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Garden of the Goddess by Triple Moon Goddess

Some insights on how to grow, thrive and be happy from Triple Moon Goddess. From the mundane to the Metaphysical.

October 2009 - Posts

Don't make life a resume
I have noticed a trend of folks around me lately. They rush out to do things that they think will make them have a bit of fame, or on a more truthful front...loved, admired, liked, adored. People do all kinds of things for attention. Some of them are Read More

posted Monday, October 26, 2009 8:26 AM by TripleMoonGoddess | 1 Comments

The energetic what NOT to do list.
There will be many ups and downs to our lives, it is inevitable. It is how we handle those ups and downs that make us bypass a harder lesson; learn the lesson over; be rewarded; or extend or shorten the time period of that situation. Our lives are Read More

posted Thursday, October 08, 2009 12:32 PM by TripleMoonGoddess | 0 Comments