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Every question deserves an answer! You deserve answers and clarity..Allow me use my gifts to help you find your answers. I can help you find your truth. Let's explore what your dreams are trying to tell you. Accept help
Having been born with the gift of sight I have spent my life helping others find the clarity they seek. My grandmother was a Cherokee Medicine Woman who also was Born with the gift of sight, from beyond the physical realm. I was trained and encouraged to develop my ability, with guidance from the Great Spirit. I have been a A professional psychic and spirit guide for over 40 years. have assisted law enforcement with multiple case.Many times my guides come to teach and show me things that are needed including guidance for those needing clarity. I did not choose this gift it chose me. My grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Medicine Woman and she raised me, as she had been raised, and taught to accept this ability without fear of
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As a true empath and psychic, I use multiple tools to translate what your guides are trying to tell you. I have worked professionally for over 40 years helping you to understand the hidden messages that are being sent to you via dreams and the universal guidance to show you the path you are seeking.
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