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Is your sweetheart much more psychic than they realize?

Have you noticed that your sweetheart or someone you know closely seems to say or do things like an experienced expert- even though they know nothing about the matter at hand?

Have you sometimes told them that they must be "psychic" to have been able to suggest what was coming, without having even been there?

The truth is: our minds can do much more than we realize. Much, much, MUCH more!

Think of using your own mind to solve immense problems, equations and crises.

Well, the first thing you'd say is that you have to get focussed.

You are right, you DO have to get focussed.

So, what do you have to do next?

How do you get to the solutions, the mysterious answers?

This is through being extremely "open-minded", literally as well as figuratively. What this allows your sweetheart to do and anyone to do is to look at a problem from every angle, or even without an angle while you are still focussed!

And then, what happens?

Well, the answer will come but the question is: will you understand it with the skills and knowledge that you have had to date?

Being "open-minded" means at least having the open-perceptiveness to be willing to draw whatever it is your mind "showed" to you.

When your sweetheart is calm, focussed and interested in helping you solve a problem as if they are "psychic", it is because they just so happen to be able to undersatnd the messages their mind is receiving to answer the problems you described.

Sometimes it is easier when there's someone nearby to help with the "interpretation" of the "visions".

Of course, being a full-time career "psychic" (or rather, "seer" as I much prefer) means developing the neuronal capacity or skill that is extremely "open-minded" to the extent that there are no inhibitions about downloading a LOT of unusual, new or unexpected image-information, even if it does not look like it could be "real" . As a strong seer myself, I will always describe what I see to you, my client because the accuracy is in the detail, without exception, like a golden rule.

Pretty interesting, isn't it?

Would you like to try a reading? Feel free to call me and ask any or all of your burning questions right away, immediately, so that you can have a wonderful rest of hte week, happily looking forward to the events predicted without delay.

I'd be happy to tell you more about your sweetheart, and of course, also about YOU!

My extension is simply 88888.
1.800, Ask KEEN xo 88888

Looking forward to speaking with you very soon.

"Psychic Thought Spy"
New York, New York
800Ask KEEN xo 88888

Mommy and Baby...and the eternal sin of assault on a mother.

It's the month of one of the most sacred of all celebrations for our survival and our heritage: Mother's day. Mother's matter the most and they have instincts that only the most severest of assaults and addictions can touch.

I write this because of the news item regarding a woman who suddenly changed and disappeared without explanation one day after 11 years of devoted excellence as a truly loving mother. I'm sure you heard of it, in the news this week: It is just now being revealed that she would have suffered a severe assault or head injury, apparently. And yet, her children are not questioning the husband about the day her maternal instincts suddenly disappeared or why her personality was destroyed in less than a day and why for years she was unable to even phone.

All that her husband told hte police was that he was divorcing her.
In the meantime, he got to declare her dead.
He got to keep the children and convince them to hate their mother for being illogical - rather than explaining EXACtLY what happened the day before she disappeared.
And now, he gets to declare that he believes she was doing meth and became an addict.

Worse, the so-called "investigator" never gathered any facts from a medical evaluation, to see the extent of the potential assault and/or its degree of injurious extensive bleeding either.

Think about it: This could happen to you if you were severely assaulted to the head with an injury that left your personality distorted. History is full of astounding medical discoveries of how assault can damage the mind. So why would a police investigator fail to recognise this for this poor woman?

Think about how, if it happened to you and you were in her shoes, it would leave you totally vulnerable to whatever it changed about your behaviour afterwards. You would be unable to know or perceive you had been changed.

Worse, those that hurt you would - like the husband of this woman- most likely be the type to not talk about what happened so that the medical nature of your concussion could be helped.

They might also lead others to believe you had "problems" or were a "loser" addict - never once disclosing the potential severity of their actions to you previously, something you yourself could not recollect because the damage was so horrible to your memory that only a person with a minimum of a medical understanding could find you, rescue you by taking you to get an fMRI where the scan of your brain would be the full testimony of how badly you were hurt.

Maternal instincts are so powerful in nature, in the force of life, far surpassing anything of fatherhood that it takes severe or rather criminal assault to destroy it in a woman.

Women have a reason to be extra-honoured.
They are not men's toys or commercial products.
They are also not sources of "pleasure" but sources of love and eternity to the entire human civilization.

The worst thing that any man could do is to in any way conduct himself so as to destroy the nature of a woman who bears his own children.

I am sure you agree...even though it is very sad that to this very instant, many women who suddenly "change" but are not given their rightful protection and honor and dignity by their own ignorant families, at least sensibly enough so that laws are in place to always investigate the reasons anyone would ever think of hurting a woman in the first place.

This is a sober message but it comes at no better time than today.

If you are a mother, make sure you put a note somewhere or explain it to your children that you will always love them no matter what and that if anything ever happens to you, that they should remember you might need help, rather than judgment- especially from those who are capable of hurting you further by their cowardice, or maybe from not knowing anything better than the ranks of the purely socially inferior.

Pass this on.
Leave a comment.

Uphold that mothers MUST be honoured and generously supported and loved, never ever criticized or taken for granted.

...your spy-girlfriend

"Psychic Thought Spy"
New York, New York
800 Ask KEEN xo 88888

Boston, Boston, Boston: Peace, Healing, Freedom, Wealth and Joy to you

in its most abundant expression from the Universe.

My heart and thoughts, and all of us on KEEN will be with you for this tense and frightening bomb experience.

May it or anything like it never happen again.
It is like reliving reminders of 9/11

Never again.

Only peace, healing, freedom, wealth and joy to everyone of you now, quickly and forever.

Lots of love,
...your friend and all her clients and fellow-speakers on KEEN.

"Psychic Thought Spy"
New York, New York

Mayor Bloomberg is the BEST Mayor who truly loves those he governs

Mayor Bloomberg has my FULL support for controlling soda and sugary-drinks.

He is a maverick for putting up his hand and saying, "STOP" to manufacturers who have been force feeding millions of us with products that are intentionally addictive to their produts.

By telling them "STOP" over-saturating food with horrific amounts of sugar, salt and toxins into pure food and drink , he is saying he's had enough of how these manufacturers are getting away with zero responsibility when directly causing so many diseases that kill us slowly and painfully, and that destroy the healthy functions - and mental attentiveness of our children.

A "good seer", knows that it is so important to be as bright and light as possible, in order to channel messages.

This is hard sometimes: I love to eat chips and junk food just as much as the next person! So why can't I eat junk food without having to be forced to eat all sorts of other sugar-additives, and salt that I do NOT want, and that makes me unhealthy and fat?? Worse, why do the biggest producers of sugary-drinks and foods intend to make me addicted to their products without any warning to me?

That's misleading me and misleading to all of us. -

I have no doubt that Mayor Bloomberg will lead the way for many Cities and States to follow in his new legislation.It's the right thing to do.

We will begin to enjoy seeing the City get slimmer as if without any effort.

New Yorkers will be much healthier than those Cities whose Mayor's don't bother to care as much.

Best of all, businesses will have to add additional information and think more creatively before hurting us, much like what happened when smoking warnings meant we were finally getting clean air in workplaces , parks and on airplanes. To this end, Mayor Bloomberg has set in motion a new trend that will in fact create more altenratives in addition to more money and more jobs.

On a personal note, our Mayor Bloomberg, here in New York City, is the best Mayor there ever was.
Let nothing stop him.
I agree with everything he has done.



"Psychic Thought Spy"

1.800.Ask KEEN xo 88888

Wake up, America!! We are being reported all over Britain and the world for our starving children

Wow, a front page disgrace on the top international news agency, the "BBC"….you can go see it for yourself this morning,

By writing this quickly, I hope you will please do something in your district to demand a change. You, in small town, Alabama and you , in the greater reaches of North Carolina.

We are American, and that means not one of us needs boxes of sweetened cereal and packages of processed foods to feed our children …..or big giant executives to make massive bonuses off the profits of starving Americans.

There is PLENTY of rice and lentils , other beans and easy-to-grow nutritious apple trees, cabbages, root vegetables and more that are nutritious, satisfying and a frugal godsend for centuries of past generations. Help you neighbors when you buy yourself treats today, make sure no children in your voting district is hungry.

God love and bless you for it.

Pistorius "Blade Runner"...

My step-father, George, told me "There is no such thing as a good man. It is only a man who has mastered self-control so much so that he is good even when he is angry." George was one of the heads of the Humanities Department at a leading university in Toronto, Canada. He was widely published, a competitive hockey-player and was asked to become the President of the same school.

Today, as the prosecution case continues, there are thousands of men who are quietly watching the Pistorius' case- including right here in America - that know they have frequently and secretly "argued" against their wives and girlfriends, picturing hitting them, killing them, shooting them or throwing them off cliffs and setting their cars and property on fire.

Their would-be victims have no idea that these thoughts are occuring,almost like some kind of pre-meditation... and the spouse only notices a silent disposition, or an ongoing pre-occupation with some aggressive /competitive sports game on television instead.

The fact of the matter is: in an argument, an angry silent man can be explosive weeks or months or even years later, if he does not have mechanisms for communication that honours the woman he shares his bed with.

He is angry because perhaps he does not want the relationship to her any more, but he simulataneously fears "losing" her to another man who will "win" her over him.

This challenge might be the basis of his pressure-buildup.

In the past, the victim was blamed for the man's irrational reactions or behavior: we all know that for centuries, this explosiveness was so common that it was actually considered normal, even legal for a man to assault his wife and indulge his violence however he deemed fit. Violence and sex were even a necessary part of producing new slaves.

I ask you: If it was so enormously rampant before, then why is it reasonable to assume that suddenly this nature or tendency has nowadays really disappeared? You know that 1 in 3 women continue to be assaulted or murdered today - just like Pistorius' girlfriend was, and even right now, while you are reading this.

The men who assault or kill them will turn around in grief and shock and explain , as the police may tell you, that they believe they are "nice guys" . Indeed, they all have plenty of friends and business colleagues who would never believe as anything other than "gentle" and "sweet".

I believe I read somewhere too that, when men use or solicit pornographic content, it is a true response to the exact same parts of the brain involved in violence .

There is no intellect to pornography:
Why else would it appeal to a man to see women and children be degradad into serving them in such images?

Yes, for scientific and medical reasons, pornography could easily be confirmed as a dangerous disease-inducing substance. In fact, it is banned by some governments because of the violence it induces.)

As a Love & Relationships psychic, you know that I work with people's priority thoughts. I have approximately 45% male clients as well. While I am restricted to predicting purely events, and strategies for successful outcomes, I have come away with a better perspective about how true my step-dad's words were. For everyone, it's so important to have relationships and to be loved as a partner-person, not a slave-ownership possession. It begins by the kind of love by which you never ever want to hurt anyone, not ever. It continues by the kind of love that can produce results that are like magic to the heart and soul of the one who loves you. In the end, I am so glad that the reality-show sessions of Pistorius' beautiful girlfriend are being aired, following her murder by him . She never wanted to be killed and I have no doubt that she was horrified that she could never say goodbye to her parents and family. Her voice and all of her rights as a woman go beyond being just a pretty sex-object. The same is true for all of us. I pray for the truth to be revealed now, quickly and without delay. God bless her and her family.

1 BILLION RISING: Are YOU going to participate?

Wonderful, shocking and incredibly appropriate. Are YOU going to participate?

The 1 Billion Rising has all my support.

I hope it has your support too.

It is the best Valentine’s day ever…and leads to the day when every man can be said to truly honour and esteem women in thought, word and deed.

At the very least, I personally CAN picture a world where women are no longer abused by being portrayed in degrading ways, mentally, physically, and socially both worldwide and across America .


Confessions of a Psychic Seer: Losing tens of thousands to love.

You, my dear reader, already know that the "real" psychics are the ones that don't start with asking you for details about your relationship before they can "tune in" to what's ahead.

Indeed, even in science, no one wants a conclusion made from a researcher that was biased.

Well, to be fair, there are some occasions when a client explains the entire situation before getting to the question.

That's okay and if that happens on a pay-per-minute service line, then that generally tells me that the client has something REALLY super-important that they really need to make sure I know. And so, I will respect that ...even though I will remind the client that I will not use their details when I start to receive a "vision".

And then there are situations where it can be SOOO tempting to make a conclusion in agreement with the client and whatever they just described.

For instance today, a generous-hearted soul described how he had really been hurt by the love of his life whom he had wired tens of thousands of dollars to in Canada.

He had been speaking with her for many months online through social media and they had become enormously "close" over the phone and by emails....but suddenly she disappeared last week, and her brother said she had returned back to India because of her terrible ex-husband trying to find her (or something like that).

Now, I know you can imagine what this sort of situation is about: like me, you suspect that the client has been the victim of an online scam.

And yet, rules to integrity are rules.
So, I began to seek the answers, the vision of what was going on.

The vision showed a person who was very calm and completely in control, behaving as if there were no concern or problem in their life.

The vision also showed that they reacted with a questioning "Who is that?!" regarding my client, as if they had no connection or knowledge to the person.

Like I teach in my book online, these are just the initial active emotions of the person in question.

I go much further of course of course for the client than that, including the full whammy of what's coming up next and what they seem to be doing - right down to itty-bitty expressions, clothing, locations (North, South, etc), distance and every event and thought and decision - and most importantly, fully scanning any and all relationships and desires/monies, and anything else the client might need to help them, anything and everything, you just name it. IMMEDIATELY.

Afterwards, and only afterwards, do I recommend the "legal qualifying suggestion/stuff"...because after all, no matter how much is offered in a reading or remote-viewing, it is purely just a starting point to motivate faster results.

At this point, I will have found everything I possibly can through a vision to be able to know my client may confidently get police help, professional support and even their money returned safely back to them (based on the vision too) but ONLY if they take steps to report the scam to the Canadian and U.S. governments, and of course, if they separate the emotions from the work involved.

At least, that is my take on it.

I confess that I really am leery of online dating and mating that does not come with the rule of meeting within 3 days, in public and accompanied by someone for the first few meetings for as long as possible until you really get to know their family, their roots and their friends.

And make sure the person is not long-distance!

But these are irrelevant and do not an unbiased psychic make.

So, again, rules are rules and it is the vision that has the final word.

Lots of love,
....your friendly spy-chicky

"Psychic Thought Spy"
New York, New York
800 Ask KEEN xo 88888

Norovirus alert: None of us have immunity to it, apparently.

And it only takes 18 (not thousands of) particles to catch it.

Apparently doctors are now warning of the new stomach ‘Superbug’ hitting our country very shortly.

It would be wonderful if there were a gel or hand sanitizer that safely destroyed teh bug but, in this case, there is only washing it away with water and soap.

Plenty of soap!

According to Richard Besser of ABC News online, "While the flu is spread mostly in the air by sneezes and coughs and a person needs to breathe in as many as 1,000 virus particles to get sick, the norovirus is far more contagious. Just 18 norovirus particles can make a person sick. The flu can last two to four hours on hard surfaces outside your body, but the norovirus can survive and remain infectious for weeks."

Use bleach!

Here's a better strategy-suggestion:

1. Pretend your home is a daycare
2. Wash everything and every surface
3. Tidy up in nice clean compartments
4.Make friends and 5. Repeat.


"Psychic Thought Spy"
New York, New York
800 Ask KEEN xo 8888

Confessions of a Seer: The path straight to heaven

A client is so worried, so deeply and profoundly worried about losing the love of her life - because of a mistake that was borne from all the complexities and irrational moments that can only come from being so deeply in love with someone that the urge to be as close as possible left no room to wait, no stone unturned and no happiness without hearing his voice and feeling his skin.

And in this moment, there is the fear of abandonment for her expressions of her desire to him.
Abandonment is the outcome of whatever judgments preceded it.

Just judgments of her for her actions but not for her as a human being that could so easily have been him unto her too.

Now, I am not talking about anything illegal or anything done at the other end of the whiskey bottle.

I am referring to all the flavours and failings of too much love. Nothing more.

So, why do I write a title of "The path straight to heaven"?, you ask.

It is because one of the things I have "seen" from all my readings is that judgment of another human being stops some kind of learning, it is a piece of your body gone dead because of a piece of your mind no longer doing what minds are supposed to do.

To judge is to not "create with" whatever it is that you are judging.

To judge this woman, would be to not feel her world and learn from it through compassion wherever it leads.

To judge lots of people, lots of things, lots of life, is to detach and disconnect from the speed and rewards that learning gives living.

And therefore, judgment is a form of dying....until you are literally nothing more than just "dead" to the world that is alive and still loving all around you.

No matter what it looks like or acts like.

But! To not judge something that throws you into mayhem, confusion or emotional reaction, is to have faith - even just for now.

To be pure of judgment, will then mean to have all of everything...and the freedom to be fully alive can only mean one thing: you are living in full faith, and on the fastest path to claim all the blessings that the universe has in store for you.

Every dream will come true with faith and no judgments around you or inside you to stand in your dreams' way.

And with this, you will live in "heaven on earth, Your will be done. Amen."

This is the message to the client, the woman, the man, all lovers, all risk-takers, all judges, all believers.

Now, go.
Go love and create in full faith.

...your favourite spy-girl

"Psychic Thought Spy"
New York, New York
1800 Ask KEEN xo 88888

Feel free to chat!
You can expect hte best accuracy when it's given in writing!


YOU are like ME!! (and you secretly know it too)

You hate those moments when you just can't keep still ,and you absolutely need to know how to fix a problem and make things all better again.

Every minute that you wait, not knowing where your sweetheart is or what is going to happen next since you both argue, is just about killing you!

You need to do something...anything! But what?
In the meantime, you also can't do anything else...not until this agonizing issue of the heart is resolved and both of you are back together in each other's arms, safe and smiling

Those moments can be incredibly hard on you. Admit it, even when you lie there after an argument, one of you always seems to suffer much more than they other - otherwise strife and misunderstanding just wouldn't exist in the relationship

Still, the worst thing you could do is make decisions about the relationship from all your points of emotion during an argument. The urge is to talk as if you are showing them what they did wrong to you, to express everything that is in turmoil inside of you so that they hear you and with their love , they will hopefully want to fix it and make it better for you.

But what if you have to "wait and see" becuase they left, and there is no other option but regret until they get back to you...whenever that will be.

Actually there IS another option.
You can explore the dynamics and developments of the key emotions, the key events and the key plans that your sweetheart will do next, through an advisor that really nows how to get very close inside their thoughts.

When you do something like that, you'll find your answers are combined very logically into a lesson so that future arguments with your sweetheart don't end up being strife or worse.

My clients, especilaly the ones calling in fromEurope , seem to all suggest that that the more they talk with me, the more clearer their thinking and less need for talking. A really good seer can introduce strategy to overcome an opposing situation based on exactly what kind of emotion your sweetheart is having (in the bar, at work or while they are searching for new friends). At the very leas,t it spares you-know-who from coming back only to find that their favourite Angel has dropped a few celestials layers down the wrong way from guaranteeing a life of heaven together. I think you know what I mean...

The bottom line is that a great seer can save yourself from yourself in times of feeling horribly alone and worried about a new relationship.

You can get feedback on all your own ideas and suggestions based on your sweetheart's anticipated emotions, without even needing to reveal anything about them or what happened. This is a really good thing, and positive to know prior to making any mistakes that could cause even more huge misunderstandings too soon or too early on.

If you know how to use chat , then that is like your favourite seer saying : KEEP ME IN YOUR POCKET so you can visit my instructions anytime during the night or day when you might begin to worry the most.

To get some great examples, visit my site or chat with me. Let me be your guide and your joy. I'd absolutely love to! xo Love, ....your spy-girlfriend "Psychic Thought Spy" New York, New York 800 Ask KEEN xo 88888

Confessions of a Seer: Southern shame.

I don't know the South and I have not been there. The images in the news seem to always lead to a sense that it is a part of the world nightmarishly backwards and filled with hate, violence and obscene levels of poverty with a minority of super-wealthy surrounded in so much suffering.

Who would want that sort of reality?

The BBC has a front page description of the wretchedness of the Mississippi and the women and children who are forced to give birth under those circumstances because of laws passed by "old white" and their fanatical beliefs about foetal abortion.

I know the problems have persisted for years but I am absolutely appalled that they would abandon the poor so aggressively and starting by first denying basic rights in women's choices.

But are the South really that horrible to one another?

I absolutely love children but I want an end to what the South, particularly Mississippi, has done to our image of a progressive, responsible nation.

See "Inside Mississippi's last abortion clinic as it faces closure" .

(From a "God-fearing" perspective, a foetus has no soul and is as alive as a vegetable until it quickens. Once it does (which is 12 weeks), it is a thinking, feeling, albeit unconscious human being. The Koran and other of the oldest religions' attest to the same principle.)

I am so grateful we have a President who is teaching America how to have rights but to also have responsibility for the welfare of our neighbours as for ourselves.

I hope that there will be corrective measures to restore and protect the access to abortions universally by women in hte South without delay. If we protect women's rights, then at least I can hope that Mississippi will not be allowed to tamper with other people's core rights either.

Do we turn into "mind-flotations" when we die?? Confessions of a not-quite-ghost seer

Dear Keen Bloggie,

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to chat directly and clearly with someone who is physcially no longer aliver?

I do that from time to time, after all it's natural to wonder about it in this line of work! LOL!

Here's what I was "pondering"...and speaking very casually, i hope you might enjoy figuring it out with me too:

You know when you die, it can be a state of unconsciousness but the mind (not the brain) will start to play with itself , at least for some unknown while.

Let's call that dreamy-ness.

When you are asleep, you can hear voices and you can also feel things.  All your physical perception are still "alive'.

But when you are dead, the physical perceptions are not there - and it's nothing more than what an amputee must feel:  that means, the nerves still are alive in teh essence of the mind when the brain dies.  

It throbs.
It must feel really weird but painless ....because there are no pain receptors in teh brain.

And then I realised something else, something way more important!

It is the fact that the mind can still respond and recognise the familiar.

What is familiar?
The memories of images and voices and sounds...and smells...you name it.

And so, IF you or I want to make contact with a mind that has passed, you have to shout  to that mind.

  You have to also be familiar to it.

It will respond like a child in a dream that does not know it is awake or asleep...remember when you felt that way?

It's very unconscious , lalalandish...dreamy and the mind will play and talk and be 100% truthful to whatever it perceives.

So tonight, I called my favourite teacher, Sr. Mary Henry when I was little.  She was like a very close  "nana"(grandmother) to me, all my life - even though Sr. Superior did not encourage it.

What do you think?
Want to try it?

We all know there is no such thing as past lives etc., that that was a myth for making money as much as believing in fairies.

Make sure you don't use your own memories when you "sense" the reply. One way to do so is to be busy doing other things that are very relaxing to you.

(I'm going to post this on my blog to see if others might know more about this)

"Psychic Thought Spy"

New York, New York
800 Ask KEEN xo 88888

p.s. Serious copyrights are draped all over this blog and everything else that I write that is NOT a personal prediction for you or about you.

What this means is: if you copy any part of this, you're going to be confronted with legal ramifications from New York City to pay me the fair earnings due my personal labour here. $$$$ . I work hard. I write deep. I love to help people .

But do not copy in any way.