEY get ready to move on, even though you clearly don't love them. You let it go on because you care about your soon to be ex as a person, and you treat them with the utmost of respect because this is how YOU would want to be treated. You truly carry the golden rule too far.

For men in relationships with periwinkle women, stop trying to read her thoughts. Really, what she says to you, although worded very simply and shortly, is what it is. She means what she says. She's not the standard woman who says, "Hon I heard Blue October is coming into town" and expect you to read her mind and go purchase two tickets. She will simply go purchase them and ask you to clear your schedule on the concert date.

For women in relationships with periwinkle men, you must possess astounding amounts of patience. Often, periwinkle men simply aren't available, but if you happen to capture their hearts, waiting can actually pay off! There are many times there lack of interaction due to their life stress (which is normally high) will make you want to cut them out of your lives permanently. However, there will also be just as many times when their apparent love and respect for you will shine through so strongly in their words and actions, that there is then nothing to do but continue onward loving them because once you love a periwinkle, it is often for life.

Warning to other aura colors: it takes years to earn a periwinkle's heart. Once you've got it, though, you've GOT it for good. They are keepers and worth every ounce of patience you've got in you.


How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Have better discernment of who to let into your heart. Just because a person is "a good person", doesn't mean you have to commit your life to them, you know. You're worth finding that exact person who is the other half of you! In friendships, stop being friends with people who insult you!

Your spiritual lessons:

1) Have more emotional discernment in friendships and relationships.

2) Know when it's time to shut the door in friendships and relationships.

3) You're not everyone's charity case sponsor. Don't hire people who bring your business down, don't fork over loans to family and friends so often, and sheesh you buy everything from every door salesman in four counties, stop!

4) Don't be afraid to ask for help.

5) YOU are worthy of happiness and YOU deserve to be in love, freely.

Who make the best friends or partners for you: Aquamarines, because they are open minded, nonjudgmental, patient enough to put up with your slow nature and profound enough to never bore you. Violets, because their open wanna-heal-the-world view is wonderful, but they're smart enough to start with themselves, and you could stand to learn from this. Blues, because their emotionally open and sensitive nature is one that understands your gentle spirit without questioning it


Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: oranges, because they have so much energy and applomb. It could suck you dry almost. You're gentle and calm. Oranges are flamboyant and nonstop. You like to go to bed on time, they party all night. Purples because they're too fake for the likes of your authenticity. Pinks because you're naive sometimes, and they're skilled liars more than half of the time

Careers best for you: Horticulture: you have a way with plants and have been fascinated by them since you were a child. Accountant: you're not rich, but you KNOW how to save money and particularly, how to stretch it. Truly, you're so grounded and talented, that you could perform well in ANY career as long as you're self employed.

Careers worst for you: the restaurant or hospitality industries; you have a bad back and standing too much on your feet in one position is torture. Truck driver; you're a homebody so this could never work out. Mailmen or route delivery; see above.

Health Challenges: your back, arthritis, male patterned baldness, carpal tunnel syndrome

Health Strengths: strong immune system, you retain vitamins from foods more so than most people so you could get by minus any daily vitamins.

How you can tell you're Periwinkle:

1) You find the good in everyone, even when people are being utterly despicable!

2) You always have a smile in your eyes that causes other people to smile, instantly.

3) People naturally calm down around you. They could be having the worst day ever and in just a few calm words from you, they're smiling.

4) You don't have many (if any) pets or kids, but you adore them, and even more so, they adore you!

5) You're an UBER hard worker. No one has such a strong work ethic quite like you.

6) People cannot be mad at you for long.

7) You can stretch a penny further than my grandpa used to stretch toilet paper (one roll could last him a month, if that tells you anything).

8) Ethics and moral values are very important to you.

9) You refuse the idea of riding a roller coaster like my cat refuses to meet and greet the neighborhood dog.

10) You're funny about your food. You like it plain, very little spices, and nothing too mysterious, and certainly nothing raw. There is only one food from another culture you enjoy, and that's Chinese food. However, you STILL to this very day, sometimes cannot help but wonder if you are consuming dog.

11) What you see is what you get. People tend to think you mean something deeper than what you say, but you never do. You're a person of few words, because to you, words are overrated.

12) You haven't changed your haircut in twenty years.

13) You're also strangely able to still fit into the same jeans from ten years ago. HOW do you DO THAT?

14) You don't ever get sick...everrrrrrrrrrr. But, when you do, you're sick enough to be in the hospital. Granted, you never go to the hospital; stubborn!

15) You believe strongly in the golden rule.

16) Your patience is astounding.

Are You Here?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are You Here?


Right now, are you here?


Are you conscious of the ground beneath your feet, the in-and-outness of your breath, the beating of your heart? Do you notice the brilliance of your fingers that wrap perfectly around a pen? Are you aware of the brother or sister who sits next to you in your office or on the train?


Are you seeing the vast sky? Are you noticing the deep silence that underlies every sound? Are you clasping the hand of your own divine spirit?


Your spirit is the wealthiest asset you will ever possess.




Do not forsake it to dance with fear.


Come back to here. Come back to now.


Come back to You.

A Declaration of Deserving!

a declaration of deserving:

You are worthy of your desires. Really wanting what you want gives you the power to get it. You were born free. (The more you try to earn your freedom, the more trapped you become.) You are worthy of love and respect. Lovable.

You deserve
: eye contact
: smiles in the morning
: food made with pure intention
: clean drinking water, fresh air
: Hello, Please, Thank you.
: time to think about it
: a chance to show them what you're made of
: a second chance
: an education
: health care, including dental
: orgasms
: weekends and the summer off
: 8 hours of sleep
: play before work
: to change your mind
: to say no
: to say yes
: to have your deepest needs met
: to be seen
: to be loved for what is seen.

You deserve all this just because you showed up here on this planet.
Yep, you're that monumental.

Oprah Winfrey, Move OVER!

Emerald Greens: Greens are some of the most powerful, strong and attractive people around--they're the STARS!  People ADORE them! The rest of us secretly long to have that charisma, that certain "glow" that they have--- that energy that makes them so huggable!
This color tends to indicate a person with a strong ability to heal others, not via Reiki or intentional spiritual energy, but just via their presence, voice energy and friendship!  They attract all types of people and have the "star quality" that makes their personalities just "shine". Green signifies a prosperous and healed life path and may also be present in the aura of a person who is receiving healing energy towards any financial woes or towards their physical or emotional wellbeing.
Individuals with clear shades of emerald green can be trusted as accountants, bankers, business owners, tax experts, bookkeepers, nannies, and other independent and caring personalities who are motivated to succeed while still maintaining a nurturing quality. They begin by learning how to take care of themselves properly, which then makes them the perfect caretakers of others' children, finances, businesses, etc. People long to be like them, be around them, and befriend them. There is an open outpouring of positive energy constantly emanating from their auras, however, they need to be especially careful, because their auras are also quite absorbent, which may leaves them tired and depleted.
To you who are green, helping others find peace with who they are is your greatest gift. Now if you could only apply this towards yourself (don't worry, most of you eventually do), then you'd be on a roll!
You are the most normal, loving, quiet and traditionally grounded person in the entire aura spectrum. You're the THINKER AND FEELERS. You're a good combination of being able to emotionally feel your way through your life while analyzing the logical components of things, as well. The problem is, you don't trust anything with too much emotion or too little logic. You are able to discern the right business moves and relationship choices for everyone around you with precision and tact. Now...it's time to learn how to do that for YOURSELF. 
Greens: you know how to make choices well, so why don't you? Truly, you will avoid and run from making a choice regarding even the smallest life decisions, until it all comes crashing down around you and then there isn't much more you can do until you FINALLY must choose.You're generally so terrified of making the wrong decisions, that you'd rather fail from doing nothing than fail from trying and having the efforts prove to be futile. This is a sign of a green when not in power. A green who IS in power, will be just the opposite, and will be able to make decisions at the drop of a hat without second guessing herself, making the most of both her intuitive and logical senses, without any questioning that process. Don't worry greens, because once you get there (even though I notice it takes many of you about half of your lifetimes), you will be on a ROLL. Then you're virtually UNSTOPPABLE!
I've seen greens who've finally found their manifesting power, go from rags to riches in less than a year. I've seen them end up on the Oprah Winfrey Show or even in the White House! Don't give up on yourselves, greens! You have what it takes to be the strongest leaders of mankind! Once YOU believe this, you'll finally be in your own power, and you normally eventually become the manifestors you were born to be!
What is your weak suit, you ask? Lack of patience with the process, getting too far ahead of yourselves and then not doing all the little things it takes to get there. But then you WOULD get there were it not for all the mundane distractions of daily life. You very easily lose sight of your own goals because 1) There are so many of them. Your talents are so MANY that it's hard to narrow down what you want to do in life; and 2) You become impatient with the process, changing goals often and/or putting your goals on the back burner until "you they are more financially feasible."
Also, you're in love with the idea of using your talents to make loads of money, but you're terrified of money, at the same time. Decide how you feel about money, and money will then become a good friend of yours! Also, you put tons of time into working "hard," when you have the talent to "work smart" instead. You work your rear end off, generally, for the first part of your life, and then when you finally strike rich the second part of your life, you often will look back and think to yourself, "Gosh, why did I go through all of that? Why didn't I just trust myself and do this before trying all the rest of that useless stuff? Why didn't I believe in myself?"
What you provide in any relationshiployalty, strength, the promise that who you are and what you are all about NEVER changes. Greens rarely change, unless it's for the better. Generally speaking, they are great in relationships because they always work to keep themselves strong physically, spiritually and financially. Granted, greens often have financial issues until they learn more about how to balance their logic with their intuitive sides without become too analytical. But once they DO learn what they want to do in their careers, they do it for long periods of time, and they do it well. They're excellent friends, being loyal to the end, excellent business partners if left alone to make all the decisions, and excellent spouses, as long as their spouses trust them to wear the pants.
For men in relationships with green women, I'd suggest having your own career and staying OUT of hers! She knows what she is doing, and does not want to be in business with you. It's nothing personal, but her business is like her baby. She doesn't need your advice. She's balanced, secure in who she is, and not looking for you to change her into who you want her to be, so make sure you marry because you are in love with her "as is," because that's the only way it will work. You do your thing, let her do hers, and then meet in the middle or end of the day for a meal and some fabulous lovemaking. Provide her honesty, loyalty and groundedness. Treat her with respect for the classy lady she is. That's really all she asks from you.
For women in relationships with green men, they will seem more attached to their business than you, initially. Work is often FIRST for men who embody the green aura color. Once time proves to him that you understand that he and his career are a package deal and that you're not looking to compete with his work for his time, he will gladly begin to make time for you. Stand on your own two feet about it, and watch how he works you into his schedule. You'll be happy with the balancing act he does to keep you!
Warning to other aura colors: it takes years to earn the respect, friendship or business partnership with a green. But don't worry. Once you're "in," you're in for life.
Greens take their time in making friends, allowing the friendships to blossom in their own time, enjoying and cherishing a friend, not being too quick to jump into any permanent friendship, partnership or relationship. It takes a lot to push a green away, however. They employ the, "ten-strikes-you're-out" rule. Since they don't normally trust their own judgment, they want to make sure they've given a new friend, relationship or business partner a fair chance. They often are known to give TOO MANY chances, even! But, let me warn you, if you keep hurting a green, using a green or abusing their kindness, they will eventually shut you out for good. Even though it takes a hell of a lot for a green to shut you out of their lives, once they have, it is VERY rare for them to look back.
What you should watch out for in relationships:  People who abuse your kindness, talents and love. I hear the same things from you greens about your bosses, business partners, loved ones, friends and employees: "How come this keeps happening to me?" The answer is simple: you keep allowing for it! You're the STAR of the aura spectrum. You attract people like a porch light attracts flies. You have them buzzing around you constantly, wanting just a moment of your time, wanting your opinions on everything, wanting just to be near you, even! I can't blame them: after all, you're quite charismatic. You're loving, funny, amiable, endearing and sweet. Your smile could light up a room like lightning by the ocean: everyone LOOKS when you walk by them. It's your energy! It really is quite magnetic. They then put their best foot forward for you, because like the rest of us, they want to please you.
Use a combination of your logic and intuition, to make calls on judgment of character in relationship prospects. If your intuition says, "No" but you cannot logically discern why, don't try to get into an overly analytical conversation in your head to determine why you feel the way you do. Just don't do it! If your intuition says, "Yes" but you cannot logically make any good sense of the person, listen to your logic. Once you find the perfect combination of the two, both your logic AND your intuition will say "YES" more of the time.
Also, you expect the best in life, having the highest expectations for from your potential relationship, business and career prospects. Please don't change that; if you lower your expectations, YES, the right potential partner, friend or lover will come along, but then you will entangle yourself into something that won't make you happy. The reason why you'd be unhappy if you settle for less, is that you are too wonderful to combine well with just anyone. Not many people can emotionally, financially or spiritually keep up with your goals and the expectations you have on yourself, so it only stands to reason that they would not have those same higher level goals for themselves. You'd easily grow weary of anyone with whom you just "settled."
How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Trust your judgment of character from the BEGINNING. You're normally not wrong when you REALLY listen to yourself, and then you won't even have to worry about getting out of things later, hurting someone's feelings, or gracefully ending a business partnership. NO MATTER HOW NICE THEY ARE, please just say NO if your logic or your intuition says it won't work for you. Also, please keep in mind that you don't owe anyone any explanations of who you are, what you're going to do, and why you are doing what you're doing! You green perpetually attempt to verbally define and explain away all of your reasons for who you are. Stop it already! You don't owe people anything elaborate details. Just do what feels right and that's that. NO, people won't understand. Yes, you are indeed a very complicated individual. If they don't get it, don't waste your time trying to help them get it.
Your spiritual lessons:
1) Trust your logic and intuition equally.
2) Plough through all the dirty work in business, focusing on the final goal. Keep your mind on the goal, not the little things in between.
3) Look forward, not backward.
4) Don't be afraid to start ventures on your own.
Who make the best friends or partners for you:  navy blues, because they're practical, pragmatic, stable, reasonable and grounded, lime greens because they are constantly growing and can keep up with you, violets, because they, too, are independent and dependable, but also highly driven and creative to boot, periwinkles, because they have a LOT of energy but are solid in their foundation; they can keep up with you, sensitive tans, because they're practical, stable, emotional AND logical, scientific tans, because they are charming and intelligent, and logical tans, because they do what makes sense to you.
Who makes the worst friends or partners for you:  oranges, because they are not grounded enough for you and to you, they seem emotionally fickle, abstract tans, because they are indecisive and overly emotional at times, yellows, because they don't get their ideas off the drawing board often enough and change their minds too much for you; they play more than they work and this bugs you, pinks, because you wouldn't like not being able to read their body language, and lavenders, because they live in a different work than you.
Careers best for you:  real estate investment, because you have the smarts to do it successfully and the motivation to work independently OR with others, financial advisor, because you know a lot about how to invest other people's money (now we just have to get you to do the same for yourself and you'll be all good), attorney, because you're powerful and your presence can be ultimately very persuasive, actor or actress, because you have that certain GLOW and APPEAL that makes people long to know you, be like you, and love you, broker (again you know what to do with other people's stocks, money and investments), TV show host or director, because people really could watch you and listen to you for HOURS, reality show host, because you know what to put on air and you know what people would watch, law, because you are intelligent enough to know the law and apply it judiciously and with caution, and independent business owner, because you enjoy running the show in business and you do it well
Careers worst for you:  administrative, because being stuck handing mundane tasks can bore you (you're good at it if it's your own administrative work, just not other people's), customer service rep, because you'd tire of dealing with attitudes (you don't have patience for people who do not live by the golden rule or for people who try to get something for nothing), the restaurant industry (for the exact same reasons as listed above-- people who lie to get the free goodies make you cringe), but generally, greens can handle any type of work they choose, they just would be better off if they chose to work independently.
Health Challenges:  arthritis, weak bones in general, gastrointestinal issues, brittle hair, hair loss, skin concerns, ulcers and a weak heart.
Health Strengths:  strong immune system, strong levels of physical endurance, low blood pressure or normal blood pressure, decent levels of flexibility
How you can tell you're Emerald GREEN:  People love you! You attract them like bees to honey. Here are some other telltale signs:
1) You are not a good judge of character. You mean to be, and you COULD, if you would listen to yourself. But you don't like to hurt people's feelings, and you oftentimes give them the benefit of the doubt first. You are often used, hurt, lied to, etc.
2) In the beginning of your life, you struggled with money. About halfway through your life, you either did or will end up finally making peace with money and making a lot of it.
3) People adore you; when you walk into the room, every person notices your smile, your natural beauty and just your "presence" of positivity, love and grace.
4) You love animals, especially dogs. Greens tend to find kinship with one special animal and it becomes like a child to them.
5) You work twenty-four seven. You often are so dedicated to your clients that you will work on holidays, late into the night, even, to finish up work for them. You won't sleep well without knowing you did the best you can do.
6) You have very interesting and indirect ways to find out information you need to know from people without having to directly ask them. Since people you know lie to you if you ask them something directly, you'll often analyze the situation to death instead of just asking them a direct question about something that is bothering you. I think this occurs because, and I know this sounds absurd, but people will do anything to be in your company, including lying to you.
7) You enjoy the finer things in life, but only if you're able to get these things at a good price. You tend to live for "sales" and "bargains". You probably have half.com, bestbuy.com, ebay.com and many others bookmarked on your favorites list on your computer.
8) Ethics and moral values are very important to you. There is nothing you disrespect more than someone who has sacrificed all of their principles for casual matters.
9) You tend to be very adaptable and open to life as whole. You're someone who can be comfortable at a party, even if you don't know anyone. You also have no problems staying at other people's homes when visiting, as opposed to staying at a hotel. You are open to change at all costs.
10) However, despite your willingness to BE open to change, you don't go looking for it. You expect it to come to YOU. When you do change this one part of how you manifest your life, you will finally be in your own power as a green, and then LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE SHE COMES!
11) There isn't much to you. That's not a bad thing. You enjoy working, your friendships and the simple things in life.

12) Despite your levels of simplicity, you do seem to have a deep appreciation for different cultures and different ways of life than your own.
13) Your energy can be a tad bit "scattered" from time to time, when not in your own power. You tend to lose focus of your overall goals if your health is poor, or when you feel a financial set back.
14) It takes you awhile to make a "come back" if you lose your pace. But that's OK. You take your own time with healing, so that it's properly done. This ensure your overall success and happiness more, once you're ready for that.
15) You have a lot of respect for time, whether it be your own time or other people's time. You appreciate it when other people respect your time as well.
16) Your patience is lacking. When you want the answer to something, you will mull it over in your head and analyze the situation ENDLESSLY until you come up with the answer. If you don't find the answer or if you are unable to see it clearly enough, you will blame yourself. Not cool, greens. Stop blaming yourself for everything!

Know Thy Aura, Know Thyself: SENSITIVE TAN Aura Color Description

SENSITIVE TAN: The sensitive tan life color is a very common color in females, not so common in males, and a blessing overall to the aura color family. All of the other colors in the aura spectrum should be jealous of the sensitive tans; they have mastered the very intricate art of balance between the mental and the emotional. Employers love them because they never mix business and pleasure, and know how to leave their emotional troubles at home. Their spouses love them because they don't bring work home with them; they are the seemingly perfect mates due to the fact that they are sensitive enough to be compassionate, giving and caring, and balanced enough to lead a well-rounded life. They are trustworthy, supportive and kind. To you who are sensitive tan, being able to provide unbiased meditation, support and balance to your friends and loved ones is your greatest gift.
You are the most normal, loving, quiet and traditionally grounded person in the entire aura spectrum. You're the FEELER in the aura color family, but you're able to use your emotions as a blueprint to your intuition and logical path, finding answers, peace and quiet within your mind, heart and soul. You have the tendency to keep things simple in life: you don't want too many bills, too many kids, too many dogs, or too "much" of anything. You have the firm believe that "everything in moderation" is the key to happiness. You don't drink too much, eat too much, work too much, goof off too much, sleep too much or talk too much.
Your friends are friends you've had since childhood or college, and you tend to not have room for new friends. This isn't based upon any lack of social skills, but moreso because you simply prefer quality over quantity in life. You prefer to nurture your friendships and relationships, only taking upon that which you can handle at any given point in time. You're a creature of habit, and you tend to live by a relaxed schedule. You probably take your son or daughter to breakfast at the same place every Sunday morning, enjoy a certain type of meal on Wednesdays, go to Catholic Mass prior to Sunday brunch, and prefer only a certain brand of cereal. You arrive at work at the same time, and leave consistently on time for dinner with your husband or wife. Your life is focused on continuing important family traditions: you'll teach your children all about your religion, but be open if they should decide to follow their own path later in life.
What is your weak suit, you ask? Sensitive tans could stand to step outside of the realms of their quiet minds and attempt to share more of who they are, to their spouses, friends, family members and even their employees. I used to work under a sensitive tan on a daily basis. I'd report to work, make he and I some coffee, have it waiting on his desk, and have memos or updates of my progress on certain work projects placed right on his chair for him to see, because I KNEW his schedule, when he'd arrive to work, and what he'd want to see first thing. He'd review the work, correct or respond via his own memos, and have them back in my in box in less than an hour, along with any new projects or updates of his own. He was the perfect boss, always knowing what I meant without me having to elaborate, always being patient with my work, and with my personal life when it infringed upon his schedule.
However, I NEVER knew what he was thinking (unless, of course, I used my psychic gifts to channel him) on the personal note. He was always so elusive about his personality, personal preferences and his persona life in general. I was the more confrontational type who would prefer to just ASK him who he was and what he was all about. He would tell me what he wanted, and omit any details that made him uncomfortable, but RARELY would you notice him sharing personal details without being asked to do so. One day I asked him, "How come you don't share more about who you ARE, Doug?". His response was, "Well, really, you already know me. I'm a simple guy. I like my work done on time, I enjoy coffee, but you don't have to make it for me, and I enjoy just doing my own thing. There is nothing more or nothing less. What you see is what you get."
My point is, for you sensitive tans out there, please keep in mind that people think you're a mystery. Maybe there is more to you than what is on the surface level, or maybe there is not. Why not share more about your personality, your likes and dislikes, etc., so that we can tell more about who you are? When I first began working with my former boss, he didn't prefer the way I typed his blind carbon copies. Instead of telling me, he just dealt with it for an entire year before I finally noticed that he was doing his own work more often than not. When asked, he'd say, "It's no big deal. I can make my own copies! I didn't expect you to do my BCC's forever you know...maybe you have better things to do!" Sensitive tans do not particularly wish to hurt anyone, and would rather do their own thing than to impose.
What you provide in any relationshipStability, strength, peace, comfort, warmth and tradition. You're the cornerstone in most families. You prefer traditional roles. If you're the husband, you're often seen working or operating a business in your home. If you're the wife, you often are the stay at home mom, or you only work part time. If you're in a homosexual relationship, you tend to be able to handle any role involved, but whatever you choose, you STICK TO IT. You are reliable, responsible, dependable and never fickle! You're the person we'd all love to grow old with!
Warning to other aura colors: Sensitive tans really ARE all they seem. It's all very "what-you-see-is-what-you-get." Stop trying to figure them out. There is nothing more and nothing less than what they show you about who they are.
A common answer to most questions about the sensitive tan's personal life could be answers by them with, "Just because." If you asked a sensitive tan the question, "What political party do you belong?", their response would be "libertarian" or "republican." You'd not be inundated with all of the reasons WHY they have chosen this political system, how they feel about social security reform or why they are also pro-life. If you asked a sensitive tan what religion they are, they'd say, "Catholic" or "Jewish," and if you asked why they'd say, "I dunno. I was raised that way and it's just what I believe," simple as that. Sensitive tans try not to make life more complicated than it is. However, if you judge them inappropriately, they live up to their names and become VERY sensitive about it. Sensitive tans do not appreciate gossip, misunderstandings or judgments about them in general. Once, when working with the above referenced sensitive tans boss, Doug, he called me in his office one day and said, "Do you think Alexis doesn't care for me?". Mind you, Alexis was my best friend, who also worked for Doug. I was VERY uncomfortable. I responded truthfully and said, "While I don't think she dislikes you, I think she thinks YOU may not care for HER. She just cannot figure you OUT, Doug. Perhaps attempting to connect with people more, might serve you well."
Now keep in mind that sensitive tans cannot STAND to not have answers to questions. In less than ten minutes, he had tracked my poor friend down, brought her into his office for a meeting, and was asking her why she didn't care for him. If a sensitive tan even THINKS you have issues with them, they will call you out on it in a flash!
What you should watch out for in relationships:  Colors with too much aplomb! You'd not match up every well with a color that is overly opinionated or domineering. You have a tendency however, to attract partners who need healing, who aren't really ready for commitment and who can be self centered. The good news about that is, your color IS very healing. But the bad news is that you often suffer in the process, and end up feeling used and alone in the relationship. Also, please learn to verbally communicate. You have the tendency to want to be so idealistic that you avoid discussing anything related to pain or fear. Remember, if you don't pluck the weeds from the garden, they can kill the other flowers!
How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Communication! Don't be afraid to share with your friends and love ones a nice, warm verbal exchange of how you're feeling. You won't be burdening them. They WANT to be there to help you, understand you and SHARE life with you. Also, even though you're not judgmental, be just a tad bit more open than you normally would be, and you could then learn something from your the less logical members of the aura color family. Sway from the yearly holiday tradition, and take some time off to celebrate in the Caribbean one year out of every five. You may enjoy it!
Your spiritual lessons:
 1) You won't understand everything and everyone. It's OK to accept things that you don't' know, don't understand and never will;
 2) Show more of who you are on the surface, and not just the positive. Those who really love you can deal with it, and to those who do not, don't even worry about it!
 3) A little bit of change could serve you well. It keeps life fresh for you. We know you're strong in your traditions, but be open to something different every now and then.
Who make the best friends or partners for you:  yellows, because they make you laugh, stay within the positive, and are catalysts that teach you change and growth, greens, because they are dependable and traditional, just like you, but they help you keep a fresh perspective on life and help you open up to a new social arena, violets, because their sense of purpose helps you respect them and periwinkles, because they are spiritually open, silly and adorably cute to you while  traditionally and religiously more grounded than the other spiritual aura family colors.
Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: abstract tans, because they aren't grounded enough for you and are too insecure at times, aquamarines, because they aren't traditional enough for you and you're not quite open enough for them, lime greens, because they are constantly focused on learning and growing and you're just focused on maintaining equilibrium on a day to day basis and your spiritual path requires a lot of endurance. You often feel like you have to concentrate just to get by with your career and other things in your life, pinks, because they question you too much on telling you ALL about who you are, and violets, because they are constantly on the go and embracing change. You enjoy the stability of tradition and a firm foundation. Violets want to live in Peru and you would rather live in your hometown from birth to death.
Careers best for you:  law, because you are hard working and ethical enough to be a darned good attorney who is out for the best outcome for your clients, broker, because you enjoy and have a good relationship with money and are smart enough to do this, account management because you're diligent and can handle a lot of stress, entrepreneur, because people trust you and would buy from you, advertising or marketing, because you know how to make the sale, philanthropy, because with your business smarts and heart, it's a the perfect combination, international trading, because you are grounded enough but a fast thinker, librarian, because sometimes you'd just like to be alone when working and FBI, because you are keenly observant and quick on your feet, judge, because you're a great judge of character and you are great an offering an unbiased view of things, nurse, because you are a hard worker and have a great heart or operations management, because you understand the inner workings of a company and have ambition to do the work right.
Careers worst for you:  the hospitality industry as a whole, because when you're in a certain mood it SHOWS, and you are who you are and don't put on airs just please customers, dietitian, because you'd be way too hard on people and you'd not have patience if they didn't just do the work it took to stick to your food plans, taxi driver, because you like staying in one location or builder because you don't like to get your fingernails dirty.
Health Challenges:  stroke or predisposed tendency towards strokes, sleeping disorders, back problems, degenerative bone diseases and conditions and aneurysms, your muscle strength and tone is sometimes poor
Health Strengths:  higher metabolism than most people, average blood pressure levels, lower incidence of cancer and heart disease, average endurance levels, your weight is average or you're of a thin build
How you can tell you're SENSITIVE TAN:  Call me and I'll let you know, otherwise, here are some telltale signs:
1) You are a very good judge of character;
2) You are happy in routines, which ground and stabilize your life;
3) You don't try very hard to make friends, but EVERYONE respects you;
4) People tend to mistake your lack of communication of lack of verbal intelligence. It's not true. You just don't care to impress others.
5) Your clothes are often well tailored to fit your body and are perfectly pressed.
6) You often are observant and sensitive to your children's needs, or if you don't have children, to the needs of others' children.
7) You don't talk much, unless spoken to, or unless people ASK you questions, and even then, you keep it simple.
8) Your answer to most questions is, "I don't know, that's just how it is!"
9) Your friends have been in your life since childhood or college.
10) Family roots and traditions are important to you.
11) Your religion and spirituality are important to you.
12) Your ethical and moral grounding is strong and solid.
13) You're incredibly intelligent, but HUMBLE about this.
14) Your handwriting is for the birds.
15) Your cooking is, as well.
16) You enjoy sports, and often times you're incredibly loyal to YOUR home team.
17) As peaceful as you are, you often watch HOCKEY while yelling and cursing like a sailor. It surprises people!
18) Your sense of style is classic and simple.
19) There isn't a dust mite alive in your entire house.
20) You do your own yard work and housework.

Know Thy Aura, Know Thyself: Aura Color Description: AQUAMARINE

AQUAMARINE: The aquamarine life color is another rather rare aura color. With the exception of the crystals, they are the most rare in the aura color array. Aquamarines have the wonderfully balancing combination of all that is sacred, joyful and innocent in life: love for all living things (plants, human and animals), bliss, grounding in themselves, healing abilities, a keen perception within their sixth sense and infinite patience. To you who are aquamarine, being able to heal, mediate and bring peace, calm and understanding to others is your greatest gift.
You have a tendency to be comfortable and adaptable in all of your surroundings. You know how to balance the indoors with the outdoors (you'd be the person who brings a portable shower when camping, while at the same time being appalled if anyone litters the ground with toilet paper). You recycle, your food is organic, and your electricity is either from windmills or solar panels, or at least you're considering saving for all this!!
You love, appreciate and respect all of your friends. You'd be there for them in the middle of your work day or in the middle of your sleep, as long as you know that they know they can come to you for anything!  you're picky. You are independent. You wouldn't mind living on a sailboat, in a cabin in the middle of the mountains, or in a beach house even during the winter. You've done everything from studying the language of dolphins to learning about metaphysics. You have an empathic gift that normally is passed down from many generations and has been known to encompass the spiritual realism of shamanism, native american beliefs and traditions, energy healing, and energy reading. People claim that just hearing your voice is healing. You take care of your body, mind and spirit, but also you enjoy taking care of others.
You're an exhaustingly fast talker, reader and a DOER in life! Your thoughts and words jump so quickly from one subject to another like a spinning top out of control. Sometimes, in conversations, other people around you say, "Please slow down, I cannot follow you!". Life for you, is a constant search for people who can follow your 300 mph pace both intellectually and physically. You know how to enjoy simplicity, but you also have a profound understanding of different cultural aspects of life and the luxurious pleasures of life as well. You'd be just as happy picnicking on the beach with peanut butter sandwiches and koolaid, as you would dining on cheese and Chardonnay. Granted, alcohol doesn't sit well with you, and although you enjoy it, you don't enjoy the feeling of being tipsy, so you tend to drink only one or two drinks and then gracefully bow out. You're the only color in the aura spectrum that combines the simple with the profound in a way that we can all appreciate and understand.
What is your weak suit, you ask? You have the tendency to fight for the underdog in just about every situation. This wouldn't be a weak suit at all, except that you'd do ANYTHING to prevent a person from being in pain, even to the point of self sacrifice. You're normally the person seen in your suit and tie on the side of the interstate, changing a tire for an elderly couple, or the person wading out into shark infested waters to save a teenager who swam out too far. You've been known to empty your bank account to help people in financial distress, you also sponsor children in third world countries and have dreams of having your own animal rehabilitation shelter on your own property. These are not weak suits, except that your house is a hot spot for all the strays in the neighborhood, your bank account is always empty, and your phone is always ringing. Remember to take care of you.
What you provide in any relationshipA perfectly balanced life partner. Once you decide, you stay in relationships for a very long time. No matter the role you play, you play it ultimately very well. You know how to get past any trivialities in life and keep your eye on the goal in friendships and relationships. You know how to pick your battles, you don't nag, and you can navigate your way through ANY quandary. Your partners and friends are very lucky to have you. You're normally the solid cornerstone of the entire family. You're also supermom, superwoman or superdad or superman. You can juggle a 50 hour work week, a happy relationship and raise well rounded children in the blink of an eye. Your strongest point in relationships and friendships is that you can always be unbiased. You don't fight very often, and if someone picks a fight with you, you listen, but then you allow them space to calm down before you resolve the issue. You're also able to be the "devil's advocate" in any situation. You're the friend who would never hesitate to find a diplomatic way to say, "Yes that makes your ass look big!", without hurting your friend's feelings. Your patience in some areas is extensive, but you could stand to use a little more of it in your love life. Once you decide who you want in a relationship, you then decide you want them NOW.
Warning to other aura colors: aquamarines are the chestshire cats of the aura family. Even if smiling, you still won't be able to figure them out!
Aquamarines are constantly smiling. Don't let this fool you. Look into their EYES to determine what's really going on, for only then would you know how they really feel. It's not because they keep secrets from you purposefully or choose to hide things from you for any negative or ill intent, but rather because they are very private about their personal lives, and honestly, it makes them happier to focus on YOU than on themselves. They smile because they are happy; no matter what life throws at them, they have a tendency to make lemonade from the most tart lemons, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN! They are also extremely practical.
When being a guest for dinner at the home of an aquamarine, you'll notice that they won't hesitate to pull out the fine china, the expensive wine, etc. It's not because they were saving that for YOU, but rather, because they feel life is to be lived! They won't tell you when a problem is occurring in their lives, not because they wish to hide anything from you, but rather, because they wish to figure out the problem on their own. It empowers them to be able to make decisions and figure out their lives. If an aquamarine does come to you to discuss a problem, generally, it's merely to confirm what he or she already knows. Sometimes, you'll notice them talking themselves into action; or talking themselves into what they already know. Just listen and nod; they already know what to do and generally don't need you to talk them into anything or out of it.
What you should watch out for in relationships:  Becoming too settled and then losing sight of your original goals and of who YOU are. It's very easy to do in between taking care of everything for everyone. You have the tendency just to DO everything in the relationship. Be careful, otherwise you end up planning all of the dates, doing all of the laundry, and then all of the emotional work as well, for your partner, just because you enjoy staying emotionally, mental and physically active. You're such a DOER that you tend to take over. People can confuse you as domineering or as the dominant role in the relationship. You'd prefer things to be more balanced and you've always wanted an equal in life, so please step back and allow the person to be that equal, and don't do their work for them.
How you can make your friendships and relationships better: You're pretty good at knowingly everything I've listed in this blog, and generally quite good at knowing how to mend your friendships and relationships, or how to make them even better! Aquamarines are born as logical and spiritually balanced beings. You already KNOW exactly what to do. Your problem is that you get a tad bit caught up in analyzing everything, and then you lose sight of exactly what it was you were going to do. Step back, simplify, and THEN decide what to do. You tend to get so caught up in the own details in your mind. Step back and look at yourself as an observer would see you, and then you may be able to prioritize your thoughts a good bit better, forming an ORDER to the madness going on in your brain! :)
The only thing that could be done better, is change, not the act itself but the timing of the act. You have a tendency to want to talk yourself into believing that everything "takes time." Therefore, when a friendship or relationship is a dead horse and has been, you continue beating that dead horse, not because you think it will work, but rather, you're waiting on the right "time" to bury the horse. There is no better time than now. Please don't worry so much about the order in which you make your relationship decisions, and please don't hang onto friends or partners just because you want to do it all "the right way." You KNOW how to diplomatically begin or end a friendship or relationship; "time" doesn't help or hurt this. Embrace the DOER in you when it comes to beginning or ending your friendships or relationships, much in the same way you embrace the DOER in you for business meetings and deadlines.
Your spiritual lessons:
 1) Actions are often better than words;
 2) Patience, if applied towards the appropriate things, can serve you well;
 3) Learn to step back and let others show you what they're made of. You can not DO everything for them; and
 4) Not everyone is a DOER. Some people are THINKERS, FEELERS or something in between. Please give people the space and time to show you what their specific plans of action may be, and who they are towards themselves and towards you.
Who make the best friends or partners for you:  violets, because they hold the same spiritual and morally grounded principles as you, Greens, because you never have to question their motives. Just like you, they are doers, but they also have the strong intellectual value as thinkers, to hold your attention.   sensitive tans because they are calm, peaceful, collective and patient listeners. They will listen to you talk your way through your problems, and then agree with your plans without hesitation. They have complete trust that you can figure out your own process, yellows, because they, too, are fun (although a tad idealistic), positive, joyful and HUGELY aware of what they want in life, and navy blues, because they are calm enough to ground you and add bring so much peace and logic to your table. They'd be the partner who says to you, "OK, I hear all of that, but I have missed your original point. Can you remind me?". This helps you put all of your thoughts together in order to keep your FOCUS.
Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: browns, because they are way too stagnant in their actions for you. They are indeed thinkers, but their thinking doesn't lead to enough "here and now" type of action for you, purples, because while they mean well, they have too many irons in the fire and don't know how to make room for you or time for you. A purple would be off to the next spiritual conference, psychic fair or chasing after the next magical cure for wrinkles, while you would be busy doing more practical things like reading, cleaning the house, going to business meetings, and picking up the kids from ballet. Over time, you'd get tired of trying to ground them out...besides, you're too busy trying to ground your own thoughts, grays, since you cannot seem to pull them out of meditation long enough to get them into the real world, and pinks, because you cannot figure them out.
Careers best for you:  independent business owner (because you love to make your own schedule, and you are motivated enough and driven, and have everything it takes in order to take the right risks for business change and growth), marine biologist (because you love water, and have an affinity for all sea creatures), zoologist (you are able to understand the behavior patterns of animals), child psychologist (you understand children better than you understand adults, and often times you PREFER the company of children than adults. You seem to have a way of working at their level and bringing them up to yours. You see yourself as an equal to everyone, including your children and children in general), food critic (you are familiar with some of the best foods from all cultures) sommelier (you are familiar with the best wines, too) politician (you'd actually make a difference; you aren't fond of politics but you are fond of doing what is best for society and you have a strong sociology background) or human rights activist (you have a way of working out problems for the benefit of everyone; your grounded and strategic approach could really be utilized well if you worked for the U.N. or found some other way to actively help people in need).
Careers worst for you:  mathematician (you'd grow weary of the patience it took), server or waitress (although you enjoy pleasing people, you tend to poop out and want to sleep after 10pm--you aquas need your beauty sleep), police officer or law enforcement (you don't enjoy any hostile environment)
Health Challenges:  inflammation in the body or water retention, weak tendons, carpal tunnel syndrome, dry skin, thinning hair, psoriasis, eczema, glaucoma, poor eyesight (unless corrected), brain disorders, neurological diseases, lupus
Health Strengths:  you have lower blood pressure than most of us, your lungs are in top shape, you have little to no weight challenges and can lose weigh easily if you happen to gain too much, you are in moderate to good physical condition and your flexibility is higher than average
How you can tell you're AQUAMARINE:  This is a rather rare color, as well, but call and ask and I will take a look. Otherwise, here are some interesting facts about most aquamarines:
1) You always have a peaceful smile on your face;
2) You're perfectly content to sit in a room alone, without being entertained;
3) You're an enigma to people around you. You're the mystery girl who is the envy of the town because you have a certain charisma. People don't understand what draws them to you, but they want to be around you;
4) You ramble on and on when you talk, jumping from subject to subject with dexterity and grace;
5) You write eloquently and beautifully;
6) You cannot hold a tune in a bucket when it comes to singing. The birds fly into trees, the foxes duck into their holes, dogs howl in pain and even turtles tuck their heads back into their shells at the sound of your voice;
7) You know when to talk and when to listen;
8) However, when you ARE talking you often tell your friends, "I just HAVE to get this OUT!";
9) You have friends in corners of every country;
10) You would give anything to help someone, but more importantly, people often would give anything to help you, IF you'd but ask. Your bigger problem is that even if you needed help, you'd never ask;
11) You always say what you mean and mean what you say;
12) You're a person of high class. You dress with class, walk with your head held high and speak fluently and with grace. No enunciation is omitted, every preposition in it's proper place and with every verb properly conjugated. The vocabulary you use on a daily basis is more than what most of us will use in several months.
13) You read avidly;
14) You're beautiful, in a natural way, without having to use much makeup, and without having to overly style your hair;
15) However, you photograph poorly;
16) When you visit other countries, you're aware of the language and the culture; you know how to respect the culture and how to act with dignity and grace around people of different ethnic backgrounds;
17) You're incredibly politically correct at all times, and your manners are impeccable;
18) Your sense of style is never too much or too little;
19) You know how to give a good hug;
20) You know how to make ANYONE feel special and unique.

Know Thy Aura, Know Thyself: Aura Color Description: CRYSTAL

CRYSTAL: The crystal life color is rarely ever seen in one's aura, unless as a secondary color. I've talked to many of you who have crystal secondary colors, but it's rare to see a crystal primary color. Crystals are considered the aura chameleons of the color spectrum, (i.e., they are strong mirror images of others). They reflect both the positive and negative qualities found in each of us, rarely taking on a "true" life color of their own. They constantly absorb energy from anything and everyone around them, making them the clearest and purest forms of energy healers available to humankind. They resonate at very high energetic frequency levels, which causes them to take upon the energy of others, therefore it can be detrimental for crystals to be exposed to large crowds for long periods of time.
For this reason, they tend to be loners. They love nurturing others, owning and being around pets and children, and walking alone in nature. Crystals are natural people who prefer a life of complete balance, structure and harmony/peace. I recognize many of you CRYSTALS out there, by your love for humanity, huge levels of personal responsibility to end human suffering, enormous capability to understand the "bigger picture", your eccentric but loving personalities and your ability to truly enjoy just about any person with whom you come in contact. You crystals will often call me to say, "Can't I just be like the rest of you guys? Why can't I just feel and be NORMAL?"
To you who are crystal, blending in with your friends, family members, colleagues and co-workers is your greatest gift. You can shop with the yellows, work well in business with the greens, cry with the blues, hike with the oranges, study the migratory patterns of deer with the scientific tans, do aerobics with the abstract tans, have philisophical roundtable sessions with the sensitive tans, work side by side in The Peace Corp with the violets, learn how to paint toenails with the purples, discuss the tactics of the military with the browns, talk about whether or not trees "feel" with the lavenders, discuss accrual accounting methods with the logical tans, workout with the reds, discuss Hatha Yoga with the aquamarines, discuss psychology with the sky blues, discuss Donald Trump with the emerald greens, design a home garden with the lime greens, revamp the Human Resources Dept. with the chartreuse, write a book with the Magentas or work as a corporate partner with the navy bluesThe only problem is, what do YOU want to do?  
You long to experience life to it's fullest and can be grateful for the most simple things: hugs from your children, smiles from your spouse, laughter at your birthday party, a good night's sleep, etc. You enjoy weird things: one of you told me that you wait until the sun goes down after a rainy day, out in your backyard, to "catch frogs". You'd then sneak them into your five year old's bedroom at night, so that he'd wake up with a new frog a few times a week. You made him let release the frog because you taught him that "all things belong to the earth, not to us", however, you enjoyed watching him feed the frog a nice, fat fly first!
 You appreciate your friends, but you're picky. You can get along with anyone. You have acquaintences and colleagues worldwide, but your friend count could use some work: I'd venture to say you have about three real friends. You, however, seem relatively content to have as few friends as you can, because you're too busy working, smiling with your children, and jumping in mud puddles barefooted, to even notice your lack of a social life. People from all over the world wish to know you and become your friend.
What is your weak suit, you ask? Your levels of energetic sensitivity. Your feelings are easily hurt when you're young. Once you mature, it gets easier, but as children, crystals are so easily offended and put off. They're the ones you see running home to mommy with tears because "Johnny called me prissy pants." Crystal children are like little adults. They want to befriend adults and expect to be treated as such. Please, if you're a parent to a crystal child, allow them to be who they are. Allow them to teach YOU, because that is what they wish to do, and that is their purpose of being on this planet. They have arrived in this world with vast amounts of knowledge that is outside of this human arena. They will know when they've hurt someone, when they need discipline, and when you're lying to them to protect their feelings. Talk to them in ways you'd talk to another adult, but with much awareness of their emotional levels of sensitivity. Nurture them and allow them to grow into who they wish to be without putting your own vicarious expectations onto them. They will thank you for it!
Crystal adults, your weak suit, mainly, is that YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Believe me, you think you do! You think you're the most independent, witty, eccentric person known to mankind and you're so proud of being the loner you are. However, all of this is but a smoke screen for a very lonely, but intelligent, talented person who longs to find who she is without the constant pressures of who society says she "should" be.
What you provide in any relationship: Absolute freedom, openness and respect towards allowing your partner(s) and friends to be exactly who they want to be, and often without judgment of what they do or who they choose to be. Crystals are VERY exact. They will not be walked on or disrespected, and they call a spade a spade. A crystal will rarely wait on a man to get his act together, because she simply does not have the time.
If a potential partner or friend does not seem to be interested in her enough to pursue the friendship or relationship, a crystal (in her actions, not her words) will be thinking and expressing, "Hey, don't let the door hit ya on your way out of my life." She has no time for mind games, waiting, or for someone who doesn't know what they want. It is a rare and special priviledge to have a crystal by your side in a relationship, since in most cases, she makes it loud and clear that she'd rather be alone than to be with the wrong person. Granted, on the other side of the coin, you may THINK a crystal has chosen the wrong partner in life, but if she has decided that the partner is right for her, she will loyally stick with him through thick and thin as long as the partner is working on any issues at hand and is constantly striving for growth.  Crystals are very loving and supportive partners.
Warning to other aura colors: crystals, while easily adaptable, will see through bullshit. Know that if you're trying to get into a friendship or relationship with a crystal for the wrong reason, she'll send you packing. Men, don't pull out the "I Love You" card if you don't really mean it, just to get some action going on--she'll see through you and you'll be out of her life like a fat kid in dodgeball. Women, don't try to tell your new crystal date that you haven't been hurt from previous relationships--He'll call you out on it, and that will be the only "call" you'll ever get from him again.
Employers, when interviewing crystals, please know that YOU are the one being interviewed. Your crystal prospective employee could take you or leave you, probably has at LEAST ten interviews lined up behind yours, three of which are scheduled that same day. She probably knows more about your company than you do, so go ahead, drill her regarding why she thinks she will be best suited for the job. She has all the right answers, ands she KNOWS you will hire her. The question is, does she want to work for YOU?
Employees, do you really think you're fooling your crystal boss while you're calling out sick so that you can schedule interviews for new jobs? You're not. She is just letting you put in your notice so that she doesn't have to pay your unemployment. You're really doing her a favor, hence her lack of confrontation towards you. The reason she is not being amiable around you is not because she "has something personal against you," but rather 1) She's not fake; and 2) She knows you're taking advantage of her company's time, and does not wish to express any approval towards what you both know you're doing.
What you should watch out for in relationships:  Yourself. You crystals know exactly what you want, and from whom. You know the type of man or woman, the moral values you want to see in them, the lifestyle...everything. You always have this tendency to not do so well in relationships and you claim that people end up becoming something different from what they showed to you in the beginning honeymoon stages of the relationship. The problem is really far different than what you think.
It's YOU who changed. You're so easily adaptable, energetically and emotionally picking up new and learned skills and personality traits along the way in your relationships and friendships, that YOU CHANGE and YOU OUTGROW your partners. While it was once funny and cute that your man enjoyed ridiculous adult cartoons in the beginning stages of the relationship, later you found that his lack of ability to be serious in life truly annoyed you, and you outgrew it. Yes, you once enjoyed his silly rapport, but what you really ended up wanting was someone who knew when to be silly during the right times, not all the time.
You lost sight of what you wanted because you did that crystal thing you do: your energy was sucked into theirs and you chameleonized yourself unknowingly, becoming so much like the other person that you didn't know you wanted differently. Remember, you crystals are the purest energy forms in the entire aura spectrum. You're like an empty glass waiting to be filled with water, or in this case, energy. If you kept more of your own wine in your glass when dining out with prospective partners, you'd not have to go "EWWWW" much later when you become frustrated that all of the wine you drank was your partner's favorite, but not your own. If you want to feel that energetic "buzz," please, at least let it be from your own wine. Besides, the sensitive, delicate Pinot Noir such as yourself should never be blended. Please, stay yourself.
How you can make your friendships and relationships better: Step back from them, take as much independent time to yourself to replenish, remember who you are, so that you are not drained emotionally, mentally, energetically and sometimes even physically, by the energy exchanges between yourself and them. If you feel yourself connecting too much and you feel yourself getting lost in the person, step BACK. Yes, we know you're psychic. Yes, we know you can read our thoughts and feelings and intentions.
You seem to just "know" things that the rest of us do not and we find you utterly fascinating. You make it so easy for us to just talk about ourselves the entire time we're with you. Please help us remember to know that you'd perhaps like to talk about your children, your career, your friendships and your spouse, as well! Also, crystals could really stand to learn to trust people a good bit more and learn that not every friendship has to end up being a "best friend." It's OK to have friendships that are "shopping" friends, "dining out" friends, "telephone" friends or an "instant messenger" friends. Stop trying to make the "instant messenger" friend the "in-person, coffee chat, sleep over" friend. Let each friendship have it's special place in your life.
Your spiritual lessons:
 Stop trying to commercialize your life or be like the rest of society. You're weird. Get used to it; embrace your uniqueness and others will, as well. You can go hang out at the Star Trek Conventions and be perfectly happy! Plenty of friends are out there that are just like this! It's OK!! Stop changing, adjusting your energy, molding to fit the rest of society! We love your weirdness! You aren't meant to work a 9 to 5 job UNLESS it's absolutely so wonderful that your heart throbs out of your chest for the type of work involved. You aren't meant for normal stereotypical roles in relationships and friendships. Please just accept this, and stop allowing people to try to tell you otherwise. And really, that's all. You know so much more than the rest of us, so it's not much. Just be yourself!
Who make the best friends or partners for you:  aquamarines, because they are almost as spiritually evolved and independent as you, and they will respect you, as opposed to expecting you to change for them   Greens- They do your thing, you do your own thing, and the two of you compromise and meet in the middle. No one has to change, each person respects boundaries, and you work in your own little spaces of energy, coming together separately, but with love and class, and sensitive tans because they have the levels of emotional sensitivity and class it takes to stay calm, confident, peaceful and unwavering in their love for who YOU are.
Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: orange, because they are too involved in the physical planes of existence. This doesn't match up well with you, since you enjoy the ethereal world more, purple, because while they long to be authentic, show too much energetic confusion for you, reds, because their main focus is on the root and sacral chakras, and you energetically operate strictly from your crown chakra, pinks, because they don't know their head from their asses and lavenders because if both of you live in the clouds, you'd never come down to earth, and then who would pay the taxes?
Careers best for you:  psychic, spiritual advisor, spiritualist, clergy member, energy worker/healer or spiritual leader (because you are the purest channel available for this, and you're authentically and naturally gifted), doctor or nurse (your natural gift for healing in combination with your fascination for the human body and your astute intellect is a nice combo here), yoga or pilates expert and teacher (even though you do not enjoy most forms of exercise, these are the types of exercise that combine the spiritual with the physical, and this does well for you)  psychologist (you enjoy helping people and figuring people out is a constant mystery and joy), independent business owner (because you love to work on your own schedule)  writer (you're great with expressing yourself) or early childhood education (you adore young babies and children.)
Careers worst for you:  factory work (you have chemical sensitivity and it's too boring), teaching (you don't have the patience unless it's something spiritual), garbage collector (you are sensitive to smells), accountant (you could do this, but you loathe numbers, and it would feel like a chore) housekeeper (you hate mundane work) or computer programmer (you love the challenge, but dealing with code for more than eight hours puts your brain on overload and then the spiritual side of you drowns a bit.)
Health Challenges:  obesity, arthritis, diabetes, migraines, liver problems, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, gallbladder problems, you're not physically flexible
Health Strengths:  perfect blood pressure rates, you're strong as an ox, you have perfectly elastic and clear skin and your endurance is good.
How you can tell you're CRYSTAL  Chances are, you're not, or you if you are, it's in your secondary color. But if you're curious, call me. I'll take a look. Other than having an aura reader look, there are some more obvious signs. Here they are:
1) You're the person at the party who isn't talking much and doesn't have to "mingle" because everyone who knows you and keeps coming up to you to tell you their problems.
2) Being around you, people claim, is like taking a truth serum. They just cannot lie to you. They try, you give them "the look," and they immediately start spilling the beans beginning with where they were last night, what they drank, what time they came home, and even that they forgot to feed the cat. If you stick around long enough without laughing, they will also begin to admit that they didn't wash their hair but twice last week, and that they haven't been to the OBGYN in three years.
3) You have struggled with your weight the majority of your life; people still seem to find you magnetically attractive, however, not matter your weight. You get comments about your eyes, and how piercing they are.
4) Crystals have two different categories of physical appearance: It seems to be either:
    a) Light skin, light hair and piercing huge blue eyes; or
    b) Light skin, VERY dark hair and VERY dark brown doe eyes.
5) You seem to let time get away from you. You and time have been enemies for as long as you can remember. You start out the day and get so caught up in work, talking to people, running errands, or simply taking a long bubble bath, and before you know it the day is over. You don't often arrive places on time; you are either an hour early or 20 minutes late. YEARS have gotten away from you before, and you don't have much recollection about what you did during those years.
6) No one ever forgets you. You don't make much effort to stay in touch with people, remember their birthdays, or be the pursuing party in the friendship, but people are constantly wanting, somehow, to be your friend, to get you to talk to them, etc. People send you gifts, cards and emails. Your phone machine is always full. This would be fine if they were really wanting to get to know YOU, but most of the time, they're thanking you for being there for THEM or they are contacting to ask about your advice concerning a problem with their kids, boss or spouse.
7) You don't enjoy mundane tasks. If you don't feel that what you're doing has MEANING, you become incredibly bored and have even fallen asleep at work more than once.
8) You've had a lot of careers in your life, not because you've ever been unreliable, but because you outgrow the job and need more challenge.
9) You have less close friends than you can count on one hand.
10) You are quick to forgive, but not so quick to forget. Once someone has lost your trust, they rarely ever get back in the door to your heart.
11) You do not judge people; you are incredibly open minded.
12) You're a very private person, and you don't enjoy people knowing very much about you. If you're on a diet, having a health concern or having a financial crises, people don't know the depth of it until you have 1) Lost fifty pounds from the diet, 2) You're in the hospital, or 3) Your house is being foreclosed.
13) You'll never ask for help on any of the above referenced things. If your house was blown away by a hurricane, you'd be riding down the flooded street on a board, waving at all your neighbors going, "Really! I'm OK! I promise!"
14) You have a love/hate relationship with money. You love it, but there is never enough of it. You make more money in one year than most people could dream of, and your debt is higher than most people's debt in their nightmares.
15) Your ascorbic wit will be the death of you. Your mouth tends to get away from you and before you know it, you've said something just a tad more bluntly than would have liked.
16) You have a wonderful relationship with WATER. You bathe more than once a day, you enjoy swimming, you would stand out in the rain if you weren't concerned that the neighbors would worry. You would love a fountain on your desk, and probably have a fountain, pond or swimming pool in your yard as well. If there is a tiny bit of water in your yard or pooled up on your deck, you'll toss off your shoes and put your feet in it.
17) You need a lot of sleep, and no one wants to be around you first thing in the morning.
18) You aren't concerned as much about the latest trends of clothes, hairstyles or nail polish, but your look is classy and timeless.
19) You enjoy music more than most people.
20) You are generally a very WARM person to be around. People enjoy your charm, wit and smiles.

The 411 On Timing: How To Interpret It, When and Why It Is Important To The Outcome

I'm just as guilty as the rest of you when it comes to timing. My constant question when reading myself or when asking a psychic question from my mentor is "WHEN?". "When will I get the call?", "When will the outcome desired occur?" and "When will I reach my goal?" are all common questions in our careers, love lives and in our day to day lives.
Once a spiritualist provides a timeframe for you, "Why does the timing of the outcome appear to change?", one might ask. There are many simple and complicated answers to this question, upon which I will elaborate during today's blog. First of all, receiving a reading from a spiritualist is a combining or joining, if you will, of energies between two people. Electromagnetically speaking, any combination of two or more things equals what? A changed outcome of what the matter was initially, prior to the combination of other matter(s).
When you receive a reading from a psychic, you are changing your energy by opening yourself and trusting your spiritual advisor to "tap" in to your energy source, or what I like to call "the aura." The energy that the psychic or spiritual advisor returns to you "changes" the way you view the energy of the situation at hand, whether it be your love life, career or a financial goal, because after all, you are calling for "advice" about the future.
 For instance, if you have a pot of stew on your stove at home, and you ask assistance from a chef to help you with your "creation," he or she may advise that you add some basil, or that you not add any thyme. You may have started out with the idea or concept of chicken noodle soup, but you may end up with chicken Thai noodle with lemongrass. If the chef asks you to wait thirty minutes before adding your mushrooms, but you decide to go ahead and add them in the beginning, what happens? You have a soup that's otherwise good, but has overcooked and soggy mushrooms.
This is what happens in your relationships when you ask for a timeframe and a general clairvoyant guide on how to best proceed, but you do just the opposite of what the energy worker or spiritualist recommends, or even when you do exactly as the spiritualist recommends without listening to your own instincts regarding timing. Energy is energy, and when you think upon it, it changes. 
For example, a customer called me a good while ago asking when a guy was going to call her to discuss coming back into her life. My timing came up as "7.1.7.", the energy behind such timeframe being "moderate." For me, this timeframe could be interpreted as seven weeks on the 17th of the month. I advised the client (OK I pleaded with her) not to contact her loved one, because the timing of the outcome could change if she did. She became afraid of waiting the entire seven weeks: she was afraid he'd see other women, or would assume she wasn't interested. So what did she do? She contacted him in less than week after she and I spoke. He didn't reply. "So what was different in the timeframe?", you ask. EVERYTHING.
It would have been one thing had my sweet, but terrified client called once and then let that be that. But then her fears got the worst of her. When he didn't respond in two days, she called him again, this time leaving a very desperate message on his voicemail. He didn't respond. Two weeks thereafter, she calls him once more, and leaves a tearful voicemail, to which he did not respond. "What next?", you ask. She gives up, writes him a "Dear John" letter, explaining how hurt she was that he had decided to give up on the relationship, and her timeframe was even worsened for the outcome. "She may not have heard from him anyway!", many of you might say, right? Think again. Less than 10 days after this, he responds to her, in a handwritten letter, signed, sealed and post delivered. Here is what it said:
Dear Amelia (name changed for privacy):
As I stated to you before we took time off from our relationship, I needed some space to consider whether or not I was ready to move our relationship to the next level. Despite the fact that I love you very much, I asked for this space because something I wasn't able to pinpoint, just a feeling I had, told me that you weren't stable.
I tried to avoid the feeling, but no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn't push past it, so I asked for a break. I figured that if I was wrong about my feelings, I'd miss you and when I was done from my break, we could resume, and there would be no issues; I'd then realize that I was wrong about my senses. I also thought that if I was wrong about my feelings, I'd definitely figure it out as well, once I got some time to myself to think about why I felt this way.
It is obvious to me that I felt this way for a reason, since no less than two weeks into my unplanned vacation, you were leaving tearful messages, and then a good-bye letter was written, while I was visiting my mother in Ireland. I did not have access to email when in Ireland, nor was I able to retrieve my cell phone messages during this time.
However, you have shown me that your pain from other relationships, and your lack of trust in me as a man, is a bit more than I can handle. I am glad I learned this about you during our "break." I think it's best that we not resume things. Perhaps you could take some time out to heal from the pain of your past breakup, until you trust me (and men in general) a bit more. I am going to take some more time to think about this. Don't call me. I will call you.
I'll miss you,
Reggie (name changed for privacy).
What you hear in your readings dictates what you'll think about regarding the matter(s) at hand. What you think dictates what you will do. What you do (your actions) dictate the manifested outcome of YOUR FUTURE. When you ask for a timeframe, even KNOWING this timeframe could make the outcome of it shorter or longer. Why? Because your life is like a puzzle. All of the pieces are floating around energetically, waiting for you to piece it all in place the way YOU want it. If you know (because an advisor told you) when the next piece is going to float towards, you, what happens? Then you do not move yourself over in the direction of the piece, to place it in it's designated spot on your own. "Why is that such a big deal, if the timing is going to happen anyway?", one might ask. Because when you call an advisor, a path (ONE path) is shown. It involves you getting up and manifesting and creating the energy of a certain thing to happen for you. Alternatively, it even may involve you walking AWAY from the energy so that someone or something can walk towards YOU.
Why does this matter in your outcome? Because if you know the outcome of the path, you don't do all of the things you would have normally done, if your advisor had not unintentionally taken the power out of your hands by providing the timing of the outcome FOR YOU. This is not something we as advisors plan to do (take the power from you by giving you the outcome), it's just the nature of the way the psychic readings system is set up. You don't KNOW what to ask us, or how to ask us things or how to empower yourself with your questions, in order to keep the power of your future in your own hands. The entire psychic web is set up to make you think that THE PSYCHIC holds the key to your destiny, when this couldn't be further from the truth!
Questions about timing are not very empowering, since they cause you to want to either 1) do nothing to manifest your own outcome, but rather just "wait" patiently on the timeframe to occur. This can be especially destructive to career readings when I tell a client they will get a job in X amount of days, weeks or months, and then they do very little to get the job with their own free will. Alternatively, 2) it can cause one to do TOO MUCH if one knows the timing. Consider if I tell you a guy won't be back in touch for a year, and you become frantic, hurt, and disappointed. So you think, "Before he is allowed to slip out of my grasp even further, I'd best get on the ball and CALL HIM MYSELF." Taking that path too much into your own hands by dwelling on a person causes you to not live in the present, which can make your soulmate feel that you're taking his independence and his power of choice away from him. This could actually push him away from you, causing the timeframe to be even further out into the future.
I am going to share with everyone here the best ways to word your timeframe questions:
1) When will a new business opportunity head in my direction if I continue working as hard as I am right now to find them? This is a good way to ask because this lets the psychic know you are actively pursuing your future and not wanting a "get-out-of-life-free" card. Also, it helps us validate what we already see in your path. If you tell us you are working hard towards it, and we visualize that you are handing out resumes daily, returning phone calls, going to interviews, etc., then we can validate that we are "on" when reading you. It helps us know we are picking up on your energy accurately. Also, honesty is very important to an outcome. If you tell us this, but we can sense you aren't working hard on it at all, and if we sense that working hard or harder is what it takes to get to the outcome, we can say, "I don't see you doing very much right now. Here is what you need to do to find this job. Here is where to look, here is who to watch for, here is who I think could be open to hiring you." We can steer you TOWARDS that desired outcome and help you receive it more easily.
2) Could I expect the job opportunity to come to me without much searching, or do I need to expand my search and work even harder to manifest this job? This is a good way to ask things, because we can tell you exactly what we are seeing and what the path would be if you did nothing, or if you handed out resumes more, of if you tried harder. For the very lucky few of you who get jobs by who you know, it could be very helpful, because if a job is coming your way anyway, then you could go on vacation for a week instead! Fun!
3) What could I be doing differently so that I'd have more leftover money this month to save and stash away for my vacation? When do you think I WILL actually be able to afford this vacation more comfortably? This is an excellent question because it allows me as the psychic to see where you stand currently and get a vivid picture of everything you need to do to get to that vacation and make it happen for you!
4) What am I doing correctly already in my business that is working to keep my regulars? If I continue doing this, will I retain the same amount of business or would I need to change it up a bit, and if so, when? This is another responsible way to manifest more money and business into your life by empowering yourself!
5) What does this business need to attract new investors, so that it can get off the ground? When do you foresee it getting off the ground if I follow that blueprint? This lets us know that you are indeed willing to listen to what Spirit has to say about what to do to get to your desired outcome. Your Higher Power will respectfully give you everything you need to follow your own energetic blueprint, and then the timeline will be more accurate!
6) How did my interview go, and when will I hear from the person for a second interview? This give you the timeframe AND let's you know how they are thinking of you, which can help you to either boost your confidence or do damage control, when you hear from the potential employer again!
7) Will I make it past the second interview and if yes, how will the next stage of the application process go? What could I do to improve the way I am interviewing so that I make sure I get this job? This is a great way to look at the overall process of getting the job, as opposed to just the final outcome. It can be very empowering because if you don't make it past the first or second interview, you could go ahead and grieve, eat that bucket of ice cream, and then get rared up and ready for the next interview. We can then discuss what you could do better and not waste time waiting on the pointless employer who didn't choose you. But if you DID make it past the first few stages, it helps to get another fresh look on how everyone in the company is viewing you so that you can know how to mesh better with them throughout the rest of the process. This greases the edges of the window so that you can smoothly transition into the company.
8) Why did I not connect very well to the man who interviewed me, and what can I do, if anything, to change his mind? When, if at all, will I hear from him? Again, this prevents you from wasting vital time by waiting on a company if they are uninterested in you if you did not qualify. Also, a detailed answer to this question could help you know whether or not he could be persuaded more by you, or whether you just need to let this job go and don't even wait on the call back from them.
9) I seem to be not getting along with my boss. What can I do to improve interactions with her so that I am not fired? If I cannot improve the interactions, when do you think she might considering letting me go? This has helped many of my clients correct tough situations and has prevented a potential job loss! It's very important that you are not a chicken shit. Please ask me these kinds of career related questions!
10) If I quit my current job, how long will it take for me to feel financially secure? What could I do to speed up that process? If you're really bold, go ahead and ask this. It's very another way to empower yourself by getting a good clairvoyant blueprint on how tough it would be to ease out of the job by quitting, or if finances would be too stringent, you'd know that you might need to stay and suck it up for a while, perhaps tucking money away under the mattress until you can safely get the hell out of dodge.
Here are some ways NOT to ask about timing:
1) When is my soulmate coming back into my life for good? (It's not good to ask in this manner, because most psychics only read out into the future about two years maximum. Your soulmate may have many lessons to learn, before he or she returns for good, if he or she returns at all. Asking in this manner causes your reader to assume you are not open to the option and the honesty she might have to impart to you if she senses your soulmate will not return at all. If you call for the truth, and you're ready to hear it if it's negative, ask, "Is my soulmate every going to come back at all?". And then, "If so, when he does return, will it be to stay?".
2) When is my soulmate going to call me again next? Now while there is nothing wrong with this question, please be advised that many psychics may not work well in the immediately timeframes. I, for one, am more accurate with the longer term timeframes. If I read into this and feel the soulmate will call in a shorter term timeframe, I will often say to you, "Here are the numbers I am sensing, but I do not work accurately within the energy of such shorter term timeframes. I may be inaccurate, therefore, these numbers are meant only to be written down; don't hold me to it."
3) When is my soulmate going to leave his or her partner? Focusing energetically on the lessons of someone else as opposed to your own, can cause much energetic blocks. I will give you the timeframe on this as easily as anyone, and while it's OK to ask this, keep in mind that it's unhealthy to focus on it too much or to live your life based upon the outcome of such a timeframe.
4) When am I going to hit the lotto? Well, aside from the fact that keen highly frowns upon lotto questions in general, dwelling on your pot of gold in the sky could prevent you from manifesting money in your life by working for it, and since timeframes change, it could block your energetic mojo and make you less lucky, too! Here is a more energetically constructive way to utilize this question: 1) What are the times of the year when I am most lucky in my lotto games or scratch off tickets? 2) What are my lucky numbers? Sorry to those of you whom this question offended, but many inquiring minds really wanted to know! :)
5) When am I going to have my baby? Pregnancy in general and the timing thereof, is relatively difficult for most psychics, because I'm reading timing on you AND baby. Your body could say to us: "At the end of the month! I want this baby out NOW!" The baby's energy, however, could say, "Ohh HELL no! I wanna be in here longer. It's cozy in here!!" Get my drift? The specific combination of two energies can confuse the reader if the person is umm..inhabiting your uterus. A better way to ask would be: 1) During what times of this month are hot spots for labor to occur? or 2) What windows of opportunity are coming up for you as being strong energy for labor? If I am reading LABOR as the outcome, you are more than likely to get a more accurate timeframe.
6) When did my soulmate cheat on me? We, as psychics, feel so appalled by this question, and so taken aback. The last time a client asked me this and I answered it, she threatened to off herself and I had to contact keen corporate. Please, don't ask questions to which you don't want to know the answer. If you are STRONG enough to handle this answer, go ahead. But please, if you even have to THINK about whether you're strong enough to handle this answer, don't risk it by asking. I don't want to have to emotionally pull out my spatula and scrape you off my blog screen.  :)
Long energy:  If I say to you that there is a "long energy" behind the numbers in your timeframe, it means: several months to years.
Moderate energy: If I say to you that there is a "moderate energy" behind the numbers in your timefame, it means: a few weeks to a few months.
Short energy: If I say to you that there is a "short energy" behind the numbers in your timeframe, it means: hours to days
Why are my timeframes so sketchy: Because energy changes constantly. I am reading your aura, which is electromagnetic energy. How you act and react changes energy. Remember, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". Just by you knowing the future creates the reaction from the Universe to you, otherwise known as YOUR FUTURE. Also, since I don't use any specific tools to help me specify what the numbers mean, I can only receive clairvoyant numbers, and then FEEL the depth of the energy surrounding said numbers.

Know Thy Aura, Know Thyself: Today's Aura Color Description: YELLOW

YELLOW: This color indicates a person of strong mental faculty. It conveys a sense of warmth and cheer fullness in the personality, as well as charisma. Excessively cloudy or ruddy shades of yellow could indicate a stressed personality due to overflow of mental activity. . I recognize many of you YELLOWS out there, by your high levels of energy, your love of "play," your joyful glee and lust for life, and your need to focus mainly on the positive in life. You yellows will often call me to say, "So many choices, so little time." To you who are yellow, you have TONS of ideas but you have a hard time getting them all off the drawing board. You also want to believe that everyone has your best interests at heart, so you trust a little too easily. Being open, providing a fresh and unbiased perspective on life, pointing out the positive, making people laugh, and knowing how to ENJOY life are your strong suits. 
You enjoy love, life, food, sex, leaping into mud puddles, catching frogs, playing in the rain and skinny dipping. You appreciate your body, and you try to stay in shape, although it can be a struggle not to have a yo-yo weight problem because of your love for good food! In work, you start a zillion projects, and have a LOT of irons in the fire at once. You know how to multitask, but you initially will have problems with delegating tasks.
What is your weak suit, you ask? You're disorganized in your thoughts. You take on too many responsibilities, and then wonder why you have a hard time completing the tasks and keeping your head above water. Also, your home and office desk space is a mess. Personally, since you want to believe in the innate goodness of mankind, you try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. You doubt your own instincts and then wonder why you didn't see it coming when your employee steals money from your business, when your maid constantly does a poor job (but you hate confrontation, so you avoiding firing her or even talking to her about it), your husband cheats and your landscaper uses the cheap mulch.
Yellows ABHOR confrontation and will avoid it at all costs, until one day, when they've had enough, they LET LOOSE like a bull in a china shop. Warning to other colors: if you piss a yellow off, put up the china! Also, if you piss a yellow off, you deserve what is coming to you, for yellows aren't easily offended.  
What you provide in any relationship: The fun! You open-mindedly venture into territories most people would not, both emotionally and sexually. You're funny, joyful, and when on vacation you're the child-at-play. You're the mom seen gleefully splashing in the ocean with her kids, not worrying about her hair, makeup or who might be watching. You're the father outside playing baseball on a beautiful summer's day with your son. You're the grandmother in the baseball stands at every practice, proudly cheering for her grandson! You're the single woman running barefooted on the beach just for the enjoyment of your "runners high" and fresh ocean air.
Warning to other aura colors: yellows are easily bored. If you're the stay at home type who would rather work, read the newspaper, eat dinner and watch football day in and day out, if you do not enjoy the outdoors, or if you refuse to shop, you're not a good match for a yellow! Yellows enjoy spicing life up a bit, they have a healthy social life, they enjoy having many extra curricular activities with their spouses or partners, and are NEVER boring in bed! A yellow will never try to change their partners, and are incredibly patient, to boot!
What you should watch out for in relationships:  Your innate believe that everyone is good in their hearts, could get you in trouble. Your judgment of character meter could use a fill up. You give everyone a chance, and everyone is innocent before proven guilty. You're so magnetic in your energy, that people PURSUE you as if you're a fancy reward or trophy to be obtained. You're normally attractive and have so many positive qualities that people will want you, however, the WRONG partners seem to want you. You seem to attract the energy of people from all sides of the fence. Since, as mentioned earlier, your judgment of character is relatively poor, you seem to go from relationship to relationship or friendship to friendship, looking for that one true person who will actually show their true colors and who will stay. You're also a good bit insecure over your body, your personality and your looks. Because of this, you seem to feel the need to do the pursuing in the relationship, when this habit may push the right people away from you.
You're impatient for the outcome in relationships, so you push people to give you answers about their feelings for you before they are ready to have such in-depth conversations. You may not verbally push them, but you'll do more subtle things such as calling too often, leaving too many voicemails or emails, texting too much, and settling for less communication than you'd like from your partner and then whining later by saying, "You never call me or ask me out anymore..WHY?" Well, keep in mind, yellows, why would a person buy the cow if he can get the milk for free? My advice: step back and let your partner or partner-to-be pursue you. Let them do the work. Your insecurity is not attractive to them, but YOU are attractive and you need to start to believe that YOU are a good catch! If you're wrong and they never call again, so what? Wouldn't you then want to quickly let go and be ready for the guy or gal who WILL call, ask you on dates, and show consistent forms of interest? Put that phone down! If he or she is worth it, he or she will indeed call.
What could make your friendships and relationships better: Improving your confidence levels by making sure YOU love yourself, and by making sure YOU are in top notch shape physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, would be a good place to start. Since yellows tend to be perfectionists, I wouldn't advice a yellow to enter into a relationship if they do not feel they themselves are whole in all facets of life. Also, trusting in their own instincts would be an even better place to begin. Yellows naturally trust more in logic and reason than intuition, not because they do not WANT to trust their intuition, because they have had such poor experience with poor judgment towards their relationship partners and friends, that they don't know what to believe, where to start, who to trust or HOW to trust, and yes, this includes trusting their own judgment.
My advice to yellows: start fresh. Drop the pain, the hurt, the fears, the insecurities and learn to listen to how you feel. Stop listening to others so much and listen to how YOU feel! Do you feel an empty spot in your heart when you think of the person with whom you are in love? Then this is something to consider! Look back at all the jobs, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends about whom you feel that "empty" or "hurting" feeling, and begin to let them go. Yellow often have too many negative energy around them in relationships to have room for more constructive relationships. Many of you have called me to say, "I would leave my husband, who I don't love anymore, but the Universe never sends anyone new!" Stop making excuses. How can the Universe send a round peg to fill the round hole if the hole is not only currently filled, but currently JAMMED with the square peg that isn't fitting very well? All right you oranges out there, get your head out of the gutter!
Your spiritual lessons: The common spiritual themes I see in yellows are as follows:
1) Putting others ahead of themselves.
2) Having too many irons in the fire; and
3) Not trusting their own instincts and intuition.
Who make the best friends or partners for you: blues, they are more organized than you and can help you learn how to balance and prioritize your life. They also are very good judges of character, from whom you could stand to learn, while simultaneously enjoying their genuinely giving personalities. Violetsbecause they'd never take you for granted and are as open to life and the enjoyment thereof, as you are, aquamarines, because they have highly spiritual viewpoints and also live their lives as openly and avidly as you, and  chartreuse because they know how to help you be more balanced and observant without losing sight of who YOU are.
Who makes the worst friends or partners for you: orange, because they are too into physical and sexual components of you and refuse to put priority towards the spiritual parts of you, which are in need of growth and nurturing. This could cause you to focus only on materialistic and earthly things, and forget your spiritual instincts, which is bad for your confidence, purple, because they, too, focus only on the earthly related things. Purples focus on the earth and keeping it green, while simultaneously being too worried about the color of their nail polish. This could confuse you. Pinks, because they don't know who they are, and even though they mean well, it takes them too long to find themselves; you could not handle it if they rejected you, and their general lack of grounding in life could make your head spin and browns since they are just a tad bit TOO grounded for you, and life with a brown would be "boring," for a yellow. The moment your brown partner said he was going to read the newspaper instead of having sex would be the moment his things are parked on your doorstep.
Careers best for you:  any outdoor career, such as riverboat guide, lifeguard or historical tour guide (because you love people and being in different places), flight attendant (you LOVE being on the go and the excitement of seeing new places is really great for you), athlete (you are at your best when in shape) or fitness instructor (you love people and fitness, so it's a good combination) and real estate (the combination of people and being on the go really suits you).
Careers worst for you:  teaching (you don't have the patience or organization, plus you NEED your summers off since you enjoy vacations), counseling (remember that you operate from your solar plexus chakra, which governs emotions-this makes you highly empathic and too absorbent of others' problems. Also, you cannot even handle your own stress, so don't take on the stress of others), paralegal (you aren't organized enough) or administrative careers (being behind a desk all day might bore you unless you felt that the career were fulfilling enough).
Health Challenges: Ulcers, gastric upset, IBS, Crohns Disease, alcoholism, eating disorders, diabetes, gallbladder disease and pancreatic concerns and metabolic disorders.
Health Strengths:  Perfect blood pressure, perfect heart, perfect lungs. Your pulse always has the perfect resting rate.
How you can tell you're YELLOW: Well, call me. I'll take a look. But other than having an aura reader look, there are some more obvious signs. Here they are:
1) One can't tell the difference between the parents and the children when you're all together in the park. You can keep up with them, and often you share your closet with your teenager;
2) People can hear the hyena style laughter of a yellow from anywhere in the office. Don't worry, it makes us laugh with you, even though we have no idea what you're laughing about;
3) You focus a lot on your body and physical appearance, and you're never satisfied. If you were five pounds over weight, you'd call yourself fat;
4) You eat faster than any of the other color spectrum. For as much as you complain about your weight, there isn't an ounce of fat on you, and when there is, you'll be seen telling the world about your latest crash diet.
5) You don't know the meaning of the word, "No," unless you're in the workplace, at which point in time, "No" is often used because you don't trust anyone to do your work with the exception of yourself. 
6) You are the center of attention wherever you go, the life of the party, the person we all love to be around. However, you're not the best friend in the world. It's not because you don't mean to be there for the rest of us, it's because your schedule is busier than that of the President of The United States. It would take a press conference to get a spot on that schedule.
7) Your house is a MESS.
8) Your desk is a mess.
9) Your car is a mess.
10) You aren't responsible in your personal life. You forget our birthday, unless you can have it marked on your palm pilot. However, you'd never let a work deadline slip.
11) You aren't quick to forgive people who hurt you.
12) However, it takes a LOT to insult you or hurt you. You easily can laugh at yourself and forgive our trespasses for either trivial or serious faults.
13) It doesn't take much to earn your friendship. The whole world knows you. We secretly refuse to go to the mall with you because we never get any shopping done. We get through half of a store when we hear you, "Oh JANE! What are YOU doing here! It's so great to see you! How is your sister, Jane? Oh? Well how did that happen?". Less than five minutes later it's, "Pastor Bill, gracious it's so good to see you! How are the babies?" and so forth and so forth. You know people you haven't seen since third grade.
14) You don't mind spending money. Your car is the best, your house is the most expensive, and your kitchen always has it's pantry overflowing with the best quality foods from all around the world. You know how to cater a party, and you throw the BEST parties in the town! People will be talking about the punch you made on Christmas up until next Christmas, and they patiently wait for your invitations.
15) You have more knowledge of food, clothes, wine and good shoes, than you do politics or golf, but you can keep up with the most brilliant professors, engineers and intellects in the world. Your intellectual IQ is at least 140, but your logical IQ is about 39. Once you start to learn to trust your instincts, you'll get there.
16) You know how to swim faster and run faster than the rest of us.
17) You have the perfect balance between work, family, your social life and your relationship(s).
18) You know how to employ sarcasm into your humor.
19) You are open minded enough to use the word, "fart" with class. Yeah, you greens didn't find that one funny, did you? I bet you crystals did!
20) Fun is the highest priority in your life. Fun and laughter!

Divine Intervention: For Better or For Worse? You Decide.

I received an email yesterday asking me to address this topic, and while it is a vast topic, I will attempt to address it and narrow it down in a more concrete way. Divine Intervention: according to Wikapedia, is another term for a "miracle". Below is the answers dot com definition of "miracle":

mir·a·cle (mĭr'ə-kəl)

  1. An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God: “Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves” (Katherine Anne Porter).
  2. One that excites admiring awe. See synonyms at wonder.
  3. A miracle play.

Here are the different displays of "Divine Intervention" I've seen in many of you, that I'd like to address today (since these are the most common forms of it):

1) You waited patiently on someone you loved dearly, only to find out they were not in contact with you because they were secretly courting and pursuing someone else. You hear it, not from the person you love, but from someone else, that your loved one and the new girl are planning a wedding! You would have never heard from the person you love about the wedding, but you get the "signs".

You notice, on at the bus stop, that almost every passing bus has pictures of brides, engagement rings, or bridal dresses plastered all over them in unavoidable displays. You turn on your radio to avoid thinking of your soulmate, only to hear the song, "Going The Chapel" mockingly playing on three different stations you frequent. You go to work to check your email and then you hear your best friend's shocking voicemail: "Girl, you won't BELIEVE this! I just heard it from his boss that he is PLANNING A WEDDING!!".

In tears and shock, you call all the psychics on your list (all the ones that predicted you'd be back together), and call every single one of them to ask for an "update". Here are their responses, in order of your calls:

1) Madam Misapropos: "Girl, don't worry, be happy! I didn't tell you that part of the prediction because she's not even important! She FORCED that engagement ring outta him! He'll run any day now. Heck, he may leave her at the alter!";

2) Mistress Misinformed: "Ohh honey I am so sorry that I didn't pick up on her energy at all. I think the reason I didn't pick up on her is because it shocked him. She chased him and it was a sudden decision. He's not thinking rationally! He'll either not go through with it, or end up with an annulment!"'

3) Lady Not-So-Lucky: "Oh, are you sure that's right? Because I think that it's only a rumor. I bet you my bottom dollar, next week you learn that it's ALL hearsay!"

Meanwhile, a month later, your best friend gets a wedding invitation and you hear it from everyone in his office that he's "never been happier". Divine Intervention, does not always work out for the best. In many cases, it protects you from making one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make! Divine Intervention often feels really hurtful initially. Allow me to fast forward on the above referenced true story a bit.

Fast foward six months: After spending most of your 401K on the above referenced psychics, you finally call someone who says to you the truth about Divine Intervention:

Divine Dimensia: "Honey, please go ahead and let him go. You need closure. I am trying to give it to you. The Universe gave you all the signs before you found out about his engagement. He married. They intervened for you, and here in a few months, you will see WHY the Universe intervened. Yes, he is one of your soulmates. Yes, you could have been happy together. However, he isn't ready for marriage and you deserve happiness! He hasn't learned his karmic lessons, and he and his newly wedded wife will go through pure hell because of this! Would you want to be in her shoes when he up and leaves her? I assure you, there are reasons for the Divine Intervention. Wait not on him, but on real love from someone new. No, he is not going to give you closure. Only you can give yourself closure."

Client: "Divine Dimensia, I am calling back because I've met the most WONDERFUL man! It took me several months of pining and crying over Mr. Not-So-Right, but I've met this new man who I think IS Mr. Right! We've been dating a few months, and I couldn't be happier! I think that the Universe has intervened again, to keep me from waiting on my soulmate who is married. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you....he is divorcing her! I heard it from our mutual office buddies, that he has moved out and is seeing his secretary! I am soooo glad I didn't wait. I don't even want him now! He called me, as you all said he would, but I don't want him! All of this really was Divine Intervention. I would never have wanted to be in his wife's shoes. He would have left me, too, or cheated!"

The moral of the story: Divine Intervention isn't always such a wonderful thing initially. It doesn't always "feel" very great. It doesn't feel like the "miracle" that Wikapedia states is, especially during the time you are experiencing it. My advice on how to handle Divine Intervention:

1) Don't misinterpret it. Many of you have called to say, "I keep hearing this song over and over; I keep seeing signs everywhere about weddings, or I see street signs with his last name on it". It doesn't often have an obvious meaning, nor should you spend your time attempting to interpret it. Go about your daily life without dwelling on it;

2) Be still: in your mind and heart. Allow the Universe to play this all out for you. Trying to dwell on what it means by calling too many spiritualists for interpretations of it, only makes you dwell on the future, which prevents you from living in the present moment. This makes your outcome take LONGER than intended;

3) Be active: in body and energy. LIVE your life. Do things you enjoy. Focus on asking the Universe for love in whatever form Divine choses to send to you, even if it doesn't have your soulmate's name attached. Don't personalize the messages or the love being sent, just focus on receiving love. Visualize how you want to live your life. Begin to imagine yourself being happy with someone in general;

4) Prioritize! If love, for you, is not the priority, how do you expect the Universe to know to send it to you? If focusing on your soulmate has become your priority, and he or she is not ready, he or she won't come no matter HOW much you dwell or focus on it. Don't use the Law of Attraction improperly. It is mean to be used in ways that are healthy. Prioritize love by LOOKING FOR IT. If the way you were looking wasn't looking, CHANGE YOUR WAY OF SEARCHING. Yes, you have to search for love; and finally,

5) Don't expect the other person to give you closure! Even if he did tell you that he fell out of love for you because he still had feelings for the ex, was too afraid, the sex wasn't good enough, you smell like leftover cigarettes, you don't provide enough oral sex, you don't watch enough football or you ass was too big, would that information really make you feel any better? When a person doesn't tell you why they left or why they refused to even give you a chance with them in the first place, it's often not an answer you'd want to know about. Please give yourself the respect and closure you need by moving on and not focusing on the "why" of it all. The truth of the matter is, that it doesn't matter WHY. If someone is not there in your life for you, you need to move on.

Love won't show up at your door unless you are one of those very lucky young ladies who is wooed by the UPS man. Yes, it's happened, but not very often. Love will come to you when you prioritize and look for it (looking for it by putting yourself in the same place and time as your desired soulmate won't work, that's called dwelling). If joining match dot com is too generic for you and isn't working, try something different. If the singles group at your church isn't working for you, try eharmony dot com.

It doesn't matter what you try as long as you keep changing it up, trying different things, changing your life, your interests and your OLD ways of living, until you feel better about who you are as a whole, and about what love means to you. Sometimes, the Universe wants you to accept that you may be alone. In these rare cases, it is frightening. You will feel bitter about this. You'll look around and say, "Everyone else seems happy; everyone else has someone, everyone else has families, everyone else found someone after a breakup, why not me!" Until you accept the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to be in love with yourself, and to find love in other ways, love will not often come.

If you've tried every way under the sun to find love, and it just doesn't happen for you, then you might be in the latter category. If that's the case, accept it in peace. Release your pain over being alone, and begin to fall in love with YOU. Woo yourself! Take YOURSELF out to dinner, make dates for YOURSELF. The rare customers I find who are able to accept this do end up finding love later in life.

I don't have the answers, normally, regarding why you had to go through this. Perhaps you have karmic issues left over from a past life and you're sorting through in this lifetime. Perhaps your specific life blueprint says you will find happiness, but not until you're fifty. Perhaps it also says that you alone can change this, if you accept being alone, let Divine Intervention occur without regret and happily embrace life, finding love within the early blooming morning glories, the laughter of the children on the passing school bus, or from your elderly mother who cherishes the love you give to her every time you visit her and allow her to cook that treasured potroast recipe passed down from your great grandmother.

Perhaps the traditions past down from generation to generation in your family, will be something you enjoy and treasure, and perhaps the love you feel in your family will replace the hole you feel romantically, until the Universe intervenes once more and finally sends Mr. or Miss. Right. Perhaps the "soulmate" you seek is the child you saved from the streets by adopting him out of the foster home.

My point is, that Divine Intervention, although often misunderstood, will happen whether you understand it or not. Love often shows it's array of colors via unexpected rainbows that happen at many inopportune moments in life. However love presents itself to you, accept it no holds barred. Be open to Divine Intervention. Embrace life. Embrace love in whatever form the Universe sends that is healthy for you. Only then can you understand Divine Intervention.


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