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I am a firm believer in the Three C's:  COMMUNICATION, CHEMISTRY and COMPROMISE.  These are the staples behind any long-lasting relationship.  Those along with a few others are the key signs that your man is getting serious.


A man who is serious about a relationship knows the benefits of communication.  He is ready, willing and able to talk honestly and openly and express the good and the bad.  Good days, bad days, stressful days and all things in between.  Equally, he is interested in you and how your day went, what you feel and what is important to you.  He takes the time to listen when you are upset and hurt.  He doesn't want to shut you out nor be shut out.  Granted, many men are not good at sharing themselves in relationships but a man who wants to get serious finds ways to share and include you into his world.

CHEMISTRY:  More than Just Sex

There is great sex but also great intimacy.  There is an unspoken language between the two of you.  You can be looking at each other from opposite sides of a room and you are in synch with each other.  it is undeniable and gets stronger as the relationship matures.  It is different from lust that often exists at the beginning of a relationship and then fizzles.  True chemistry is always there and builds with intimacy.

COMPROMISE:  He is not afraid to compromise – He doesn't always have to be right.  He considers your opinion and values it.  He recognizes that it isn't just HIS WAY or YOUR WAY - there is a middle ground and he is willing to find it.  Even at times when he feels he is right or wants to do things 'his way'.. he finds the way to make that compromise.  A man ready to be serious in a relationship knows that a happy partner is the foundation to a solid relationship.  Those men that have to be right or have it their way or always persuade their partner do what 'they' want is not conducive to a healthy relationship.

INTERESTED IN YOU AND YOUR LIFE:  He gets to know your friends and family

When a man is truly 'into' a woman and wants to get serious he wants to be involved in her life just as he wants her involved in his life.  He welcomes opportunities to interact with your family and friends as well as have you involved with his.  If he keeps you hidden or as a big secret, the man is not ready to be serious.

REALISTIC GOALS:  He's able to accept imperfections:

All too often when a man is only interested in dating, they want Miss Perfect.  However, when a man is serious about settling down, he is more open-minded and realistic.  He will accept your flaws and more often not even look for or notice them.  If a partner is too critical of you, he isn't seeing you for who you really are.  That often is a sign that he is not ready to get serious.  

PROTECTOR:  He wants to be the provider:

Men start thinking about their career future, where they live, where they want to live and start buckling down more seriously with their finances when they are getting serious about a woman.  Those men who are older or financially secure will often begin to look at their portfolios in a different way (either to share or protect).

READY:  He is talking about Getting Serious.

When you meet someone and begin talking marriage on a first date or even the first month of dating, these are generally situations that don't last.  But when a man who has been grounded and real in a relationship and has taken his time getting to know you and allowing the relationship to build its own natural momentum begins talking about settling down or getting married he is generally being sincere.  A man doesn't start bringing up marriage or getting serious unless he is ready.  Or, if he asks your ring size or favorite cut of diamond, you know he is thinking long-term.

COMMITMENT (he has to believe in it):

Some men are truly RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE MATERIAL and others are not.  Some men believe in commitment others do not.  In order for a man to be ready to be serious he needs to believe in commitment.  If he doesn't, it won't ever work.


Lady Fontaine is known as America's #1 Love Psychic.  She is a Certified Master Psychic and Relationship Expert and Coach.  She is often referred to as THE LOVE DOCTOR!!  She has a weekly radio show on blogtalkradio (http://blogtalkradio.com/lady-fontaine).  She wrote a syndicated love column for many years in the 1990's.  Her articles have appeared all over the internet on sites such as aol.com, tarot.com, astrology.com, etc.  Lady Fontaine has been giving psychic readings for over 28 years.  Lady Fontaine is available on Keen a few days a week in the evenings usually 8pm-11pm(EST) Thursday - Monday (with some exceptions)!
Many people think there is some sort of stigma with online dating.  Quite the contrary, online dating is growing by leaps and bounds and so are your chances of finding your Mr or Ms Right.  Many wonder if they'll find TRUE LOVE online and statistics  show that approximately 1/3 of online daters find the person of the their dreams, another 1/3 don't and another 1/3 give up all together with online dating.  Over forty million singles use online dating services in the US.  In Britain there is approximately 15 million online daters.  When was the last time you ever went to a social event with so many potential suitors?

Myth #1:  You won't find attractive, successful people on online dating sites

FALSE!   Online daters come in all shapes and sizes and career status, just as they do in all aspects of life.  The population of on-line daters is approximately the same for attractive and successful folks as any other venue.   In-fact, most attractive and successful people don't find typical pick-up bars, or singles events an appropriate method of meeting people anymore so there is more than a good chance that you will find MORE attractive people online than at singles bars or singles events.  In today's day and age online dating is the first choice for most people so you will find just as many (if not more) attractive people on-line than anywhere else.

Myth #2: Most on-line daters are desperate people who can't get a date any other way

FALSE!  In reality online dating is now the way to go.  Current statistics show that over $4 billion dollars is spent yearly on on-line dating services.  That is roughly 40 million American singles using online dating services.  There are an estimated 15 million singles in Britain.  In 2008 they went on an unprecedented 24 million first dates arranged through on-line dating services.  With these enormous numbers of singles hooking up worldwide via online dating services you will find the expected distribution of incredible catches and those that are not right for you!  Online dating is now considered the #1 option for most daters.  

Myth #3 : You can't really meet good people on-line

FALSE.  Quite the contrary.  Many on-line sites have developed tools to help singles find compatible mates.  Using these tools you can pre-qualify folks beforehand.  You can search on similar interests, backgrounds or various other criteria to fine-tune or expand your search.  Since so many people are using on-line dating services your chances of meeting quality folks are basically the same as using any other method of meeting people.

Myth #4: People don't use their real photos

FALSE.  On the contrary, most do.  Many use photos that make them look slimmer or younger, but most people do use their real photos.  What online daters will come to realize after they have done this for while, is that if their real intention is to meet someone then the ONLY way they'll accomplish that is by using a current and real photo.  They quickly discover the stress involved with meeting new people if they don't look like their photo and the chances that their date will welcome them if they end up being 20 years older and 50lbs heavier is significantly lower.  But, as with any other method of meeting people, looks is only part of the package.  Online dating actually gives you the added bonus of learning MORE about someone UP-FRONT than many other methods of meeting someone.

Myth #5: It isn't acceptable to meet someone online

FALSE.  Thirty years ago I met my ex-husband (and still very close friend) through a classified ad in the Village Voice Newspaper.  Back then people raised an eyebrow when they heard I met my husband through a classified ad.  But, nowadays, it is the norm for folks to say:  'I met them online'.  There is no stigma.  In-fact, most online daters know that meeting people online can offer opportunities beyond normal dating.  They can meet people from any part of the country or world that they normally couldn't meet if they were meeting people through more traditional methods.  Articles appear in mainstream magazines and newspapers regularly with stories of people meeting online and falling in love.  In today's society on-line dating is accepted and respected.


Lady Fontaine is America's #1 Love Psychic.  She is a Certified MASTER PSYCHIC and Certified Relationship and Life Coach.  Through her expert guidance she is responsible for over 350 marriages and a vast majority (over 87%) are still together.  That number doesn't include the marriages or relationships she has saved; which she has lost count of!   A vast majority of her clients have met their partners through online dating services.

Lady Fontaine is often referred to as THE LOVE DOCTOR!!  She has a weekly radio show on blogtalkradio (http://blogtalkradio.com/lady-fontaine).  She gives workshops and Tele-seminars on Dating and Relationships.  She wrote a syndicated love column for many years in the 1990's.  Her articles have appeared all over the internet on sites such as aol.com, tarot.com, astrology.com, etc. 
We all have free choice.  The new age movement has been prominent in bringing the energy of FREE CHOICE to the forefront but many religions including Catholicism openly discuss free choice in very simple terms.  The following quote was taken from the Catholic University of America:

"A central truth of divine revelation is that human persons, created in the image and likeness of God, have the power of free choice."

A couple of years ago I read a fabulous article on free choice.  It was a debate between a neurologist and a psychiatrist that looked at this from a scientific standpoint.  Here is the link to the article.  http://www.dana.org/news/cerebrum/detail.aspx?id=9088   Add to this complexity, the spiritual and/or religious aspect of free will and you really have a mix of options and choices to believe or not to believe.. that is YOUR choice!

My position is we all have free choice.  Each of you are responsible for making choices that are best for you.  It is a fine line to walk when counseling others but I am always careful NOT to tell someone what to do or what is best for them; because truly, how could I know?  I am not wearing their shoes.  I can only tell what is best for me.  Being a psychic, some people want me to tell them what to do.  For those people I suggest that you call someone else.  I am not kidding.  The callers that are not satisfied with me are the ones that want me to tell them what to do, to make their decisions for them, or to tell them what they want to hear (which is a totally different subject) but not what I do.  The decision for you to stay in a relationship or not is not my choice; it is yours.  The decision to stay in a marriage is your decision, not mine.  What the job of a reputable psychic is to guide you through the maze of uncertainty so in the end you have enough information to make smart choices!

I will give you the information you need to make those choices and I will guide you and show you exactly what I see but I will not tell you what to do because that negates free choice and that is NOT the responsibility of a psychic advisor or anyone else other-than you.  So, if you are looking for a psychic to tell you if you should leave a relationship or stay in it, or if someone is right for you or not, then I am not the right psychic for you.  What I can tell you is clearly what I see.  Does the person truly care?  Are they loyal?  Is there a potential for a future together?  I will give you the information and tools you need to make smart and informed choices.  I will tell you is how I see energies aligning themselves.  I will also tell you if/when I see a soul level connection.  However, each of us has a responsibility to OURSELVES and part of what I teach is to EMPOWER you; so I will not demand that you follow my advice, I will not tell you what is best for you.  No one knows that but you.  I will tell you what I see and how I see things unfolding for you based on your current path.  To change that outcome, you simply have to change your path.  It IS that simple.  I will give you time-frames.  I will give names.  But, I won't tell you what is right for you.  NO ONE knows that but you!


Tune into Blogtalk radio on Wednesday's at 11pm(EST) beginning 10/21 to hear Lady Fontaine on the radio!  The show is a mix of predictions, guests and discovering the secrets of how to create the life you desire!!!    Lady Fontaine will open phone lines at the end of some shows to take your questions!


I am often asked if it is difficult giving psychic readings over the telephone.  For me there is no difference in connecting and reading energy in a face-to-face psychic reading or a telephone psychic reading.  Either way I have the ability to link to your energy and give an accurate psychic reading.

One of the most important requirements for any psychic reading is the connection between the reader and the client.  Some people 'click' right off, other times it may take  a minute or two for the information to flow.  Sometimes there is no connection at all.  If there is no connection, ideally the psychic SHOULD inform the caller and the caller should then end the call.  If there is no connection, a caller should not penalize a psychic.  I understand it is disappointing, but it happens.  NO one is 100% accurate or able to read every body 100% of the time.  It just doesn't work that way.  

Every psychic has 'their own personal style' and their specialties.  For me, I immediately start picking up the situation and begin relaying information to the caller about what I see.  All I require is the callers first name and if I am looking into a situation, the names of anyone else involved.  I generally pick up information about how a person feels, what they are thinking and feeling, the 'quality' of the connection, the current status of the relationship, influences at the job, or whatever else is coming through.  I often ask for validation from the caller to insure I am correctly tuning into the right situation.  This is NOT me asking questions, it is asking for validation of information *I* am providing (big difference!!!).  Then, I encourage a caller to ask pertinent questions so I can provide them with a complete and accurate reading.  My desire is for every client to walk away informed and satisfied that all their questions are answered and that they get a full and complete understanding of the dynamics going on with the particular situation in question.  Not everyone has that 'style' other psychics may use a different approach.  I use what works best for me.

My strengths are looking clearly into a relationship (or any scenario) and being able to tell you the climate of the 'situation', what your partner is thinking and feeling and guiding you to make decisions that support your best interests.  Under NO circumstance will I tell you what to do or will I make your decisions for you.  Within Spiritualism there is a principle called FREE WILL and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  What this means is each of you has FREE WILL to determine your personal path.  If anyone (a psychic, a friend, partner, relative) tells you what to do and you do it and the end result is not in your best interest, then they assume a piece of responsibility and karma for their involvement.  I do not involve myself in your personal decisions.  I will SUPPORT all your decisions because I understand the dynamics of life and why we sometimes get stuck and why we make the decisions we make.  However, I give you all the tools and information you need to make educated and well-informed choices.  I will tell you what I see based on each of your potential decision(s).  I will guide you through life's challenges  and give you the tools to make smart and informed decisions that work BEST FOR YOU!

"Do NOT call me if you are looking for a psychic
to make your choices for you or to tell you what to do. 
That negates FREE CHOICE and is NOT the job of a reputable psychic.

Some people want a psychic to tell them what to do.  For those people I suggest that you call someone else.  I am not kidding.  The callers that are not satisfied with me are the ones that want me to tell them what to do, to make their decisions for them, and I will not do that.  The decision for you to stay in a relationship or not is not my choice; it is yours.  I will give you the information you desire, I will guide you and show you exactly what I see but to tell you what to do negates free choice and I will not do that.  So, if you are looking for a psychic to tell you if you should leave a relationship or stay in it, or if someone is right for you or not, then I am not the right psychic for you.  What I can tell you is clearly what I see.  Does the person truly care?  Are they loyal?  Is there a potential for a future together?  I will give you the information and tools you need to make smart and educated decisions.  I will tell you is how I see energies aligning themselves.  I will also tell you if/when I see a soul level connection.  However, each of us has a responsibility to OURSELVES and part of what I teach is to EMPOWER each of you; so I will not demand that you follow my advice, i will not tell you what is best for you.  No one knows that but you.  I will tell you what I see and how I see things unfolding for you based on your current path.  To change that outcome, you simply have to change your path.  It IS that simple.  I will give you time-frames.  I will give names.  But, I won't tell you what is right for you.  NO ONE knows that but you!

"I will give you time-frames. 
I will give names. 
But, I won't tell you what is right for you."

Below are some guidelines for getting the best psychic readings and help in determining which psychic is best for you.  This should explain and level-set your expectations and concerns.  As always, if you have any questions, email me on Keen and I'll be happy to help you to the best of my ability.

1) QUESTIONS OR CLARIFICATION in READINGS:  It is my belief that psychics should not ask a lot of questions.  However, many good psychics will ask for validation or clarification of what they are seeing.  This enables a psychic to further interpret the information they are receiving and to give you a clear and meaningful reading.  This is not meant to extract information from you.   Psychics more often than not, get bits and pieces of information.  Interpreting that information is not as simple as reading a book.  If a psychic asks for your validation of facts pertaining to the information they are receiving, simple answers like 'yes or no' are usually sufficient.  Do not consider this a weakness if your psychic seeks confirmation of what they see.  It is not. A genuine psychic reader may ask a question or two at the start of a reading to validate the information they are receiving.  However, if a phone psychic does a constant barrage of questions then I would consider ending the call. 

2)  CONNECTIONS:  Obviously, the best readings are with callers where there is a great connection.  There is no definitive way in advance to determine if there will be a connection.  However, sometimes you see a photo or you read a profile and you JUST KNOW that this person is RIGHT for you!  The vast majority of time, they are!  For pay-by-the-minute services, if a psychic has not connected with you within 3-5 minutes then simply end the call.  Either email them after or request a few free minutes to give them another try and schedule another call at another time, or move on to another psychic.   An honest psychic reader will always admit if they do not have a connection or if the information is not coming through clearly.  At the pay-by-the-minute prices, I personally do not want to waste your time or money if the connection is not clear.  If a psychic does not have a good connection that does not make them a bad psychic.  It makes them honorable and respectful of you, your time and money.  Callers should try to see that in a more positive light.  I see so much negative feedback because callers say the psychic did not have a connection.  This is very sad.  Especially, because the caller ALWAYS has the ability to end a call at any time.  However keep in mind, that a psychic may very well be picking up information that you are not yet aware of.  If you KNEW all aspects of every situation, then clearly you would not be calling a psychic.  A psychic may tell you something that you were not particularly wanting to hear, but that does not make the psychic wrong.  More often that not, the psychic is giving accurate information, but not necessarily information that you want to hear or that you are presently aware of.  Take notes.  Give predictions time to unfold.  With my readings, even if a person is 100% sure that the information I am giving is not correct, I ask them to take note and inevitably, in time I prove to be right.  If you are spending the money for a pay-by-the-minute psychic, then have faith that YOU WERE GUIDED TO THIS PSYCHIC FOR A REASON!

"The caller ALWAYS has the ability to end a call
at any time.  However keep in mind,
that a psychic may very well be picking
 up information that you are not yet aware of.
 If you KNEW all aspects of the situation,
you would not be calling a psychic."

3)  HUH?

Do not feed the psychic information nor do not try to steer them to give the answer(s) you want to hear. Ask SPECIFIC questions, listen carefully to the answers and remain open minded.  Oftentimes a good psychic will immediately pick up details that will validate to you that they have a good connection but keep in mind that THEIR JOB is to tell you things you may not know.  If you truly KNEW everything about the situation you would NOT need to be calling a psychic, so expect to hear some new information and expect a psychic to tell you much that you know but things that you are not privy too.  Keep an open mind and take notes.  Just because you may not be able to validate information at that moment does not make the information given by a psychic is invalid or inaccurate.  The best readings are ones that provide you with new information not currently known by the caller.  Again, at the price many phone psychics charge, what is the benefit if they ONLY tell you what you already know?   It’s the psychic’s job to bring up the facts about your situation and offer advice as they see it. Do not try to make everything fit. If you are unsure about something that’s being said then feel free to ask questions or interject. A  good psychic will pick up things you are aware of and things that you don't yet know.  If you knew them, then you wouldn't have to call. 

"If a psychic does not have a good connection
 that does not make them a bad psychic.  Rather, it makes them
honorable and respectful of you, your time and money."

4)  NOT HAPPY WITH THE READING:  If after 3-5 minutes you are unhappy with the psychic reading or the psychic, end the call.  If you get adversarial with the psychic or them with you or you try to 'lead' the psychic, then it becomes a waste of your money because the psychic is not able to give a honest and truthful reading to you.  You may need a different psychic so MOVE ON.  If this happens then the BEST approach is to either move on or contact the psychic directly after the reading before requesting a refund or BEFORE leaving negative feedback.  You may get some valuable information from them that was not covered in the call which could be extremely helpful moving forward.  Ask if they would consider giving you a few free minutes to try them at another time.  The majority of psychics on keen or elsewhere will block a caller that leaves negative feedback, so if you call a psychic who has pristine feedback and you were not happy with the reading, the BEST approach is to discuss it with the psychic first.  If a caller gets blocked they lose the opportunity to contact that psychic in the future who was potentially TELLING THEM THE TRUTH and BEING HONEST with them.  in the end it is the caller that loses so THINK before tyou ACT.  Remember, not every psychic will tell you what you want to hear.  And, just because a psychic picks up something 'different' than other psychics does not make them wrong.  Minimally, allow the time-frame to pass that they have given you before judging them as WRONG.

"If you truly KNEW everything about the situation
 you would NOT need to be calling a psychic, so expect
 to hear some new information and expect a psychic to tell
you much that you know but things that you are not privy too.
 Keep an open mind and take notes. "

5) ACCURACY OF PSYCHIC & THEIR PREDICTIONS:  The irony of psychic accuracy is that NO PSYCHIC is always accurate and NO PSYCHIC is even close to 100% accurate.  Have you ever heard of Edgar Cayce?  He is said to be the world's most accurate psychic.  Do you know that statistics compiled over his lifetime of readings show that he was about 85% accurate.  How many psychics that are out there today do you think will still be remembered and studied more than 60 years after their death?  How many psychics will have a legacy of thousands of validated readings and healings that came true?  Honestly, there are few people, if any that will ever surpass the popularity and accuracy of Edgar Cayce, yet statistics show he was only about 85% accurate.   Skimming the claims on Keen most claim 99-100% accuracy.  Sadly, the accuracy rates that many psychics use in their advertisements, plain and simple, are NOT TRUE.  Those that ARE using REAL stats, well, when a psychic advertises that they are tested at 95% accurate that does not mean that in their test results they only got only 5% incorrect.  What psychic testing results actually mean is that if the psychic has 95% accuracy (which is phenomenal) that means that the psychic tested better than 95% of the the general population.   85-95% of those tested, test in the lower percentile showing little or no psychic abilities.  So, a 95% accuracy means that the individuals' test results were better than 95% of others that were tested.  It is not indicative of the amount of questions gotten right or wrong.  

RUN from any claims that a psychic makes of 100% accuracy.  There is NO SUCH THING.  If someone claims to be more than 100% accurate, hit <NEXT>.  

6)  VERIFY CLAIMS:  If a psychic claims to be 95 or 98% accurate (or any percentage) - ask for credentials and who tested them.  Then, verify those credentials.  There are very few organizations that certify a psychic's abilities.  Many psychics claim they are certified but fail to tell you by whom.  VERIFY CREDENTIALS.  But, keep in mind, even the most accurate psychic in the world does not connect with everyone.  Just because you call a certified psychic does not mean they will be 100% accurate all the time, but you certainly have a greater potential of getting a genuine reading from someone certified by a reputable psychic testing organization who has gone through stringent testing procedures.

7) FREE WILL, YOUR READING and YOUR FUTURE:  As I mentioned earlier, within Spiritualism there is the principle of FREE WILL and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  This means that each of us has the free will to determine our future and our own personal path through life.  The future is NOT set by what a psychic picks up.  In reality there are countless 'potential probabilities' that a psychic COULD pick up on.  Generally what a psychic gets is based on the current direction the client is going and the most probable outcome.  If this concept confuses you do some reading on multiple probabilities or perhaps I will do a future article on that subject.  What a psychic reading SHOULD do is it provide you with knowledge and information to make sensible decisions.  If a psychic tells you that someone is intentionally hurting you or cheating, or betraying you, you can make smart choices accordingly.  This is just as beneficial as knowing why someone acts in a certain way when the psychic tells you it is because they are 'fearful' or 'have issues' or they are 'in pain', etc but that they are loyal and supportive, this information will help you make smart choices for yourself based on the clarity of that information.  Use your common sense and use the information in constructive ways to benefit your life and to make smart choices! 

"Please folks, do NOT willingly give your power away
 to a psychic or to anyone!"


The future is not set in stone because we all have free will in our journeys through life. A psychic's role is to use their insight to see the potential future based upon your current situation and behavior and to guide you and help you address your problems and thereby help you make better decisions to bring about a brighter future.  A psychic can help you avoid mistakes with their insight.  So, yes, a psychic can see where things are headed for you but remember, you are NOT powerless.  YOU HAVE the ability to change things.  Ask me for more details!


Lady Fontaine os a certified Mater Psychic.  In 2008 she was voted as America's #1 Love Psychic by the International Certification of Psychics.  In 2009 she was voted in the top 5 psychics worldwide.  She is available on Keen most evenings between 8pm-midnight (EST) and sometimes has some afternoon hours.

Lady Fontaine is offering 5 FREE MINUTES THIS WEEKEND for all paid calls lasting 10 or more minutes.  For paid calls lasting 15 or more minutes Lady Fontaine is offering 10 FREE MINUTES - through midnight Monday October 5, 2009.


With permission I am posting the International Certification of Psychics Code of Ethics.  I am bound by this code and I live by it with ALL my readings.  For more information about the International Certification of psychics please contact Toni Stevens.  Here is their website:  http://international-certification-psychics.org.

Psychic's Code of Ethics:

The International Society for Certification of Psychics (dba International Certification of Psychics ) stands behind all psychics who are certified by us.  Please review the following Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement carefully.  You will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to these terms in the application/registry process.

We carefully screen all applicants to insure that the services they provide their clients are fair and accurate.  Any member(s) found to provide insubstantial or fraudulent services will be reviewed for expulsion and/or put on probation.

1.  I agree to be honest and truthful with my clients.  I understand that the foundation of all legitimate psychic and metaphysical work is based on honesty.

2.  I agree that the insights and predictions I give in my readings are the truth as I see it. I do not try to lead a client into believing I am psychic based on observations or information I pick up through mundane means.

3.  I never attempt to "tell the client what they want to hear" if I do not honestly believe it.

4.  I agree and live by 'Fairness and legitimate exchanges of energy' and understand that it is the fair exchange which perpetuates spiritual and material growth.

5.  I do not and will not cause another persons rights to be violated.

6.  I do not discriminate.

7.  I will not pressure clients to do anything they do not want to do nor are uncomfortable doing. This includes using my authority as a psychic and spiritual counselor to pressure clients into buying services they do not want.

8. I do not provide legal, medical or psychological services that I am unqualified to provide. Furthermore, I clearly inform clients of our applicable qualifications, training and licenses, or lack thereof. These standards remain in place to protect all.

9. I agree and live by the principle of FREE WILL and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I agree to give each client a thorough and complete evaluation of the energy and situations perceived but I honor their right to FREE CHOICE and lovingly support each client to make their own decisions. I agree to honor and SUPPORT each client's right to FREE CHOICE and I agree to fully empower them to make their own decisions. I REFUSE to make decisions for my clients. That is not the job or responsibility of any psychic.

10. I give the highest possible services at all times & treat my clients with respect.  

11.  I agree to provide every client with the HIGHEST level of confidentiality regarding any personal information they disclose/discuss with you.

12.  I refrain from imposing personal judgments and prejudices while the reading is taking place.

13.  If I am unable to resolve an issue with a client within a 3 week period, I agree to contact the International Certification of Psychics.

14.  If a complaint is lodged with the International Certification of Psychics regarding any exchange or reading done by me with a client of mine, I agree to work with the International Certification of Psychics to quickly and fairly resolve the problem(s).

15.  I agree to stay in good standing in the community and within my business.

16.   I hold myself to this code of ethics & confidentiality agreement.
What do you do when your man pulls back or is inconsistent?  It drives you nuts but regardless how many times you have yelled, cried or screamed; he continues to do it!  Why does he do it and how do you get it to stop?

The answer is actually simple. If a man feels there is an open door 'in and out of your life' - he'll take it.   A man comes in and out of your life for one reason; because you ALLOW it.   
'Stop making it so easy for him!'  

When he pulls back and you don't hear from him for days, weeks or God forbid - months, you labor almost every day thinking about him and trying to get him back.  When he is being inconsistent or inattentive the absolute WORST thing you can do is call, text or email him.  That, in effect, rewards his negative behavior.  When he finally contacts you - you are ecstatic!  You are anxious to speak to him.  You change your plans, you free your time, you wait..  and wait..  and wait.  When he finally does contact you, you may yell, scream or cry and make him promise not to do it again, but he keeps repeating this pattern.. over and over again.. until YOU pull in the reigns and say 'enough is enough'. 

Why does he do this?  Well, it is simple.  When you reward his bad behavior with 'attention' and 'telling him how much you care and desire him' you reward him for being inconsiderate to you.  When he ends up getting what he wants from you - be it sex, attention, words of adoration, (or whatever drives him) that gives him his 'fix'.. so he takes it and then goes back to being inconsistent. 

The WORST mistake you can make is to anxiously welcome him back and allow the relationship to go back to where it was BEFORE he disappeared.  Again, that reinforces the negative behavior and you make it waaaaaaaay to easy for him.  He begins to subconsciously feel that being inconsistent is the best way to get attention from you.  You actually 'train him' to respond that way.  He gets the attention he needs from you when he is being inconsistent and that drives him to do it.  So, YOU HOLD THE KEY!!!  Stop chasing him and PULL BACK and watch the changes unfold.

Now, let's look at the flip-side.  Some women don't put up with it.  If they encounter a man that is inconsistent - after the first time he 'disappears' when they 're-appear' the woman is unavailable, nonchalant and totally uninvolved with this man emotionally.  She is 'nice' but 'aloof' and when he wants to see her or chat or have sex.. she tells him she is busy and/or doesn't respond to him for awhile.  What is the message a man gets when he encounters this behavior?  He quickly realizes that in order to KEEP THIS WOMAN he has to be on his toes and treat her well; with attention, consideration and love.  Otherwise, she'll drift away.

Believe it or not, in both instances, the man really wants the woman in his life; so you truly do hold the key to determine how a man treats you.

So the best approach to get a man to be more consistent is simple.  When he is not being consistent and attentive; back off.  When he resurfaces, act nonchalant and very casual.  Listen but don't speak much.  Keep your conversations,  chat sessions or emails short and sweet.  Don't unveil your deep feelings.  Don't be an open book.  Men don't realize it but they are hard-wired for the conquest.  Even hearing that you care and adore him is often enough for him to feel good about himself and then off he goes again - back to being inconsistent.  The better approach is to act like he is a casual friend and treat him that way. 

If your best friend treated you the way your man does how would you act?  Most likely 'cautious and casual'.  You wouldn't welcome them back into your life with open arms.  

That is exactly the way you should act when a man treats you that way.  

DO's:  (to keep him consistent!!)

ALWAYS be positive.  

ALWAYS be happy and upbeat.

ALWAYS be smarter and strategize.

ALWAYS allow a man to chase you and shower you with love and attention. 

ALWAYS allow a man to PROVE himself to you. 

ALWAYS wait before responding to him.  When he re-appears in your life don't take his calls right away.  Let him reach out to you 2 or 3 or more times before you take his calls, answer emails or text messages.  Let it go to vm or just ignore it.  Regardless of what kind of message he leaves you (telling you how much he cares, misses you etc) HOLD YOUR GROUND, stay pulled back.  Don't give in.  If he is emailing or text messaging, allow at least 48 hours (preferably more) to pass before you contact him.

ALWAYS be brief.  When you do speak, email or text - keep all communication BRIEF.  If on a phone call, then keep conversation to 5 minutes for the first call and as a rule to NO MORE than 10 minutes (until he is very consistent with you).  If emailing or text messaging, answer in 1-2 sentences with very brief wording. 

ALWAYS realize that men learn how to TREAT YOU by your actions. If you stay on the phone with him for many hours each day then he gets all his needs fulfilled and you actually slow down the progress of a relationship.  Keep it brief.  If it gets really serious with you, then give a little more, but ONLY after you get what you desire from your man.

ALWAYS be the first to hang up saying you are busy and have some where etc go.  Be vague.  Until you have a ring on your finger, it is NONE of his business.


NEVER call, text or email a man who is ignoring you or is not attentive  If the relationship is worthwhile then BE SMARTER than he is.  Look at this as a long-term investment in YOUR future.

NEVER stay on the phone with a man for hours when he isn't giving you everything that you want.

NEVER tell a man how you feel until he is consistent and giving you what you want; and then dish it out slowly.  Listen and let him tell you.

NEVER believe a man who falls in love with you in 24 hours.  Over 95% of the time he is thinking with the wrong part(s) of his body!

NEVER act mad or angry if you don't hear from him.  Act casual as if it doesn't matter.  When you get mad and upset, it is a boost to his ego and that alone drives some men to act inconsistent,

NEVER give into having sex (or phone sex) with this man if he isn't being consistent and attentive to you.  If you do, you will be telling him that he can come in and out of your life (for sex) without giving you anything more.

How to respond to an email or text message:

If you haven't heard from him in awhile and he sends you an email or text message, wait 2-3 days before responding.  Then be very brief.  If he asked any questions in his communication with you, answer 1 or 2 very briefly.  You are NOT obligated to give him a full run-down of what he missed.  If he is so interested and concerned about your life; he shouldn't disappear for days, weeks or months.

"hey, nice to hear from you.  I am doing great, thanks for asking.  Been really busy.  Have a great week! "

Do NOT reach out to him in any way after you speak, email or text.  Yes, this is a waiting game but a well worth waiting game.  Retraining someone can take days, weeks or months, but it WILL pay off!!!


Lady Fontaine was named America's #1 Love Psychic by the International Certification of Psychics.  She is a certified Master Psychic and a Certified Life Coach.  For more love & relationship advice call America's #1 Love psychic - Lady Fontaine (aka The Love Doctor).   5 FREE minutes on Monday March 2nd all day.  If you don't see her available - put in a call-back - she'll take your call at her earliest convenience!

Blessings of Light & Love!!!

Lady Fontaine

What are the things you most want?   Love?  Romance?  Success?   Fame?  Money?  Health?  Happiness?    If you 'want' these things, most likely you don't have them in your life.  Why?  Because the action of 'wanting something' keeps it just out of reach.

In order to manifest love, money, health, happiness and all the things you desire – you MUST learn to think and speak in the 'Language of the Universe'.  Every thought you think has 2 sides; a positive and a negative.  So when you 'want' something, what message do you think you are sending to the Universe?  You are actually telling the universe you don't have it and the Universe hears that as your 'wish' (not having it) and keeps sending you more of 'not having it' thus keeping what you want just our of your reach.  The Universe doesn’t translate or judge; it will give you what you ask for.  So, the challenge is to learn how to ask the RIGHT way to manifest your dreams and desires.

I work with hundreds of people every year.. both as a psychic and a Life Coach.  My clients always hear me speak about the importance of learning how to 'ask' and 'how to frame our thoughts' TO ATTRACT blessings into our lives.  In the spiritual realm – like attracts like.  So, it is important to send out a message to the Universe of 'contentment' and 'GRATITUDE' and the Universe will send you an endless supply of things to be grateful for.  My clients often tell me that they are thinking positive thoughts yet they continue to manifest 'lack' in their lives.  So, I often ask them to keep a ‘thought journal’ and give me examples.  Here are some of those examples:

Stan is a client who was trying to manifest money into his life for countless years before meeting me.  He was recently shopping and found himself thinking:

"Darn, I have to win the lottery – I just don’t have enough money to pay for everything."

He caught himself thinking that thought but he told me, ‘But, Lady Fontaine I am thinking positive thoughts and I am telling the universe what I want’.   The words above are telling the universe that Dan doesn’t have sufficient money to pay for his basics.. and the universe’s primary job is to HEAR WHAT WE ASK FOR and to GIVE US MORE!  So, what will the universe deliver?  More ‘lack’ of money rather than more money!

Renee has been a client for many years.  She had on-going financial and love problems.  She had been doing positive affirmations for over 10 years and is a strong believer of positive thinking.  Until she met me she was not able to manifest the things she truly wanted.  I asked her to keep a journal of her ‘thoughts’.

 ‘I wish I could meet a wonderful man and live happily ever after.’

  ‘I wish my company would appreciate me more and that I would become a Sr VP in the next 5 years’.

Hmm.. on the surface these look like positive thoughts.  But, keep in mind the duality of thoughts.  So what does the Universe hear?  Let’s break it down.  The Universe deals with the NOW.. not the future.. so the universe translates that to mean that RIGHT NOW Renee has NO ONE in her life.  And, what did we say is the primary function of the Universe?  To receive our ‘requests’ multiply them and send us more of what we ask for.  So, what does Renee get back?  More lack.. She didn’t have the TRUE LOVE in her life nor the job she wanted UNTIL she changed her thoughts.

When you ask for the things you desire.. the universe hears your 'request' loud and clear, magnifies it and sends you more.. plain and simple! The Universe understands 'wishing' as 'not having' and sent her lots more of not having a wonderful man in her life.  As for her job request above – Renee is 100% certain that she will ONE DAY get her salary increase and become Sr VP in the future and that is where the universe keeps it.  Just out of reach.  The Universe deals with the NOW.  In the Seth Books (channeled to Jane Roberts) we learned that the moment of power is in the NOW!!!  So, in order for the Universe to understand that either of those requests is meant to deliver LOVE and MONEY into your life now - they need to be reworded into something like the following:

Now those are just a couple of possibilities.. there are countless other ways to word to your desires into your life.  But, the commonality of those positive affirmations/thoughts above is the feeling of being grateful. 

POWER EXERCISE:  Use your imagination!  If you desire a new job - IMAGINE HAVING THE JOB OF YOUR DREAMS.  What does it feel like?  What time would you get up in the morning?  How would you spend your day?  Use your imagination to fuel that thought!!  The power of imagination is HUGE!  Add to that appreciation and gratefulness and you have the most powerful equation for success and happiness.    If you desire love or a relationship, use that same power of imagination to picture yourself living that relationship happily.  Be grateful for it.  If you have doubts like 'this'll never work' then you are right, it won't.

WANTING:   Here is the definition of 'want' from Merriam-Webster's diction:
(check on-line - I cut and pasted this right from their on-line dictionary!)

intransitive verb
1: to be needy or destitute<br>
2: to have or feel need [never wants for friends]<br>
3:<b> to be necessary or needed</b><br>
4: to desire to come, go, or be [the cat wants in] [wants out of the deal]transitive verb

1: to fail to possess especially in customary or required amount : lack [the answer wanted courtesy
2 a: to have a strong desire for [wanted a chance to rest] b: to have an inclination to : like [say what you want, he is efficient]
3 a: to have need of : require [the motor wants a tune-up] b: to suffer from the lack of [thousands still want food and shelter]<br>

etc etc

How many of those definitions spur thoughts of love,
prosperity and abundance to you?

Now, here is the definition of HAVE:

transitive verb<br>

<b>1 a: to hold or maintain as a possession, privilege, or entitlement [they have a new car] [I have my rights]
b: to hold in one's use, service, regard, or at one's disposal [the group will have enough tickets for everyone>][we don't have time to stay]

"Based on this - which would you prefer for yourself?  Wanting or Having?"

Use your words and thoughts carefully!!!

If you don’t currently have the true love of your life.. instead of cursing ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.. be THANKFUL for the time they were in your life.  Be thankful for the experiences you shared.  If you don’t currently have a job or the job of your dreams.. GIVE THANKS TO WHAT YOU DO HAVE.. and the universe will deliver more.  So, let’s take the example of not having a job right now.  How can we focus on a positive message to the universe so the universe will send us blessings?  A couple examples are below:

  • I am thankful for my ability to earn money
  • I am thankful for the wonderful work experiences I've had [this one is focused on gratitude]
  • I am thankful for the job opportunities that are entering into my life'
  • I am thankful for the business contacts I have

Give thanks and appreciation for the things in your life.. and you will draw in positive experiences into your life that mirrors your gratitude.

The Universe has Rules.. and the Rules Say it will multiply what you ask for.. and send you more.  So, learn to speak the Language of the Universe and Get Everything You Desire!

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 7 FREE minutes for all paid calls lasting 10 or more minutes!  CALL TODAY!!!!

Your 'relationship' with money is what dictates your income and your bank balance. Not the economy.. not your job performance or the number of customers or clients you have or don't have. These are just curves, hiccups and burps along the way. We ALL have the ability to create unlimited prosperity and if you are not enjoying the prosperity that you desire then the ONLY one holding you back - is you! There is a Henry Ford quote I often use in my workshops and seminars which says:

"If you believe you can..
You believe you can't..
     You are Right!"

We think of Henry Ford as an innovator and business man - not a spiritual guru. That is exactly why I use his quote. This concept is a Universal (and powerful) concept recognized by many very rich and powerful men and women. People who have defined what America is all about. There are many spiritual gurus and masters who have delivered a similar message in different words. The words, or who says them is not the important part.. what IS the important part is that we understand that *WE* control exactly what we have, what we receive and what opportunities come our way by what we think and believe.

It isn't only your conscious thoughts that control what you manifest in your life. Your thoughts are controlled by your deep-seated beliefs. If you believe that money is evil, you will find it hard to manifest great prosperity into your life because who would intentionally want to expose themselves to evil? If you believe that 'money doesn't grow on trees' you probably come from a family that instilled strong work ethics into you - but there is a deep seated belief within you that you have to work hard for your money.. so that is what you will create. I can't tell you how many of my clients come to me to manifest prosperity and are completely convinced they have an abundance mentality. They tell me they 'want a better job', they 'want' a bigger house and countless other desires that are filed away in their computer brain as being representations of the success and abundance they desire. SO, WHY ARE THEY NOT MANIFESTING IT INTO THEIR LIVES?

"Money is energy. Money flows INTO your life when there is a cohesive flow of energy within yourself."

The Law of Attraction tells us that 'like attracts like'. A physicist might argue that telling you opposites attract (which in most areas of science is true). But, if we use the basic laws of attraction and want something - what is the message we are sending out to the Universe? Think about it? The answer is 'The desire to have what you don't have actually shifts you into a state of lack'. If we use the basic concept of the law of attraction - like attracts like - then when you desire something you don't have.. the 'energy' or the 'essence' behind what you want is actually 'lack' and that is what you attract. You are admitting to yourself and sending out to the Universe that there is 'lack' in your life consisting of big gaps and holes that are not filled and the Universe obliges by sending you more of lack (not having what you 'want)'. So 'WANTING' actually keeps your desires right out of reach or slows them down from entering into your life. How often have you wanted something so badly (a person or an item) and you want it and you want it and you never get it. Eventually, something inside of you shifts and you no longer want it. What happens? BINGO - You Get IT - it enters your life quickly and easily. You stopped wanting it - so you actually ALLOWED it to enter into your life.

"The desire to have what you don't have actually shifts you into a state of lack"

So, how do we translate this basic concept into a powerful technique that will DRAW PROSPERITY into your life. There are two critical steps to follow. The first step is actually a 2 part step - stop wanting and move into a state of gratitude. They go hand-in-hand to achieve the goal of manifesting prosperity into your life.

"Shift your focus to GRATITUDE"

1. To want or not to want. That is *THE* question! The answer is simple. Shift your focus to GRATITUDE. Once you begin to focus on the things you are grateful for the energy within you completely shifts. If 'wanting' something keeps it away - being GRATEFUL for what you have.. draws in plentiful blessings into your life. Let's take a minute right now to do an experiment. Take a few deep breaths. Now allow yourself to think of something you 'want'. Really imagine the item for a few minutes. Notice where you eyes are looking.. Notice your breathing and body language. Notice where you feel it in (or outside) of your body. Now, let that go and take a few deep breaths and now think of something you HAVE and are very grateful for. Notice where you eyes are looking.. Notice your breathing and body language. Notice where you feel it in (or outside) of your body. Do you see and feel the difference? In many cases people keep the vision of the things they 'want' outside of their body.. just off in the distance. Their eyes may go up or down but most often UP and to the LEFT. When you are grateful for something.. many hold it in their heart or solar plexus.. but definitely the energy resides WITHIN them rather than external to them. Our eyes usually go down. These are cognitive signals that go DIRECTLY to the brain and ignite your manifesting power. What that means is if you are in a state of 'wanting' and your eye movements follow the patterns described above - your cognitive message to your brain is that you don't have the things you desire so you increase your state of LACK in your life. You are 'thinking' about things or 'sensing' them but they are not in your life. However, when in a state of Gratitude this sends pleasurable energy through your body of 'appreciation'. Your eyes are generally positioned downward giving a cognitive message to the brain that you FEEL the joy and PLEASURE in the things you have. You are GRATEFUL for what you have. For your Life. This sends a cognitive message to your brain of BEING WHOLE and PERFECT. The Universe then aligns with this energy and sends you more situations to support this wonderful feeling of joy and your sense of feeling COMPLETE. The message the Universe gets is that you don't 'need' anything so the Universe sends you situations to support HAVING EVERYTHING YOU NEED. That is when we begin to experience the divine blessings we are ALL entitled to receive! Remember, money and prosperity are ENERGY. When energy flows effortlessly through you - you attract prosperity into your life. Every second of every day we ALL have a choice. Consciously chose to align with the state of gratitude. Your life will almost instantly shift for the better. Gratitude is a much different energy than the desire of 'wanting' something and draws into your life love, happiness and prosperity.

Gratitude: Watch your thoughts. Measure your thoughts about money and see if you are wanting or appreciating. If you are appreciating be sure you have an awareness of gratitude. Gratitude BRINGS it into YOUR life. Wanting keeps it just OUTSIDE of your reach.

"Detach from the Outcome"

2. Detach from the Outcome: OK, this is tough part. It requires a TRUST in a higher power. This requires that you have an inner awareness that there is a greater power out there. Some think of this as God. Some think of this as a 'higher force' or even their 'higher self'. It doesn't matter what you call it - but it does matter that you understand that there is some force GREATER than ourselves out there - that we are CONNECTED too. This is a loving, suppportive 'power' that you can TAP into at any time. When you have this awareness and understanding and you trust that this higher power will know the bigger picture and bring to you what you need at any given time. So, you want the 5,000 square foot house in the suburbs, the Hummer, $100,000.00 in the bank and the other niceties. Imagine if the Universe's plan for you is to bring you a 8,000 square foot house, 10 Hummers and $10 million dollars in the bank and even more. Or maybe you aren't supposed to have the Hummer but a Cadillac Escalade. TRUST and allow the Universe to bring you the GIFTS it desires. Don't limit yourself. Just OPEN to the possibilities of prosperity and allow the Universe to work out the details. The Universe SEES the BIG picture. With the way our brains are designed; we can't embrace the magnitude of this. We don't have that vision or capability. So, allow the Universe to do what it is BEST at - bringing you wonderful opportunities that could manifest way beyond your hopes and dreams.

"Allow the Universe to bring the opportunities and gifts into your life
that you deserve!"

Happy Manifesting!


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The power of prayer has been proven.  There have been several well documented studies proving the power of prayer and meditation.  On Wednesday January 16, 2002 Time Magazine reported that Dr Elizabeth Targ was granted over one million dollars from the National Institutes of health for two separate studies on the power of prayer.  The entire articles can be found here.  http://www.time.com/time/columnist/jaroff/article/0,9565,193084,00.html.  There was another study done earlier.  The CNN article can be found here.  http://archives.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/alternative/01/18/prayer.power.wmd/.  There is definitely no shortage of proof (and belief) that the power of prayer exists. 

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To know what men want.. you have to know what they don’t want. All too often, women give a man what they ‘think’ he wants but ultimately it pushes him away. Listed below are the biggest mistakes that women make in relationships. Any single one of these can drive your man away. If you do more than one the odds get stacked against you. Why? Because men process information in a different way than women. And it becomes important to learn the intricate differences in how men and women think so you can relate to them in ‘their’ language. If you go to Greece, do you speak to the natives in Hungarian? No, you speak Greek their native language. The same thing applies to being in a relationship with a man. Learn to understand how they think and how they process information and you greatly improve your chances of creating lasting love! The list below does not apply to every man nor every relationship. There are still some men that appreciate women and treasure a woman who gives fully of herself! But, if you embody these qualities and your man is not appreciating you the list below will explain why! Don't change who you are - but knowledge is power and sometimes women have to resort to some well-planned 'strategy' to get their needs met!! Men often tell me that they are not 'mind readers' and don't know what their lady wants, so these are designed to help you outsmart the Venus and Mars disconnect in relationships!!! The list below gives you the tools to empower yourself in a relationship by understanding how a man interprets your actions and how to get him to appreciate you more!

Mistake #1: Women who give too much. Giving too much love, attention, support, money, etc translates to your man that ‘you’ and ‘your feelings’ don’t count. If you 'always' put him first he quickly learns to do the same (put himself first) and ultimately he is more likely to ignore your needs. Not because he doesn't care about you but you are subconsciously telling him that his needs are more important than yours. Women think that a man wants the woman who caters to their every need. Well, they may want it, but when they have it they quickly tire of it and take it for granted. So ladies - balance it!!! Give, but also allow the man to give and do for you. When a woman is too nice, too helpful, too supportive or too loving it translates to your man as too much of a good thing. A man rarely sees himself married to a woman like that. Think about it, how many times have you heard about a man leaving such a good and loving woman for a demanding one? It happens all the time. Men like the novelty at the beginning of a relationship of being pampered and catered to but in the end they generally leave or begin to 'expect' it and take it for granted. When you make your entire emphasis in a relationship about your partner; you rob them of a very intricate part of man’s dream fantasy about love. Ultimately, this is one of the primary reasons men leave a relationship. They get bored. ~This is one of the biggest mistakes a woman can make.~

Mistake #2: Women think that men want to hear words of love and endearment. They don’t. Men don’t want to be overwhelmed with words. They think and feel in simplistic terms. For them, actions speak louder than words. When a man ‘pulls away’ emotionally or is not attentive or not calling then the absolute WORST thing you can do is send him a letter or email telling him how you feel. This will push him away further. You may get a knee-jerk response from a man but it won’t be lasting.

Mistake #3: Women think men need to be told how to treat them. Women think the way to get a man to do what they want is to tell them they are NOT doing what they want. This is a HUGE mistake!!! Men immediately turn OFF when you begin nit-picking by telling them what they are doing wrong. The BEST approach is to REWARD your man for his positive behavior. He’ll learn quickly to do the things that you desire. Always compliment your man when he does the little things for you. Make a big deal when he surprises you or brings you flowers, etc. Let him know what wets your whistle.. what you like.. what you want. Give him the chance to PLEASE YOU! Let him know how much you appreciate his thoughtfulness and he will surprise you with more!

Mistake #4: Women think having sex will bring them a commitment. Many women think ‘sex’ is the way to a man’s heart and the way to keep a man. It surely may get a man interested at the beginning; but your chances of getting a commitment by giving the man the sex they desire is greatly reduced.

The better approach is to put your needs first. He wants something (sex) you want something (commitment) - so withhold the sex until you get the commitment or the relationship is ‘secure’. When a woman gives a man sex as a means to getting a commitment it backfires 98% of the time. If she realizes it or not she actually is training him that he doesn’t have to work for sex. In other words, he doesn’t need to buy you gifts, doesn’t need to appreciate you and more importantly, doesn’t need to give you a commitment. All too often, women forego their true desires of having a commitment but they give ‘sex’ as a way to barter for what they want. The majority of time - it backfires. Don’t forego what is important to you by giving sex freely to a man. The best way to capture a man is to make them wait and make them work for what they want. The longer they wait, the more they desire you.

Mistake #5: Women think the way to win a man’s heart is to make NO demands. This is a HUGE mistake. Nice girls rarely finish first.. especially in romance. Making demands is not selfish; in fact, it is one of the best things you can do for the relationship. You set the RULES and REQUIREMENTS. If a man asks you to meet him at a restaurant and you want to be picked up - tell him. If you want to stay home or want to go to a restaurant or concert - tell him. Most women think that men want the woman who make no demands. That is 100% INCORRECT. Men like to know what is expected and they like to cater to a woman’s needs.

~These are the primary mistakes a woman makes in a relationship. My next article will address how you should strategize and once you have attracted Mr Right so you keep him!!~


On Dec 6th The International Certification of Psychics announced it's top psychics worldwide. Lady Fontaine is their pick for America's #1 Love Psychic! The actual PRESS RELEASE is available on PRWEB.

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Lady Fontaine has been ranked in the top 5 psychics worldwide for the past 7 consecutive years. Lady Fontaine is currently working on her second book.

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-Lady Fontaine
On Dec 6th The International Certification of Psychics announced it's top psychics worldwide. Lady Fontaine is their pick for America's #1 Love Psychic! The actual PRESS RELEASE is available on PRWEB.

Lady Fontaine wrote a syndicated Love Advice column for many years. More recently she has many of her articles syndicated on the internet and are featured on sites such as Tarot.com, AOL, Astronet.com, Astrology.com and many other sites! For many years Lady Fontaine hosted the AM Radio Show Non-Stop New York giving callers expert psychic advice. Search the internet and you'll find a host of her articles for your reading pleasure!

Lady Fontaine has been ranked in the top 5 psychics worldwide for the past 7 consecutive years. Lady Fontaine is currently working on her second book.

Lady Fontaine is available on Keen today - Sunday Dec 14th from 2pm - 11pm. If you don't see her as available, put in a call-back and she will take your call at her earliest convenience.


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One of the worst feelings you can experience in life is a broken heart. There is never a good time for a relationship to end; but it always seems worse around the holidays. A broken heart tears at the core of your essence. It feels like your heart is being torn out of your chest. It hurts! So, what do you do when your heart is broken?

I have written up a list of things to do to help ease the pain. Although when you are in deep emotional pain caused by a broken heart it may seem like the pain will never go away, but it will. In time a broken heart does mend.. and life does go on. But, what do we do in the meantime?

1. Treat yourself with kindness. Allow yourself to see the big picture. As we begin to deal with the 'loss' of the relationship we begin a grieving process. The first stages of grieving - we blame ourselves. Keep in mind that it takes two people to be in a relationship and if a relationship fails - both partners have some responsibility. A serious relationship does not end because of something trivial you said, or did. Your partner may use that as an excuse; but the roots of the problem were planted long before the final break-up. Relationships end because communication is lacking or because two people are not compatible. Sometimes relationships end because your partner isn't 'ready' to be in a relationship, needs some space, falls out of love with you or a host of other reasons. Understand and recognize that it takes 'two to tango' and if the relationship ends - not just one partner is to blame, so if you catch yourself blaming yourself, STOP!!

2. Talk to someone. A friend, a therapist, anyone who will listen. The best thing you can do is verbalize what you are feeling. The worst thing you can do is just let it brew inside of you.

3. Write the person a letter expressing your feelings and all the reasons you feel hurt; but don't mail the letter.

4. Allow yourself to feel. CRY! YELL! SHOUT! SCREAM!! Let the emotion surface and get it out! It is okay to feel miserable and gloomy - if you allow yourself to express the sadness you feel, the pain will pass quicker. There are steps of healing. At the beginning stages it is important to allow yourself to feel the pain. The first stages of healing you will blame yourself and wish you did things differently but that stage will pass. As you begin to heal, the pain turns to anger and eventually leaves. These are all normal stages of healing. There are 12-step programs designed to walk you through the stages of healing.. that is a very good place to start.

5. Pound a pillow. Yes, you heard me - this is one of the best ways to release pent up emotions.

6. Spend time with friends. Even though you may not be in the mood to be social or be with friends - do your best to spend time with friends or family. Don't allow yourself to be alone all the time.

7. Turn your attention to your career and work responsibilities, friends, your pets, etc. Find joy in your daily routine.

8. Plan your day. Sit down with pad and paper in hand. Make a list of things you have always loved to do. Jot down at least 10 items. Now, grab a calendar or appointment book.. and begin working out a schedule for yourself. Plan your day from the moment you wake up until the minute you go to sleep. Put down everything. This is an imperative step to helping you survive the initial days of a broken relationship. The goal is to fill your day completely. The worst thing is to be alone and feel lonely and abandoned.

9. Go places. Go the the library, art gallery, museum, shopping, football game.. find things to do that you have always enjoyed. I want you to go and do it! Don't worry about feeling sad, you'd be surprised - especially this time of the year the christmas carols and lights and decorations might help lift your mood. Do NOT go to places where you and your ex went - explore and find new places!

10. Decorate for the holidays. Go shopping. Plan a decorate the tree party with close friends.

11. VOLUNTEER. Call your local charities. Most of the charities will welcome your help. You'll be amazed to find that as you help others, your pain will begin to heal.

12. Don't rush things.. your healing process will take as long as you need it to take.

13. Do the above steps even if you are not in the mood or if you feel like you are just going through the motions.

14. Call me. I am a Certified Love Psychic and Life Coach. My clients call me The Love Doctor. There *IS* life and happiness after a failed relationship. Before you know it you will be living your life to its fullest!

I have called this article 'part 2' because I did a similar article about this topic over a year ago. I have expanded on this and hope this helps some of you that may be struggling with relationship issues this holiday season. May God Bless and May You Find Within Your Heart Joy & Happiness This Holiday Season and throughout 2009!!!!

Blessings of Light & Love!

-Lady Fontaine


Lady Fontaine is a Certified Master Psychic and Certified Life Coach. She has been giving private readings for over 25 years. She has been active on Keen for the past several years. Lady Fontaine is the former am radio psychic on Non-Stop New York where she gave insightful answers to callers 5 days a week. Lady Fontaine's articles on Love are syndicated on the internet and in print. She is certified by the International Certification of Psychics. Her psychic abilities have been verified at 99% accuracy. For an outstanding love (or career) reading - call Lady Fontaine today!

The Holidays are a time of friends and family and loved ones. Sometimes situations occur and you find yourself spending the holidays alone. Christmas and New Year's are the hardest days to spend without someone special in your life or in some cases, without friends or family. The best way to survive the holiday season alone is to begin planning now and arrange your day the best way possible.

OK, that certainly sounds easy but is it easier said than done? That all depends on your perspective of the holidays and where you chose to put your focus. Christmas and New Years are just like any other days of the year. There have been years that I have chosen to be alone to just unwind and have a quiet day, or spend the day with my dogs or one or two very close friends. So, cheer up, you are not alone. Approach the day with happiness rather than gloom and you will find the day peacefully passes!!! But, plan ahead and BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!!!

I've listed below some things you can begin to plan now to make your day very, very special!

1: Be kind to YOU!!!! You may want to decorate the house, send out christmas cards, buy yourself something special. Plan a special breakfast for yourself and if you are going to be alone for dinner - plan a nice meal for yourself. Buy a fine wine or champagne you have been wanting to try. Don't deprive yourself of anything! Treat yourself well.

2: There are millions of people across the country (and world) that are spending the holidays alone. I know it seems like you are the only person alone; but you are not. You may or may not find peace in knowing that.. but at times many of us spend important holidays alone. So, check out 'groups' and see if there are others in your community spending the holidays alone. Perhaps you can meet for brunch and have a holiday get-together with some of your neighbors who may also be alone. If not, then perhaps you have a virtual on-line buddy that you can plan to exchange holiday greetings with or chat with throughout the day

3: Check your community events. Some communities hold 'Community Dinners' or Singles events' throughout the holidays.

4: Plan events for the day. If you are going to be alone be sure to pick up your favorite book or movie and look forward to some quiet time to get caught up with work, reading, writing, watching your favorite movies, etc. Try not to have the book or movie about the holidays, or an especially sad 'tear-jerker' movie - that can make you seem more alone.. select carefully.

5: Call your friends. See if anyone else is alone for the holidays and if so - INVITE THEM OVER!!! You may want to host a small dinner party with some other friends who will also be alone.

6: Start now and begin to communicate with friends and find out what their plans are. If they know you are going to be alone, they may very well invite you over.

7: If none of the above works for you then if your situation allows itself.. plan a vacation over the holidays. There are plenty of singles tours/vacations with a host of locations you can chose from. Or go solo and enjoy meeting new people.

8: VOLUNTEER: If none of the above entices you, perhaps volunteering at your local charity would pique your interest. You can be with other people and gain a sense of inner satisfaction know you are doing something valuable helping less fortunate people. In reality I would love to suggest this first, but most people wouldn't continue reading. This is such a lost 'art' the desire to volunteer. Even if you are feeling lonely or gloomy - spending the day with the less fortunate will make you feel AMAZING!!!!!!

9: If all else fails, schedule an appointment with me. I will be available (by appointment only).

Most importantly, I sincerely hope you find the happiness you seek.


-Lady Fontaine


Lady Fontaine is an authentic psychic CERTIFIED by the International Certification of Psychics! She has been listed on the TOP 5 PSYCHICS world-wide for 8 consecutive years!!! She is compassionate, honest, with astounding accuracy. Lady Fontaine is personally responsible for over 350 marriages - helping to coach and provide psychic insight to enrich relationships of her clients.

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BRAVO to the House for rejecting the $700 Billion Bail-out. I generally do not voice my opinion of politics or the economy publicly but this time I can't sit back quietly. Thank goodness this plan did not pass. It would have completely sunk our nation's economy. It is the WRONG approach. There is a tremendous economic imbalance. The answer isn't to make it more unbalanced and think that somehow that will 'fix' the underlying causes and resolve the problem? It won't. By feeding the 'problem' you make the problem worse.

Unfortunately, Wall Street has reigned supreme for so long and made huge blunders; and the government is trying to save it's own butt by saving the large financial companies. In reality, the more the government tries to exert it's influence onto private business; the more trouble we'll get into. There is a great financial imbalance. These are very scary times. But the answer isn't to make more of an imbalance; it is to make smarter choices. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to push to resolve this problem. Our society CREATED it; and there is a karmic debt for society to pay. That is the law of the Universe. You can't erase it and think you can side-step it and not pay the price.

Let's look at the track record of government. They are not good at doing business. What other business would spend $500 for a single paper clip or pen? And, this is who we want involved with making decisions about our economy?

When the bailout discussions started there was talk about saving the foreclosures and aiding the Americans in need. That was a solid approach. But, somehow that got pushed aside and the main focus became saving these financial giants. Is that really the job of the American people??? In my opinion the answer is NO. Who is saving you when you can't make your house payment? Who is helping when unemployment benefits run out? Who helps you put food on the table? Government agencies such as the IRS.. well aren't they the first to be unreasonable and make your life miserable by exerting it's power. The unfortunate truth is regardless of what happens; a revised bailout plan or none.. we are about to enter some difficult times. Real Estate prices will continue to drop; more sharply than ever. Prices will continue to rise and more and more people will become unemployed. The sad truth is even if there was a bailout - the financial institutions will begin laying off employees by the thousands. I have been making this prediction to my clients for over a year.

But, the bad mortgages are not all that caused the economic imbalance. Aside from the unrealistic government spending we have done for countless years - what corporate America does to us consistently is they create shortages so they can RAISE THE PRICES. Take notice. What we as Americans should do is take our business elsewhere. Businesses know if they create a shortage; we'll go out and buy triple and then they hold back for a week or two and then bring the same product back at triple the price. *THAT* is the problem. If American businesses don't change their modi of operation; a dark depression is eminent for us. The way to save us.. is to lower costs and operate businesses in a more efficient way and do away with CEO's getting millions of dollars in salary and perks at the expense of you and me. The way to save us is through honesty and fairness. That is why it is such a blessing that the House Representatives were listening to their intuition and inner guidance and said NO to this ridiculous plan. If there is a revision to the bailout plan which at this time I am not feeling; but if there is - then let's all PRAY that there is a stipulation that these financial institutions can not turn around and lay off thousands of workers. Imagine, funding such an outrageous bailout, then losing your job and eventually your home. We NEED to make the government accountable to it's people; if it feels it is accountable for financial giants; then what about the American people? Isn't the government supposed to be 'for the people.. and by the people?'

The world is now looking to the USA to 'fix' the financial problem plaguing THE WORLD. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix; and the best approach is for the government to leave it alone and create a bailout plan for the American people.. to insure that everyone has a roof over the heads, heat, electricity, transportation and food. THAT should be the ultimate goal. Can you imagine the good that $700 billion dollars could do for Americans if a program was set-up to help those who need help.


Lady Fontaine worked as a Consultant for top financial services companies for over 20 years. YES - financial services companies *DO* hire people like Lady Fontaine. She has consulted for Chemical Bank, Morgan Guaranty, Merrill Lynch, CS First Boston, JP Morgan Chase and several others financial giants. She has consulted at these companies during some of their major mergers and buy-outs. Some of these businesses have been her clients for 10 or more years.

On the lighter side, Lady Fontaine is also known as America's #1 Love Psychic. She is one of the few psychics on Keen that can show credentials of being Certified by one of the premier testing organizations in the world; The International Certification of Psychics. Lady Fontaine has ranked in the top 5 psychics in the WORLD for the past 7 years.

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The Universe has very simple rules. You ‘get’ what you feel you are ‘worthy’ of. Henry Ford said it perfectly with these words:

If you believe you can or
You believe you can’t
--- You’re right!

-Henry Ford

So, how do you apply this concept to your love lives? Many of your ‘deep beliefs’ are so ingrained within you that you don’t even realize you have them. Some examples are: money doesn’t grow on trees, good girls should be seen and not heard, big boys don’t cry, no one will ever love you, and a face only a mother could love. Familiar?

You’ve all been told similar things when growing up. But how do these limiting beliefs really shape your lives? It is simple and a very natural way of life. As children you want to please your parents. Your parents tell you things.. you believe it. You want the praise, love and acceptance of your parents or care-takers so you do things that you know they will approve of. After time, you begin to accept these ‘things’ as truths. For example, if you get a hug and kiss every time you stop crying.. you begin to learn that expressing emotions and crying is NOT rewarded; but to stop crying is rewarded therefore the belief may become that ‘expressing emotions is not acceptable’. Add to that, your parents tell you: ‘what a good girl’ when you stop crying, so that further reinforces to you that it is a bad thing to show emotion. Another example is.. let’s say a young boy is artistic. But, his dad wants him to play sports. He takes him outside to catch balls. Every time the boy does something that the father wants – he rewards him. ‘hey son, that was great, let’s go get ice cream’. Every time the boy does something the father does not approve of, he gets negative input: ‘Son, why are you always drawing pictures and acting like a sissy, let’s go outside and catch some balls and act like a real man!’ Over time, these words and actions become ingrained within the boy and he begins to believe them. To make matters worse, he now has this inner conflict because he wants to draw and design things, but his father wants him to do something else.. so he shoves his true desires aside and does what his dad wants him to do.. and conflict and resentment sets in. All these thoughts become a part of your belief structure. So, the boy who might have been destined to be a top architect or artist.. might grow up trying to please his father and being a mediocre macho man; instead of allowing his natural artistic qualities to blossom. The example I used above also shows why so many Americans have weight problems; as children you are rewarded for ‘eating everything on your plate’ and ‘food’ is often used as a reward (as I used as an example with the boy and the ice cream). All of these things mold and shape you into the adults you are today.

Science has not completely figured out where thoughts come from. The consensus by psychologists is your thoughts are generated by your beliefs. So, if you believe you are worthy of something, you will THINK THOUGHTS TO SUPPORT THAT BELIEF and draw it into your lives; but if you don’t; you won’t. You might wonder how you really know what thoughts are limiting you. Fortunately, it is easier than you may think. Many of you say things like.. ‘I can’t do that!’ If you catch yourself saying something like that ask yourself 2 things: 1) Can’t do what? And when you identify what it is that you ‘can’t do’.. ask yourself 2) Why? You may discover that you ‘realize’ that you can’t do it because you were always told you couldn’t.. and as you become aware of that – and consciously allow yourself to do it.. you empower yourself as you break old habits and shatter limiting beliefs. Let’s look at this example. Let’s assume that you catch a thought that says: ‘you can’t get that high paying job’ [and let’s assume this is the IDEAL job that you have you have waited your entire life for]. So, you catch the thought and ask yourself: ‘Can’t do what?’ You respond: ‘get the high paying job silly!’ You then ask yourself: ‘Why not?’ [you may have to ask yourself 10 times, 20 times, a hundred times or a million times..] but keep asking until you get an answer.. because you WILL! If you suddenly start remembering how your mom always told you ‘you can’t do that!’ hold that thought because that is the defining experience that ‘set’ your belief. As you recall your mom saying that.. reflect on what you wanted to do as a child that she told you not to do.. and imagine that you allow yourself to do it.. and that your mom is supportive that you did what you wanted! Feel the JOY of experiencing what you have wanted to experience all these years! BRAVO!!!

So, how does this all play into getting the love you deserve? Simple. You ‘allow’ yourself to have the love (money, success, attention, etc) that you feel you are worthy of. There is NO way around that. So, take a minute and look at your OUTER WORLD. Your OUTER WORLD is a REFLECTION OF YOUR INNER WORLD. What is your outer world telling you? Is your life filled with love? Money? Success? Happiness? For the majority of you.. the answer is no. And the reason is simple.. because along the way you have lost yourselves. As children you are told not to focus on your own needs – to focus on others. By doing that, you put yourselves second and IGNORE your own needs and satisfy others. The ‘energy’ that radiates to the universe is ‘I am not important’.. and the universe is actually a very powerful, nonjudgmental ‘mirror’. What you radiate.. it returns to you 100-fold++++. So, when you radiate that energy (message) to the universe that YOUR DESIRES ARE NOT IMPORTANT,, the universe sends more of that back to you. When you radiate energy (messages) to the universe that you are WORTHY.. the universe multiplies that 100+++fold and sends you more and more!

So, how do you change the energy you radiate? The first thing you need to do is realize that each thought has a duality. I work with hundreds of people each year and they tell me: But Lady Fontaine, I *AM* thinking positive.’ I then ask them to tell me what they are thinking about. They often tell me they are thinking about ‘one-day’ having a certain person in their lives, certain job, etc. If you think about some future time when life will be better for you the MESSAGE the Universe gets is: Right now.. you have NO ONE and NOTHING and the universe’s job is to provide you with that 100 fold.. so it keeps you in that energy. THE SECRET teaches you to THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS but listen very carefully to my words... ‘You can think these thoughts from now until eternity but until you truly believe them – you will remain stuck and unhappy inside.’

These are examples of some basic (but GREAT) Affirmations:


But, if you really don’t believe those words; nothing will ever change. I don’t care how diligent you are in telling yourself over and over again all these positive affirmations if you don’t feel it and believe it – it won’t happen. The ONLY way to FEEL them is to DISCOVER the underlying ‘limiting’ belief and acknowledge it.


Lady Fontaine is a 5-star psychic. She is certified by The International Certification of Psychics and has been ranked in their TOP 5 PSYCHICS Worldwide. Lady Fontaine is also a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Lady Fontaine is now available on KEEN for readings and coaching most evenings between 8pm-midnight (EST). Schedule a call with Lady Fontaine for an experience of a lifetime. Read her feedback. She is HONEST – ACCURATE – QUICK – COMPASSIONATE! Lady Fontaine.. is the REAL THING!!!
Remember when you first met? The excitement.. the anticipation.. the hope!!! What happened? Now, your partner is less attentive. They are not calling. In just weeks or months all that excitement was replaced with more routine actions which often end in unhappiness and heartbreak. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this happens with a vast majority of relationships. It isn't so much because the people involved are not 'meant for each other' but so often one or both partners simply do not know the skills of relationships. Imagine if you never took a Science class and then showed up in college and had to take CHEMISTRY to graduate. You'd be totally lost in class.. because you never had the education to learn about the basics in science which lead up to an advnced class in chemistry. The same is true for relationships. More often than not, the vast majority of us have ZERO training in how to act and respond in relationships; much less in our lives. Everything worthwhile - involves some sort of TRAINING or EDUCATION! The end result is ALWAYS worthwhile!

So, you are currently in a relationship that isn't flowing as well as you might hope. Your partner is less attentive, less interested, and is giving you mixed signals. You may be wondering if there is anything you can do to fix the problem? The answer is different for each relationship but with respect, nurturing, and learning to honor both yourself and your partner these initial feelings can be replaced by a deeper, even more intimate love and respect for each other. This second 'phase' of a relationship actually has more substance than the initial 'thrill' and often matures into a more intense, fulfilling feeling than that initial thrill and excitement; when you know the key to making relationships LAST! So, yes, it is completely normal that things settle down in a relationship.. but there are things you can learn to begin a journey of experiencing a fulfilling and deep love that will last through the test of time. But how, you may ask? First, you need to understand the patterns that so many relationships fall into which limit and actually suffocate both their partner and themselves. Second, and probably the single most important aspect is to recognize that you can not chain down a partner. Confidentially, give your partner space to grow and if you follow the techniques properly in step 1 - you will have a partner who desperately wants to please you. Third, Understand what you want deep within yourself.. and pick partners that mirror that belief. In other words, if you are looking to get married do not invest the time in a partner who doesn't ever want to get married. You can't change people and truly - why would you want too? All the techniques in the world combined can not guarantee that you can change a partner that isn't interested in marriage or a committed relationship to suddenly want one. It CAN happen - but is it worth your time? That is part of setting boundaries. Only you can decide that and what is best for you! Be realistic and honest with yourself. Lastly, learn how the opposite sex thinks.. the Venus - Mars mentality DOES make exist and DOES make a difference. Many women respond to being open and loving.. where men respond to sex and excitement. Is there a place in the middle where the two can find happiness? DEFINITELY!!!!!

The 4 key ingredients for a successful relationship are:
1. HONOR YOURSELF and Expand your horizons: Work on yourself both before and during your relationship. If you are not comfortable in your skin - a partner won't be comfortable with you either.
2. BE LOVING: Regardless how your partner treats you - be respectful, caring and loving. If you find you can no longer do that - then it is time to leave the relationship.
3. DEFINE YOUR BOUNDARIES: Boundaries are limits that we all have. Most relationships fail because we do not have clearly defined boundaries.
4. COMMUNICATION: Learn how to address and resolve 'issues' before they become major problems within a relationship. If they have already gotten to be 'major' then get professional help with a coach, therapist, counselor, etc to help you get back on track.

This is your life. If you sit back and do nothing - what are the chances the relationship will change or succeed? Sure, you can hope that things will get better but more often than not - that doesn't happen or when it does - the changes don't last. The better approach is taking responsibility for making your life happy and complete. Only you know the answer and only you hold the key.


Lady Fontaine is a Master Psychic and Certified Life Coach specializing in Relationships and Self-Esteem. Lady Fontaine is often referred to as The Love Doctor. Considered one of the top psychics on Keen, she also is ranked in the top 5 psychics worldwide. Her Master Psychic Abilities have been confirmed and verified by the International Certification of Psychics!!! [check their website to confirm and verify her credentials]. She is also a certified Life Coach and has Advanced Certification in Hypnotherapy and specializes in past life regression. TRUST your life and YOUR life's situations and problems.. to an Expert with the education, background and psychic abilities to answer your questions truthfully and HELP YOU!

Lady Fontaine will be available on Keen today (Sunday) - September 14th from 2-4pm(EST) and 8-midnight(EST). Her regular hours during the week are 8pm - midnight (EST). CALL HER TODAY!!!!!