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  • Name: Diosa Readings
  • Member Since: 10/27/2004
  • About Me: I am an intuitive tarot card reader, providing in depth readings on love, money and career. I help my clients sort through the illusions and find the truth, along with providing fast, accurate and honest answers.

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September 2008 - Posts

Finding the Power Within
Many times the calls I receive are not so much about getting a prediction as they are about getting validation on something the caller feels inside. I think we all need a little validation now and then. So why is it so challenging to listen to the Read More

by Diosa Readings | 8 Comments
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Email Readings
I just wanted to let everyone know I am once again offering email readings. Sometimes there is just not enough time during one call to pull the answers from the cards. Email readings are perfect for answering those questions that need some extra time. Read More

by Diosa Readings | 0 Comments
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