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Greetings Dear Ones ...

Today's Positive Affirmation is a little late ~smile~ but, nevertheless important.

How can you tell if you are on the right path, or headed in the right direction -- in decision making, in your love life, in your career ?  We are faced daily with making the right choices and oftentimes we miss important 'signs' that show us the way. 

Signs are truly miracles. They come in the form of visual and/or audible aids, physical and/or spiritual beings that offer miraculous presence to light our way. 

In fact, one of the most disregarded signs we receive is simply that barriers have been removed for our forward movement, which sometimes causes us to stop in fear!  Don't allow fear to be your guide. 

Today's Positive Affirmation is in the form of a prayer treatment and will help you to stay on track, uncover the "signs", and reach your goals and desires effortlessly.

"Divine True Source, Creator of all living things everywhere, I recognize with my heart and soul that You are the most capable counsel and guide in my life.  I trust your input and ask that you show me the way that impacts the good of the whole.  I ask that you make a sign so far beyond coincidence that I will have absolutely no doubt of its origin.  I trust your guidance and place my situation in your loving hands.  And So It Is."

Please keep this prayer treatment close to you and repeat it often.   Allow the presence of the Divine to be your guide and know that all that happens in your life has real purpose - whether it be for the learning experience Soul needs, or to move you forward to the next level of enlightenment.

You all have my warmest wishes for more joy and real fulfillment as you walk your path.

Warmly in light and love


Today's affirmative prayer treatment has been paraphrased with input from the Supreme Science QiGong Center.

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A locally 'known' Dolphin in New Zealand came to the rescue of a disoriented sperm whale and her calf .... such is the wisdom and brilliance of these gentle sea creatures.  Hope you enjoy this heartlifting story.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- A dolphin swam up to two distressed whales that appeared headed for death in a beach stranding in New Zealand and guided them to safety, witnesses said Wednesday.

The actions of the bottlenose dolphin -- named Moko by residents who said it spends much of its time swimming playfully with humans at the beach -- amazed would-be rescuers and an expert who said they were evidence of the species' friendly nature.

The two pygmy sperm whales, a mother and her calf, were found stranded on Mahia Beach, about 500 kilometers (300 miles) northeast of the capital of Wellington, on Monday morning, said Conservation Department worker Malcolm Smith.

Rescuers worked for more than one hour to get the whales back into the water, only to see them strand themselves four times on a sandbar slightly out to sea. It looked likely the whales would have to be euthanized to prevent them suffering a prolonged death, Smith said.

"They kept getting disorientated and stranding again," said Smith, who was among the rescuers. "They obviously couldn't find their way back past (the sandbar) to the sea."

Along came Moko, who approached the whales and led them 200 meters (yards) along the beach and through a channel out to the open sea. Video Watch how dolphin became a hero ยป

"Moko just came flying through the water and pushed in between us and the whales," Juanita Symes, another rescuer, told The Associated Press. "She got them to head toward the hill, where the channel is. It was an amazing experience. The best day of my life."

Anton van Helden, a marine mammals expert at New Zealand's national museum, Te Papa Tongarewa, said the reports of Moko's rescue were "fantastic" but believable because the dolphins have "a great capacity for altruistic activities."

These included evidence of dolphins protecting people lost at sea, and their playfulness with other animals.

"We've seen bottlenose dolphins getting lifted up on the noses of humpback whales and getting flicked out of the water just for fun," van Helden said.

"But it's the first time I've heard of an inter-species refloating technique. I think that's wonderful," said van Helden, who was not involved in the rescue but spoke afterward to Smith.

Smith speculated that Moko responded after hearing the whales' distress calls.

"It was looking like it was going to be a bad outcome for the whales ... then Moko just came along and fixed it," he said. "They had arched their backs and were calling to one another, but as soon as the dolphin turned up they submerged into the water and followed her."

After the rescue, Moko returned to the beach and joined in games with local residents, he said.

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ASCENSION LESSONS FROM LADY MASTERS: Ascended Master Lady Mary - 3/7/08

This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is.  Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following Ascension Lesson was given on March 7, 2008 by 
Ascended Master Lady Mary:

Good morning, I am Mary and today I would like to speak to you about the false stories told about me and my loved ones for the past 2,000 years.

First of all, I was and am the mother of Esu Immanuel, incorrectly called Jesus by some, and now named Sananda Kumara.

I WAS visited by Archangel Gabriel and given the seed which was combined with my DNA, Gabriel's and my husband, Joseph's.  This Trinity created the very special human being known as Esu Immanuel. 

Esu's physical body carried a much higher functioning DNA and vibration than any others on the planet at that time and was therefore able to house the Soul known as Esu Immanuel AND occasionally Christ Michael, Descending Son and Creator God of this universe. 

Yes, there were sometimes two Souls inhabiting Esu's body at the same time.  This has lead to much confusion in people's mind as to whether or not he was the Son of God or God ITself.  I hope this clears this confusion.

The dominant Soul was always Christ Michael, but He/IT was unwilling and unable to reside completely and comfortably in a human body for more than short periods of time, so it was Esu's Soul that lived and expressed Itself within that body most of the time.

Also, to my knowledge there was never a savior during Esu's time who was named Jesus.  This is not a Jewish name.  Esu did hope and plan to be recognized eventually as the Messiah though, so that his teachings might reach more ears and have a greater impact upon the people.

There have been many lies perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church in the past 2.000 years and perpetuated by priestcraft too ignorant or lazy to research for themselves the truth of my son's teachings. 

I do admit though, that the Church of Rome did a wonderful job of destroying any records that they had access to which would invalidate their teachings, thereby making it difficult to find truth.  Even most of Esu's Disciples had little understanding of what he was teaching though he spoke in parables so that even the least educated listener might understand.

Truth is also hidden from those church leaders who have refused to look within to find God's truth for themselves and instead given their power and responsibility of free thought away to their church leaders.

Esu taught that there is One God that lives within all Souls at all times and that God is LOVE.  He also taught  that everyone should strive to live manifesting love, peace, benevolence and harmony at ALL times, while doing unto others as you would have them do to you.

That's it.  Simple and to the point.  All of the other words he used were to describe these few to the peoples who gathered to hear him, in such a way as they might better understand.

In those days, in that part of the world, there was always fighting and power plays between the great egos of men.  It was the prevailing thought then as now, that "might was right" and that if one should ever gain power, they must do everything they could to retain that power. 
The people be damned if they did not go along with it.

As you know, it was also becoming a very patriarchal society.  Society previously had honored women more, especially Gnostic societies, and considered them equals to all men.  The Church of Rome and Peter, who was always jealous of Mary Magdalene, made sure that in their fear of women that almost all traces of female contributions to the welfare of the peoples, were destroyed.

Many, many, many strong and courageous women lost their lives during the hundreds of years of the Inquisition because they spoke out for love and kindness and against the cut-throat tactics of the Catholic Church.

 The Church of Rome was determined to kill everyone who opposed their rule... and they did!  Wiping out entire villages, men, women and children alike, and declared that they did it all "in Christ's name"!

You may ask why I have decided to speak so forcibly at this time.

It is because IT IS TIME.

It is time for great changes on this planet.

It is time that the females return to walk side by side with the males, recognized as equals.

It is time for people to wake up and take their power back from those who have misused it for their own gains.


It is time for people to know that Mary Magdalene was and is my beloved daughter-in-law and that she is not nor ever has been the whore or a demon filled psychotic woman that the Catholic Church made her out to be for 2,000 years.  They knew it was not true when they said it and implied it in many other ways, but they said it anyway because it did not fit into their plans for total control for ANY woman, even me, to have any recognition for our contributions.  Slight recognition for Mary's work and mine only came after hundreds of years of people demanding it or recognizing our work in spite of the church.

Mary Magdalene was from a royal family bloodline, as were Joseph and I and therefore, Esu.  Because of family circumstances, Mary was given, at an early age, to Joseph and me to raise as our own.  Esu told her when she was a child that when she grew up they would be married.  He knew of their destiny together and made sure that she knew it too.  Joseph and I knew also.  They not only loved each other deeply and still do, but they were and are the greatest of friends.

Another great lie told by the Roman Church is that Esu "Christ" died on the cross for the sins of the world.

It is true that he was crucified, at least symbolically, but he was rescued before his actual physical death and secreted away by Joseph of Arimathaea, two of Esu's brothers and a few trusted others.

Pontius Pilate was bribed and in on the plot and instructed his soldiers not to injure Esu in such a way that might endanger his life.  The Jewish Sanhedrin really didn't care if he died or not, they just wanted him out of their way and no longer a threat to their power structure.  We knew this and realizing we had already accomplished much of what we came into this life to accomplish, we were happy to leave Israel with our lives.

As for Esu dying for the sins of others, he did not.  He could not because there is no such thing as sin in Creator God's eyes.  There is only love and the understanding that All That Is is ITs creation and ALL are greatly loved.  All are here at ITs beckoning, at ITs invitation and helping Creator God and the All That Is to learn about duality.

After the failed crucifixion, we traveled to Turkey, Italy and eventually Esu and Mary Magdalene went on to Srinagar, India.  Mary was pregnant when they made that trip.  Sarah, their first child, was born in India.  She was one of four of their children who lived. Three others were miscarried.

When Esu, Mary and Sarah returned to Turkey to meet up with our party, who had scattered for three years to accomplish different goals and make finding Esu more difficult in case anyone was looking for him, we went to Alexandria in Egypt before settling in the Langedoc Region in the South of France near Rennes-le-Chateau.  It was there that all of us continued sharing Esu's teachings.

Esu adopted the name David Albengentun and spent most of his time teaching local children.  Mary and I taught the adults and Mary spent much of her free time writing down Esu's teachings so that they would not be lost.  We all knew that he was going to be used by the Roman Church and that many or most of the truth of his teachings would be lost either by misinterpretation or out and out lies.

I died what seemed only a few years after we got to France.  Esu died about 15 years later and Mary Magdalene lived and taught another 20 years before she died.  All together she and Esu were married close to 60 years even though they were together for their entire lives, except for his 15 year journey from ages 15 to 30.

Only their first born, Sarah, carried on their teachings.  Their other three children moved away as young adults and created lives of their own choosing.

I hope this clears up some of the lies and misunderstandings about Esu, Mary Magdalene and myself and helps you to awaken to the fact that you have been living under the thumbs and lies of the power hungry dark ones for the past thousands of years.

It is time to take back your power!

I am Mary and I am grateful that you shared your time with me this day.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
Dhyana Markley 
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  Greetings Dear Ones ...

Lessons are given to us in mysterious ways. Today's Positive Affirmation will deal with a very important lesson that we all face in our lifetimes, sometimes many times a day! 

Patience is the ability "to bear provocation, annoyance, misfortune or pain without complaint, loss of temper or the like."  Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it?  And it is indeed.  How can we 'keep our cool' under pressure with our children, spouse, family, the grocery store cashier,  long check out lines, traffic and such when we have places to go, things to do, people to see?  It isn't easy, but ... we can make minor adjustments to our attitude by encouraging ourselves with positive statements that support our ability to summon patience.  Try these positive affirmations to help you maintain balance in times of need .. .. ..

"I am composed and in control of my NOW."

"I have the forbearance and fortitude to withstand trying times with self-control and poise."

"I have a wealth of tolerance in this moment and I am tapping into my inner courage to persevere through any adversity."

"I am in control."

"I am patient and resistant to outside distractions."

"I  surround myself in a peaceful aura of protective pink mist that bolsters my self-control."

Of course, 'having" patience and 'using' it are two different things ;)  When faced with difficulties, it may be the last thing you want to do is repeat a long, drawn out affirmation.  In this instance, merely continue to repeat "I am in control NOW" until the energy passes and you can continue affirming your abilities with a longer sentence!

You have my warmest wishes for success in moving forward past adversity to find yourself in a safe space.

Blessings ...



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There are two widely held opinions on the burning question .. "Where  Do We Come From?"    Modern day religions base their belief on the faith that we descended from Adam and Eve who were cast out of the Garden of Eden for disobeying God's directive. 

And then, there is the scientific "Theory of Evolution," which claims that we evolved from Apes, and perhaps even further back .... came from the sea and over time, grew appendages which permitted us to move about on land.

I am not a scientist, nor am I a scriptural scholar;  however, as a metaphysician, I proffer a third explanation to the query as to our origin.

My consideration is that Earth is a seed bed for other planets and life forms.  O.K.  if that sounds too far out there for you, stop reading here ~smile~    However, if this idea sounds remotely interesting, please allow me to follow through with this train of thought.

Science has indeed established that the Earth is billions of years old.  Billions.  That is a LOT of time.  For some races and even animal-life, it was an eternity ... extinction has seen to that.  But .. what about the highly evolved races that have come before us?  Where did they get their technology and how did they simply 'disappear' from the face of the Earth?

There are too many pros and cons in support of all three theories to mention here in this blog at this time.  However, the bottom line equates to this:  Man (and animal life) has survived numerous catastrophes over the eons, both natural and otherwise, yet logic tells us that there had to be a 'beginning' somewhere along the line.

I am currently working on my doctorate thesis, the topic of which is "The Origins of Creation - A Metaphysical Discussion."  My research so far has uncovered an incredible amount of information that leads me to seriously consider that we, Earth Mother, was and is indeed a seed-bed, where different races and species have been and still are learning to co-exist together.  Does this sound like some big experiment fashioned in the eye of a master race, or .... simply the evolutionary rise from a remote seeding ... perhaps from millions of years ago? 

I am asking for your opinions, thoughts and discussion along these lines, if anyone would like to participate and voice an opinion.  I understand that this is a grand undertaking and as such, would most welcome your posts.  Any takers?

Be blessed One and All .....


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ASCENSION LESSONS FROM LADY MASTERS: Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki 2/29/08

This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is.  Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following Ascension Lesson was given on February 29, 2008 by 
Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki:

I am Kata Daki and today I would like to speak to you about abuse of power.

In the early days of Earth, before societies like yours had developed, there were individuals who abused power.  The abuse of power has been a challenge for man ever since they were developed into being by a race of beings who manipulated their DNA so that THEY could abuse THEIR power and enslave all of Earth's mankind.

How can you expect to be perfect when all of the examples set before you have been so imperfect?

Many of you are frightened of becoming again who you truly are... beings of great power and consciousness.  Some of you remember that you did not always use your power well in the past and are fearful that you might misuse it again.

I say to you, the past is nothing to fear, for in it is the learning that has given you wisdom and awareness and you need not make the same mistakes again that you made before, even if that "before" was only yesterday or an hour ago.

Many of you currently fear success.  I know that you may not believe me, but it is true.  Fear of success is often the reason you will not make that phone call, take that next step or even research that which you are so interested in. 

You think:  What will my husband think if I earn more money than he does?  I probably wouldn't have enough time to work on my dreams and still take care of my family.  I need to make a living to support everyone I love so I have no time and energy left over to pursue my own dreams.

In other words, many of you have a subconscious memory of having power and position and someone suffered because of your actions... your abuse of power.

Now, there are ways to have your dreams and to include those you love in the process. 

Perhaps you could all "brain storm" together to come up with ideas.  The idea is that everyone's idea is to be seriously considered, even if they are only five years old or a woman who has no experience in business or art or science. 

Any inventor will tell you that the best ideas, that solve problems that others say cannot be solved for some reason or other, are those ideas that often come from "outside of the box".  In other words, those ideas that are not limited by knowing too much about a subject, and therefore disregarded before they are thoroughly and thoughtfully considered.

Perhaps some in your family will want to do research for you, or help you develop the product or advertising or learn to do something right along with you.  There are many ways to share experiences where everyone can learn and grow together, with each using their own talents.

What I am trying to get you to do at this moment is to remove the blocks to your successes, whether they be for spiritual quests or a dream job or a dream marriage and this includes your fear that once again you might just abuse your power and make a mess of things.

I know many of you are excited about working with the members of the Galactic Federation/ Confederation but feel that you are untalented, unskilled and don't know how you will be able to contribute to your new world. 

Please believe me when I say, you have skills and talents that you have been developing for thousands of years that are at your fingertips when the need arises.  There is nothing to fear.  You will not be asked to do anything that you do not want to do and you will not be asked to do anything that you are incapable of doing.  Expert training will also be available to get you back up to speed in an amazingly short time.

Since you have had such good experiences in abusing power, you now have all of that wisdom to draw on, plus you now know the harm that does to yourself as well as others.  You are finally understanding what true Oneness is.  Everyone is you.  Everything is you and when you harm another, in truth you hurt yourself.

So, my friends, it is time to pull it all back together.  Walk forward into each new day with the confidence that you will be able to handle each challenge in your continuing adventure.

With those words to ponder I say, thank you for sharing your day with me.  I am Kata Daki.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
Dhyana Markley 

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    Greetings Dear Ones ....


Understanding Ego is a very important part of our personal Ascension and forward development as Beings.  Ego is our 'Desire to Receive For Ones Self Alone' and we are all bound by it.  To further demonstrate Ego ... the early Egyptians called it "Set" or the "Set-an Force" which was later termed "Satan" by Christianity.  Ego is our opponent in our quest for true happiness and fullfilment. 


Today's Positive Affirmation will deal with acceptance of the Ego, taming it, as it were,  and thereby removing its power over our lives.  The benefits of doing so are innumerable -- miracles begin to happen, our lives takes a giant leap from the dark to the light, we open ourselves to true blessings from the Creator Source (God), and we (most importantly) transform ourselves from oneness to wholeness. 


Please add these Affirmations daily to your meditation and self-talk for at least one week  (although fighting the Ego is a lifelong battle) and 'feel' the difference they make in replenishing the loving Grace of Positivity from the Creator Source.  Don't allow Ego to stop you from repeating these words. Say them with conviction.  This is a battle you can win!


"I am whole, complete and giving of my nature to all living Beings."


"My main purpose here on Earth Mother is to Receive, and to Share the gifts I receive with a loving heart."


"I easily and lovingly share that which I have with ALL Beings in my atmosphere."


"I am able to resist reacting to another's wrong words and negative actions."


"I am able to listen to views that oppose my own and resist taking the bait to argue because I believe ALL are rightfully entitled to their own opinions."


"I perceive humility as the strength that powers my being-ness."


"I easily perform deeds of good nature without the need of commendation because I trust that all things happen for the good of the whole."


"I  fully accept that all things happen for purpose."


"I accept full responsibility for all circumstances, situations and experiences in my life."


The bottom line here is that we acknowlege the reality that Ego traps us in the dark and keeps us from our rightful place within the light of the higher planes. We begin to open our hearts to giving, sharing and caring from a deeper level within and move forward toward more joy, happiness and real fulfillment in our lives.


In light and love always,




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DIABETES ! The "Gift" You Can Treat

Probably not too many words in the English language as frightening as "Diabetes", especially if you have been told that you have it!  Yesterday ..that is exactly what I heard from my doctor. 

The "Gift"

Diabetes has been in my family for generations -- another 'gift' passed down through the ages from grandmother to mother to my sisters.  When I say "gift," I truly mean it.  How could a declaration like "You have diabetes" be a gift?

First of all, as an alternative health geek (what I fondly refer to myself as from time to time), I know that Diabetes can be hereditary.  I also know that diet and exercise can affect the outcome of the bodily processes that the body experiences when the blood glucose count is higher than normal.  And, further, I know that there are  natural, alternative methods of controlling these processes. The 'gift' part comes in here ....  Once you know what it is you are dealing with, you can then take necessary steps to regain control of your health and  move forward.  The gift is 'awareness', 'action' and finally 'results.'

The Dis-ease In Brief

Type II Diabetes is also known as Adult Onset Diabetes and differs from Type I Diabetes, which is often called 'Juvenile Diabetes" -- because Type II is preventable. 

Type I Diabetes normally refers to the result of being 'born' with a dysfunctional pancreas, perhaps inherited from parents who ate the wrong foods, perhaps for other reasons.

Our 'convenient' diet of fast and over-processed foods is a large contributor to the rise of Type II Diabetics today. 

Our bodies,  having been bombarded with huge amounts of sugar and milled products, become resistant to the insulin that the pancreas produces.  As such, the insulin that the body produces becomes diminished in potency as we age, causing pre-Diabetes and finally, full blown Diabetes.

So, with that in mind ... let's look at alternative methods of control for the dreaded declaration of "You have diabetes'!

Super Foods

Recent alternative research claims that a little known vegetable is a veritable powerhouse of insulin-like Phytochemicals that is structurally identical to insulin.    Blood sugar can be naturally balanced by adding Chinese Cucumber (a/k/a Bitter Melon) to the diet.  The combination of Swiss Chard and Chinese Cucumber has been shown to positively impact the blood glucose levels in Type II Diabetics.

Of course, I am not implying that  these two vegetables can do it alone.  We have to help by adhering to a good regimen of diet and exercise.  However, including these two super foods to the diet will greatly enhance the body's ability to heal by providing a natural insulin component which the body recognizes and utilizes.

More Super Foods To Add To Your Diet

Cucumbers contain a high concentration of Phytochemicals that improve the function of insulin.  These Phytochemicals are contained in the seeds and skin of the vegetable, so in order to obtain the benefit, one must use all parts of it!  Don't toss out the skin !

The trace mineral Chromium is an important receptor that assists cells in responding to insulin.  Natural Chromium is concentrated in the green tops of bunching onions --- so  don't throw those tops away -- use in cooking, salads and in juicing.  Chromium Picolinate is also available in capsule form.

Cumin powder, a tasty constituent of Mexican fare, is one of the two most valuable herbs that helps the body to balance blood sugar.  It improves the function of insulin present in the system.  The other important herb is Cinnamon.   Cinnamon improves the metabolism of carbohydrates and gives rise to energy levels.

Reishi Mushroom is an important natural warrior in the battle against heart disease.  All Diabetics could benefit from adding Reishi Mushroom to their diet because of its wide range healing effects to the immune and circulatorty system.  Ssince fresh Reishi Mushroom has a very bitter taste, it is best taken as a liquid extract in warm water, or in tea bag form for drinking.

Swiss Chard, as previously mentioned, is structurally identical to the insulin that the body produces.  Diabetics should eat ten (10) leafy stalks a day, every day.  You may add a few to your raw veggie smoothie, and add the remainder in your daiily salad.

Chinese Cucumber (Bitter Melon) can be added to the diet in a raw vegetable smoothie, as well.  (Note: Hypoglycemics should avoid this veggie because of its glucose lowering abilities.)

More Good Additions

Natural sugars from Beets and Carrots actually help heal the body. Don't be afraid of adding  them to your raw vegetable smoothie. 

Substitute Sweet Potatoes for white Potatoes!  They are less starchy and what starch they contain is actually good for you.  Sweet Potatoes are also  high in protein.  The real problem with Sweet Potatoes is the stuff we smother then in, so ... leave out the brown sugar and butter!  Enjoy its naturally sweet flavor -- as is!

Beans (legumes) are  natures nutritional powerhouse offering both protein and fiber, but .. also contain youth-preserving Phytoestrogens which help to keep you looking your best.  Look for dried Fava, Black, Lentil and Kidney beans and add them to your diet.  Soak them overnight to minimize the gas-producing qualities, if you prefer!

Avocados contain good quality fats that are important to the system.  Avocado can be added to raw smoothies, salads, even made into a tasty spread for crackers and whole grain sandwiches.

Olive Oil -- the only oil you will ever need. It is highest in mono-unsaturated fat and contains Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, which is healing and cleansing to the liver.  Olive Oil contains high concentrations of antioxidants, chlorophyll, carotenoids and numerous polyphenic compounds which act as scavengers in the system to remove free radicals, the 'tarnish' that causes multiple health problems.

Okra is a natural artery scrubber -- but don't eat it fried !  It contains special fibers that yank fat out of the system, so add fresh Okra to soups and stews.  Okra looks slimy inside, but .. is virtually tasteless in raw veggie smoothies.. Try it !

Fish is the best natural resource for Omega 3 fats which are vital for good health, especially for the Diabetic.  However, pollution has caused a lot of nature's sea bounty to become contaminated with high mercury content.  To chelate out heavy metals, use fresh Cilantro with your fish dishes.  The best fish to eat with highest Omega 3 concentration are Wild Salmon, Trout, Flounder, Tilapia, Haddock and ... Sardines !

Lastly ...

Diabetes is not a death sentence, but could be if left to go unchecked.  Do your  homework and research alternative methods to promote good health.  The Internet is chock-full of information.  "Google" the information provided in this post. Knowlege is power ;)

Listen to your health care practitioner and tell them that you are interested in taking a pro-active attitude toward treating yourself by adding fresh, raw foods to your diet.  Your practitioner will applaud your positive efforts!

Get plenty of rest and outdoor exercise.  The body needs time to recoup after an active day, so early to bed and early to rise, if this suits your schedule.  No matter what type of person you are .. a night owl or early bird .. remember to get at least 8 hours of sleep! 

Oxygen is vital to life .. get plenty of outside time to keep your cells refreshed.  When the sun comes out, take a walk or stretch break and deep breathe nature's energy promoter -- fresh air !

Many blessings one and all ... I hope this information proves valuable to you.






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Limited Availability -- Substitute Babysitter :)

Greetings Dear Ones ...


I'm still  operating as substitute baby sitter for my two beautiful little grand kids Weds. and Thurs. this week.  My little Jaidyn is only 5 mos old and teething (ouch!), so it is hard for me to log in full time while she is here with me.  She has bouts of discomfort that could get loud at times and disrupt our reading.

 I will gladly take 'Arranged Calls" during this time so that I may still be available to you, but want you to know that there could possibly be some background 'ambient' sound, not the normal peace and quiet  that we usually have during our readings. :)

Many blessings to you all.  I will be return on Friday and will be available over the weekend, as well.

If the new babysitter doesn't start next week, I will in all likelihood be unavailable on Mon and Tues.  This schedule may persist until the new, full time baby sitter comes on board, i.e. Weds.- Thurs one week and Mon -  Tues. the next week.   I just want to  let you know the reason why my 'Taking Calls" light may not be on as frequently !


Warmest wishes in light and love,



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   Greetings Dear Ones ...

Sometimes, we get the feeling that someone has directed very strong negative energy at us, so much so, that we begin to feel that we have been cursed!  Today's Positive Affirmation will deal with these dark feelings of despair, or  'overlook' as my mother used to call it.

First, let me say that a 'curse' or 'spell' cannot effect us unless we believe in its energy.  If we believe that another can gain control over our lives, then we inadvertently give them permission to wrest that control from us.  So, the order of the day today is to KNOW in our hearts that no one has that type of control unless we give it.  Here is where today's affirmation will help you.   Remember to say your affirmations in sets of threes and say them often.  Also, say these words with conviction, trust and belief. 

"I am a mirror.  I reflect all energy that is directed toward me back to the sender. "

"I am in control of my own life and my own energy.  I give my power to no one."

"I process my energy for the good of the whole and accept the blessings of the Universe for my better good."

"I do not accept negativity into my atmosphere and direct that all negative energy be deflected back to the sender for whatever purposes their Soul needs for the experience."

You may use any of the above affirmations or all of them, as your needs require.  But .. please keep in mind that no one has the right or the ability to 'curse' you, or cause problems in your life without your express say-so.

I will be more than happy to counsel you via email about negative reversal.  Please write me here on Keen if you need any assistance in this regard.

Be blessed, All ....



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Greetings Dear Ones ...

Today's positive affirmation is about control --- how to have positive control over your life and your life experiences.

Our lives are our absolute reality -- and how we react to experiences in our lives is what makes them either good or bad.  We have a choice here -- we can look at circumstances, situations and experiences as bad (negative perception) or good (positive perception).  The bottom line here is that we are in control of our absolute reality -- our lives and the circumstances that form our lives are not in control of us.   

Please use these affirmations daily to establish and maintain reaction control to circumstances and situations that you experience in your life --- write them down, keep them with you and say them in your heart for self-empowerment when faced with situations that impact your positivity.  Remember ... it is human to react, but Divine to control :)

"I recognize the Divine Creator Source within me."

"The presence of the Divine Creator Source within me reacts to every condition in  my  life."

"The wisdom of the Divine Creator Source reacts to any question requiring a solution in my heart and mind."

"The presence of Divine Love within me reacts to any personal love situation in my life."

"The healing presence of the Universal Life Force reacts to any and all physical conditions in my body and corrects them immediately."

"The primal energy of the Divine Creator Source within me reacts to regenerating energy of my body."

With warmest blessings always


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  Greetings Dear Ones ...

So often we repeat negative words and thoughts without even realizing that we are consciously doing so.  Words like "I can't", "I don't know how," I'll never be able to ..." get imprinted on our subconscious mind.  Eventually, we teach ourselves to fail, to suffer and to stagnate by accepting the unconscious thoughts as truth.  We can un-learn these accepted illusionary truths by following the same process, that is, by repeating positive words and thoughts on a daily basis.  This is the concept of positive affirmations.

Let's look at positive words today, and how we can incorporate them into our lives to program our minds to promote greater joy, success, and happiness.  It can be done as easily as commands and scripts program our computers -- the mind is our own personal and private computer, after all ! 

Here are some simple, easy to remember affirmations to add to your day. Say your affirmations with conviction, focus and interest.  Please print this out as a reminder, if you need to, and .... remember .. you have the power within yourself to make positive changes by changing the words that you speak.  Try these on for size .. .. ..

1.  I am healthy NOW.

2.  My health improves more and more every day.

3.  I am strong NOW.

4.  I am happy NOW.

5.  I am swimming in a pool of wealth NOW.

6.  I manifest wealth NOW.

7.  I am calm NOW.

8.  I am relaxed NOW.

9.  I am enveloped in a sea of love NOW.

10.  I radiate love and happiness to all I meet.

11.  I  manifest a loving partner NOW.

12.  My job is perfect for me.

13.  My home is safe and secure.

14.  I am filled with energy NOW.

15.  Every meal I make is filled with love.

16.  I am successful in everything I do.

17.  I am weighing less every day.

18.  I am free of tension and stress NOW.

19.  I feed my body healthy foods NOW.

20.  I breathe vitality into every cell in my body.

21.  I am in complete control of my life NOW.

22.  I can do anything I put my mind on.

23.  I am accomplishing great and wonderful things NOW.

These simple yet effective statements breed positivity and transformation into your daily life just by saying them over and over again.  By clearly stating what we want in our lives - in the present - we magically seed  positive images in our unconscious mind where they will grow and flourish and where they will eventually manifest.  Some may take more time than others, but .. don't quit!  Continue to feed yourself positive thoughts and replace the "I can't's" with "I am's" to allow yourself  forward movement into a brighter and joyful future. You can do it !

Sending much love always


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ASCENSION LESSONS FROM LADY MASTERS: Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki 1/23/08

This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is.  Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on January 23, 2008 by 
Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki:

I am Kata Daki and today I would like to speak about the new tomorrow.

As most of your know by watching the news, YouTube and browsing the Internet, changes are happening every day now... big, obvious changes.  The dark can't hide anymore.  Everyone knows about the plastic island twice the size of Texas floating in the North Pacific, that the global monetary system is in chaos because of criminal banking practices and the indiscriminate printing of money that has no precious metal backing and just how blatantly criminal the various Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors have become, even to the point of passing laws to protect themselves from criminal prosecution for some of their crimes.  If it wasn't so sad, it would be slapstick funny.

So, that is today and yesterday.  That is not tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a gift of such magnitude that it is difficult to describe until someone paints a picture for you.  That is what I will attempt to do.

Imagine yourself going to sleep one night and dreaming about being lifted up into Heaven, where your body will be made young and healthy again and education will take hours instead of years. 

Imagine everyone around you happy, enthusiastic and eager to contribute to the good of the whole; where everyone is valued and honored and loved, just because they exist.

Imagine yourself being able to travel the Galaxy and even the Universe, visiting different cultures and learning about how different sentient Souled Beings work, love, play, and grow spiritually.

Imagine being able to work at a job that interests you more than anything else in the moment and then being able to quickly train and go to another job that draws your interest.

Imagine being able to see and play with animals that you thought were long extinct, like a Dodo bird or a Saber Tooth Tiger or pet a big IndianTiger or African Lion.

Imagine being able to fly in hovercraft, or spacecraft, or take bullet trains that travel 2000 to 3000 miles per hour from one Inner Planetary city to another throughout the Galaxy.

Imagine yourself as tall and thin or curvy and short, with dark or light skin and able to choose the color of your eyes and thickness of your hair, eyelashes and lips.

Imagine everything you think of manifesting almost immediately.

Are you ready for all of this?

Much of it will come very easily and you will be guided by beings experienced in these things.  However, thought management is quite another thing.

The reason I am putting forth these images now is because you will soon be actually living in these circumstances, including the instant manifestation of thoughts.

Now, what will happen in the beginning is that you will be trained to control your thoughts.  However, this is something that you can start on now.

The suggested practice for you this week is to catch every negative thought form you have, as it is formed or being formed, and quickly switch or imagine a perfectly wonderful outcome for that thought situation.  Some of you may have been doing this for years already, but some of you may be newcomers at this. 

I will admit that there is a certain satisfaction one receives when they think a negative thought, because as Soul you know you are powerful and perhaps this negative thought will go out and hurt your supposed enemy.  This, in itself, is empowering, but NOT in a spiritually conscious and responsible way.

So, if all of us can start looking at all others as our brothers and sisters or best friends, wonderful and beautiful beings with the spark of God within, then we will stop following the current leaders who are trying to use us to keep the chaos and fighting going on.  As long as the dark can keep us fighting amongst ourselves, keep us divided, we will not have the time and energy to notice all of the criminal acts they are doing to us.

So, again, the task for this week is to monitor all of your thoughts, and if any dark ones slip through, to stop them from radiating out.  Love and forgive yourself for your goof (don't curse yourself because you aren't perfect... no one is) then quickly imagine the "thought creation" as having a wonderful outcome that turns out for the good of the whole.

Soon we will meet in the physical and I very much look forward to that moment.

I am Kata Daki and I "imagine" you having a most wonderful day.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
Dhyana Markley 

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  Greetings Dear Ones ...

With 2008 under way, we are all beginnng to feel the ebb of 2007 as it fades into our past, taking with it a lot of experiences.  The experiences of 2007 have helped to shape and form us into who we are today as we embrace 2008.  Today's Positive Affirmation is about 'patience' and how we can put patience to work for us during the next Eleven months of 2008!

We've always heard that 'patience is a virtue'; however, it is rather, an acquired skill,  one that must be practiced daily in order to be mastered.  You may notice that you  have many instances in which you can 'practice' patience -- in traffic, in the check out line, while 'on hold' waiting for phone assistance,  or with your cranky child, or spouse!  Think first before you allow impulse to cause a reaction to any given situation - use the impulse to act as a trigger to remind you -- "think first, then act."

Repeat today's affirmation daily and always in sets of threes - three being the magic number that imprints the message to your higher self where it will filter down to your physical being as you explore life.

"Today and every day from this day forward, I practice patience and understanding toward myself and with all those whom I interact.  I handle each situation before me with loving calm and endurance, taking one step at a time until my goal is realized. I am in charge of my energies and fully focused in the NOW.  I am patient; I am empowered by my patience."

You may reinforce your affirmation with affirmative strategies such as using a form of exercise daily to break tension, leaving ten minutes earlier to beat traffic, prepare and think ahead for delays, get more sleep, eat less 'fast food'.  Lastly, recognize your stressors, and avoid them.  If you can't avoid them, embrace and release them by practicing your new found patience !

You have my warmest wishes for success in everything you do.



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ASCENSION LESSONS FROM LADY MASTERS: Sehaji Master Lady Lemlet 1/18/08

This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is.  Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on January 18, 2008 by 

Sehaji Master Lady Lemlet:

I am Lemlet, and today I would like to speak to you about kindness.

Now, the act of being kind is in itself a method of expressing love, acceptance and even gratitude.  However, if you were to ask most people to explain "kindness" they would probably describe "compassion".  While these two words are symbiotic and easily interchangeable in a very general way, there is a difference.

While most dictionaries would define "kind" as showing tenderness, consideration and benevolence, it can also mean vagueness, a class of people, objects, etc.

"Compassion", on the other hand, is feeling deep sympathy for another's suffering or misfortune.

Now why am I bringing up such words today?  Why in this NOW do I feel that these two words are important enough to remind you of them today?
 It is because you are quickly arriving at a time in your lives when kindness and compassion are going to be what eases you through the changes and possible difficulties that you will soon face.

When there are drastic changes in ones life, it is essential that to get through those changes gracefully that one use kindness and compassion in ALL of your dealings with others.  I emphasize ALL because it is easy to be gracious and loving, kind and compassionate to some people all the time, but it is very difficult to be kind, compassionate and loving to other "kinds" of  people at anytime.

Come on.  You know who I mean.  The ones that are dirty that live on the street.  The ones that are dangerous looking or dangerous by reputation.  The ones that take drugs or the ones that are very ill with some foul smelling disease.  Sure, you can be kind and compassionate from a distance, but can you be so with them directly in your face?

It is time for all of you to start thinking of everyone, EVERYONE else as your brother or sister... family!  Because in reality, they ARE your family.  They ARE YOU.

Now I know that many of you have read my article on clones and now know that clones do not have Souls.  They can earn Souls if they desire it enough and act sincerely with good will toward all, but for our discussion today, all clones are soulless.

The aforesaid being true, I am asking you to please consider treating everyone, including clones and evil doers, plants, animals, fish in the sea... everything and everyone with love, kindness and compassion.

What you will be doing with that intent, with those actions, with those constant thoughts and words, will be setting up a vibratory rate that is so high that it will smooth out much of the distress that might be created by so many changes in your world happening so quickly.  Now I am talking not only about earth changes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds, electrical storms, and such, but also the changes in governments and your financial institutions around the world.

Now is not a time to panic.  Period.

Anyone with any spiritual knowledge at all can tell you that the flow of God through you is greatly restricted when the vessel is in a state of fear or panic.  When you cannot hear God or Spirit's words, or even quickly follow your own inner guidance, you are much more apt to be placed in harms way.

So, what I am recommending is to stay cool, calm, and collected, remain balanced in all ways and trust that Creator God, Christ Michael and your Higher Self will save the day, because they will, you will.  IF you are calm and follow your own inner guidance, all will be well.

I know you've heard it a million times, but one more reminder won't hurt:  TRUST THE PROCESS that you are going through.  KNOW that you were one of many who planned all of this.  KNOW that all is going to happen in Divine Time, not in your personal time convenience, and that the eventual outcome will be for the good of the whole.

The coming times have been ingeniously created to make all of your ascension transitions as smooth as possible.  All you have to do is to co-operate by being kind, compassionate and as loving as possible with all life, as you journey through these changes together.

With those suggestions, I will leave you to ponder.

I am Lemlet and I wish you a most wonderful day.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
Dhyana Markley 

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